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DDDV Ch 69 Part 1 – The Old Tree Demon (I)

The further south Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan went, the harder their journey was. The creatures they encountered were becoming more terrifying and strong. At first, the duo was able to handle the dangers with ease, but after a few days, Shen Changyuan’s body was gradually covered with wounds. Lu Yaoyao was so distressed that she practically poured the bottle of ointment on Shen Changyuan, consuming half of its content in just two days.

Shen Changyuan took a closer look at the little dumpling that once again had turned into a dusty gray furball. These past few days, they had indeed encountered quite a number of dangers. Fortunately, he did not suffer serious injuries, yet the little guy was really thorough with her treatment, not leaving even small scratches that would heal automatically in less than a day.

Shen Changyuan: “…” How did she even notice such a scratch?

After Lu Yaoyao confirmed that all the wounds on Shen Changyuan’s body were properly covered with ointment, she finally put the bottle back into her small pouch. Carefully avoiding his wounds, the little dumpling rolled herself on the soft belly of the black qilin. Two figures, one big and one small, snuggled in silence for a while.

Lu Yaoyao’s small paws hugged the fluffy black tail while her small round eyes looked up at the sky above. She suddenly remembered the time when Daddy once took her to fly in the sky. At that time, the stars seemed to be close within her reach.

Lu Yaoyao asked, “Brother Yuanyuan, what’s in the sky?” There were no sun, no moon, and no stars here, only endless gray sky. The only difference between day and night was dark and darker.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly wondered, could the Abyss is perhaps located deep underground, near the center of the earth? They were now probably trapped in a place with ground below and ground above, with Father, Daddy, and the others living above that sky…

If they tried to fly up, would they eventually reach the surface?

Shen Changyuan also looked up, squinting his eyes. His vision went far, but he could not see pass through the dim and gray air. Shen Changyuan could hear the desire hidden in Lu Yaoyao’s words, but at this moment, he could not fulfill it. Only when his cultivation base reached the late stage of the Soul Projection stage could he take her to fly to the sky.

Shen Changyuan stared into the sky for a long time. Noticing there was no sound from the little dumpling, he lowered his eyes and saw that she had already slept soundly while hugging his tail.

Shen Changyuan looked at the cub for a while and then tried again to move his demonic aura. Soul fruit had repaired his broken body and condensed his soul, but his lost dragon core couldn’t grow back.

Without a core, he could no longer cultivate.

On top of that, there was no trace of spiritual aura here in the Abyss.

Slowly, Shen Changyuan’s eyes became redder and redder, extremely frightening.

The next day, Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan resumed their journey. Lu Yaoyao sat on the top of Shen Changyuan’s head, holding a map in her paws as she carefully looked at the big circle drawn on it.

She pointed to the right, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s go this way.”

Without hesitation, Shen Changyuan turned around and walked in the direction pointed by Lu Yaoyao. Lu Yaoyao looked around. They had reached the area circled on the map, but now they had to find where exactly the old tree demon was. Like most of the Abyss, this area was dry and bare, which should make it easy to see any tree demon’s body. However, as far as she could see, there were only brown land, craggy hills and rocks, and some strangely stretched tree roots.

The two went around and around, searching all over the area marked by the map, but failed to find any tree.

“Brother Yuanyuan, can you feel where the tree demon is?”

Shen Changyuan said in a low tone: “It is probably nearby. Let’s look for it again.”

“I wonder if we can communicate with the tree demon. You see, the locust tree grandpa in Cangshan is very nice. He will play games with us cubs.” For example, he would make a swing with his branch and let the cubs play with it.

Recalling the days in Cangshan, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but talk about her friends to Shen Changyuan; her tender and cute voice were very conspicuous in the quiet environment.

After a while, the two still hadn’t found the tree demon, so they stopped to rest. Lu Yaoyao took out a porcelain bottle from her pouch, drank a few sips of water to quench her thirst, and then gave the bottle to Shen Changyuan.

“I’m not thirsty. Put it back.” Shen Changyuan turned his head away, wanting to save the water for Lu Yaoyao to drink slowly.

Lu Yaoyao had a small mouth. After drinking several sips, the water level in the porcelain bottle only reduced a little bit, but Shen Changyuan was different. With his big body, the water in the small porcelain bottle would probably disappear before it spread into his throat. Since the last time they found water, they hadn’t seen it again, and their water supply kept dwindling day after day. What would the cub drink if he took the water?

Holding the water bottle, Lu Yaoyao was about to climb back to Shen Changyuan’s head when she suddenly tripped on an exposed tree root, “Ah!”

Shen Changyuan quickly moved his forelimbs, preventing the little dumpling from rolling down.

Lu Yaoyao quickly hugged Shen Changyuan’s forelimbs, but the bottle fell from her hand. The bottle was toppled on the ground, and the clear water inside spilled out and seeped into the ground.

“Yaoyao, are you alright?”

“I’m alright.” Lu Yaoyao looked at the bottle and said regretfully, “The water’s gone.” Brother Yuanyuan hadn’t drunk it yet.

Shen Changyuan didn’t care about the bottle of water. When he saw that Lu Yaoyao was all right, he felt relieved.

Lu Yaoyao was about to pick up the bottle from the ground when Shen Changyuan’s ears suddenly pricked. In an instant, his blood-red eyes became alert, and his gaze turned to the direction of the bottle. At the same time, he pulled the little cub behind his forelimbs.

He just saw the bottle on the ground move slightly.

Lu Yaoyao poked out her round black eyes from behind Shen Changyuan’s forelimbs and looked over vigilantly.


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