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DDDV Ch 68 Part 1 – I Have a Story to Tell! (I)

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Shen Changyuan took Lu Yaoyao to all the places where strange things were rumored to have happened. Their journey was not smooth sailing, as besides the intelligent beings such as the three races, the Abyss was also habituated by very dangerous primitive creatures. So far, Shen Changyuan was able to either avoid or solve all the dangers they met, but they finally encountered an unprecedented crisis.

A group of menacing-looking demon beasts and devil beasts surrounded Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan, staring at them hungrily. In the eyes of those beasts, the black qilin and the little furball were simply walking nutrients, spreading their temptingly delicious aroma everywhere. However, after several failed attempts, the beasts finally realized that they couldn’t beat the two alone or even in a small group, so they formed a large group and prepared a siege.

Each of the beasts looked very menacing and strong. Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan didn’t try to reason and directly engaged in a battle.

Lu Yaoyao was not merely protected by Shen Changyuan; although her little paws couldn’t hold her whip or wooden sword, she still contributed significantly to the battle.

The agile little dumpling shuttled rapidly between her enemies. From time to time, she would smash the beasts’ foreheads like a cannonball, temporarily stunning them for Shen Changyuan to give a finishing blow. Two figures, one big and one small, cooperated tacitly and successfully killed most of their assailants in a short time.

Seeing the increasingly unfavorable situation, the remaining beasts were frightened and ran away. Shen Changyuan’s infamous reputation as a ‘Tyrant’ worked as a deterrent only near his territory. Further away, and the creatures there only knew him through the rumors or even never heard about him. It was not until they met the rumored ‘Tyrant’ face to face that the beasts finally realized how frightening he was.

Shen Changyuan’s body was stained with blood, and his blood-red eyes were full of killing intent. Seeing the remaining beasts fleeing in panic, he chased after the one who ran on the frontmost, which was clearly the leader of the pack.

The demon beast howled in fear and suddenly yelled: “I know a lot of stories!”

The qilin’s horn that was about to pierce the beast’s fragile neck suddenly halted.

Seeing hope, the demon beast hurriedly shouted again: “I know a lot of things about Abyss!”

Shen Changyuan: “…”

When Lu Yaoyao heard the unfamiliar voice, she climbed all the way from Shen Changyuan’s tail to the top of his head and peeped down, revealing a pair of bright little black eyes.

The demon beast was desperate to survive, “I know a secret legend!” Not long ago, he heard the rumor that the Tyrant began to raise a cub. The cub seemed to like listening to unusual stories, and in order to let her listen to as many stories as she could, the Tyrant even used food as a reward. Not only that, but it was also said that the beasts the Tyrant captured could survive as long as they could tell a story that satisfied the cub.

The demon beast originally scoffed at this rumor. In such a harsh place as the Abyss, food was extremely vital to one’s survival, so what kind of fool would pay others food in order to hear exaggerating stories that might not even be true… it was not until his life was hanging by a thread that he suddenly remembered it.

Then he found out that the rumor turned out to be true!

In a haste, the demon beast quickly began to share his so-called secret legend: “It is rumored that here is the place where a fallen deity demised, and the entire Abyss itself is his tomb. It is said this fallen deity has angered the heavenly dao and thus was punished to stay in the darkness forever…”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “But we have heard about this legend before.” According to this legend, the Abyss could only be entered but could not be exited, all so that the destroyed soul of the fallen deity would be trapped here forever.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but wonder: what kind of great hatred is this? The body was dead, the soul was destroyed, and even the tomb was a place where the sun never rose. Why such a bother? Was it because the fallen deity was actually not completely dead?

Shen Changyuan’s horn poked deeper.

“Wait! I still know something!!” The demon beast roared, “You guys know about the rumored Overlord of the Abyss, the Serpent Lord, right?”

“It seems that the lair he dwells in is the exit of Abyss.”

Lu Yaoyao: “!!”

Shen Changyuan narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Are you telling the truth?”

The shocked Lu Yaoyao came back to her sense and looked at the demon beast with suspicion: “You are trying to make us killed, aren’t you?”

“No! It’s true!” The beast’s voice was full of subservience, “This humble one does not deceive you! This legend has been passed down by this humble one’s predecessor. As for the details, this humble one has no idea.” Because he didn’t know whether it was true or not, he had never taken the legend to heart. However, it was more than worthwhile if he could use it to exchange for his life.

The beast’s eyes flashed with killing intent. Regardless of the truth of the matter, as long as these two really dared to provoke the Serpent Lord, they would definitely not be able to escape the fate of death. The only pity was that they would become that monster’s prey, and he couldn’t even take a bite.

“What I said is true! The Serpent Lord has always been guarding the exit of the Abyss. However, he does not tolerate any living beings entering his territory, so no creatures have been able to pass under his eyes.” He began to make a random guess: “Otherwise, why hasn’t he moved for thousands of years and has always been staying at his lair? He must be guarding the exit!” The story was so convincing that even the beast himself ended up believing his own nonsense.

Shen Changyuan released the demon beast and took two steps back. Seeing that the ‘Tyrant’ was really letting him go, the beast, afraid that the two would change their mind, immediately ran away with astonishing speed and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Shen Changyuan watched the beast’s fleeing figure with cold eyes.

“Brother Yuanyuan…”

Shen Changyuan said in a low voice: “He won’t be living long.” Any seriously injured creatures would only end up being eaten by others.

Shen Changyuan carried Lu Yaoyao and left slowly.

The demon beast ran for a considerable distance. After the initial explosion of strength, his speed gradually slowed down. Finally convinced that he had escaped, he flicked his tail and laughed heartily.

If those two really went to that monster…

Just as the demon beast was feeling complacent, a few red-eyed beasts appeared. These were the beasts who had cooperated to besiege Shen Changyuan and Lu Yaoyao before, but ended up running away in embarrassment, and each of them still had many wounds from the fierce battle.

The demon beast stopped, lowered its body, and roared threateningly.

But they were slowly approaching him…


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