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DDDV Ch 68 Part 2 – I Have a Story to Tell! (I)

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Shen Changyuan took Lu Yaoyao and ran a long way before stopping at the peak of a hill. The place where the battle just happened was full of bloody smell, which traveled fast and soon would attract many hunting beasts to come. Therefore, it was safer for them to move somewhere far.

Lu Yaoyao took out a handkerchief and wiped Shen Changyuan’s bloody horn. The little dumpling didn’t like the smell of blood. After Shen Changyuan discovered it, he never used his teeth to bite his prey again.

Lu Yaoyao turned into a little cleaner and wiped all the blood on Shen Changyuan’s body. Seeing blood in the crevice of his hoof, Lu Yaoyao jumped to the ground and tried to lift Shen Changyuan’s foot, wanting to wipe it clean.

Shen Changyuan raised his hoof very cooperatively. When he looked at the small furball that was busy wiping his hoof, his cold eyes softened.

After cleaning up all the blood on Shen Changyuan’s body, Lu Yaoyao sat aside and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Yuanyuan, is what he said true?”

Seeing the bright little eyes, even though Shen Changyuan also wasn’t sure, he couldn’t help but have a faint hope. “We’ll find out once we are there.”

“Then shall we go now?” Lu Yaoyao asked happily.

“No, let’s pay a visit to the tree demon from the south first.” The tree demon was the longest living creature in the Abyss, next to the Serpent Lord. Now that they had finished exploring the east area, Shen Changyuan decided to head to the south.

“…Okay.” Lu Yaoyao was a little disappointed, but she quickly regained her spirit. Indeed, there were still so many places to go, so it was natural to leave the most dangerous place for last, especially because there was a chance that the beast had lied to them.

Anyway, they already noted the rumor. If they couldn’t find any other clues, they would go to the Serpent Lord.

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan continued their journey and met a lot of dangers along the way. Lu Yaoyao saw that Shen Changyuan directly killed most of the enemies but only thoroughly beat some of them, so she asked curiously: “Brother Yuanyuan, why did you let them go?”

“The ones I killed are cannibals who eat their fellow race.” Those who ate their own kind, regardless of race, were essentially insane and completely evil. This part made them different from those who had never eaten their fellow race, for the latter, no matter how evil, still had a bottom line in their hearts. Since they came only to rob, he was willing to let them go.

Shen Changyuan already knew that the world didn’t just have black and white. For the sake of that bottom line, he was willing to give them a chance. As for whether they could survive or not, it all depended on their luck.

However, the environment of the Abyss made it easier to breed evil. Along the way, the number of attackers Shen Changyuan let go of was less than five.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, “Brother Yuanyuan, can you tell the difference?” In Lu Yaoyao’s eyes, the creatures who came to them were all bad guys, but there was a difference in the degree of their evil. She wanted to understand them, but to do so, she would need to spend some time together with them, which she preferred not to. Therefore, Lu Yaoyao never asked to find more companions.

“I can tell.” Those who had eaten their fellow race were inherently different from those who hadn’t.

Lu Yaoyao jumped up happily, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s find companions!”


Before Shen Changyuan could say anything, words came out from Lu Yaoyao’s mouth like a waterfall, “Individual strength is limited, but collective strength is always stronger. It will take a long time to travel all over the Abyss with just the two of us. Not only that, but there is also a risk of missing out on some places.”

“If we have many companions, we can act separately but keep in touch with each other. Not only will it take less time, but we can also collect more comprehensive information.”

Shen Changyuan listened to the little dumpling’s passionate persuasion. However, he would rather try to find the exit slowly just by the two of them rather than find a so-called companion. Even a family connected with blood could betray one another for personal gain, so what kind of trust could others have? Except for Lu Yaoyao, the current Shen Changyuan trusted absolutely nobody.

However, Shen Changyuan didn’t refuse outright. Instead, he euphemistically said: “It’s not easy to find a good demon.” The chances were so low that they might as well continue with just the two of them.

“Good humans or good devils are okay too.” Lu Yaoyao looked up at Shen Changyuan, “Brother Yuanyuan, do you hate other races?”

In Lu Yaoyao’s view, bad guys and good guys always existed no matter what race. Rather than blindly believing in racial prejudice, it was better to know how to distinguish good guys from bad guys. Demons who did bad things were even more terrible than good devils. If Lu Yaoyao were to choose, she would rather be friends with kind-hearted humans and devils than with evil demons.

Shen Changyuan paused, “I’m not a demon anymore.” He knew that he had fallen into a devil, but apart from his red eyes, he had no other devilish features, so Shen Changyuan didn’t even know what he was now.

Lu Yaoyao asked back, “If I’m not a demon, but a human or a devil, will Brother Yuanyuan despise me? Will you want to hunt and kill me like many other demons do?”

“I won’t.”

“Me too.” Lu Yaoyao patted his horn, “No matter what Brother Yuanyuan is, you are forever my Brother Yuanyuan.”

Lu Yaoyao believed that no matter what her Brother Yuanyuan was, he would always treat her kindly as before. Unlike the plot in TV drama, he wouldn’t hurt her or her friends just because of their different races.

Shen Changyuan was silent, but the corner of his lips couldn’t help but twitch.

He knew that this little guy would never let him down.

Lu Yaoyao said again, “Let’s go with the flow. If we can meet good guys, we will try our best to convince them to join our team. If not, it’s okay to continue like now…”



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