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DDDV Ch 7 Part 1 – Contradictions (I)

The spiritual milk was almost gone. Lu Qingyu didn’t bother to care, so it was up to Yao Jiuxiao to figure out a solution. While the child was taking a nap, he went to the neighbor peach blossom demon.

Yao Jiuxiao wanted to ask the peach blossom demon to help to buy more spiritual milk, or to see whether there were other things the child could eat. The spiritual milk they had now was exchanged by Yao Jiuxiao with a least valuable spiritual grass from his grotto-space. But this spiritual grass was already enough to cause a stir in Cangshan Mountain. Demons who lived here, regardless of their age, were just weak low-ranking creatures. However, they understood that everyone had their own secret. Who didn’t hide some good things in private? After being surprised, they didn’t ask further.

The value of this spiritual grass was beyond the ability of most of the demons in Cangshan Mountain. They simply didn’t have enough of anything equivalents to exchange. In the end, Yao Jiuxiao exchanged the spiritual grass with a lot of low and middle-grade spirit stones with the Cangshan’s richest pine tree demon. Then, the exchanged spirit stones were used to buy spiritual milk from other demons.

Yao Jiuxiao was standing under a willow tree three hundred meters away from the wooden house, talking with the peach blossom demon. Upon hearing Yao Jiuxiao’s request, the peach blossom demon showed a troubled face. “I have asked all the demons in Duanping Mountain Range twice. They are indeed run out of spiritual milk.”

In the last ten years, no cubs were born in Duanping Mountain Range, so there was no need for the demons to deliberately stock up on spiritual milk. After all, although spiritual milk was very beneficial for the cubs, it had little use to the adult demons.

And spiritual milk could only be bought in Demon Capital. The demons living in Duanping Mountain Range generally had low cultivation bases. If they traveled outside and were unlucky, it took just a single flick from stronger demons to kill them. A few years ago, a Cangshan demon went to travel outside, but it didn’t take long for him to lose his life tragically, not leaving even a single bone.

Regardless of the demons’ unity against other races, in essence, this was the place where the strong eat the weak, and the killing of weaker demons was commonplace.

Therefore, the demons inhabitant of Duanping Mountain Range didn’t like to leave their turf. They simply lived in the corner quietly, passing their life in a monotone way.

Half a month ago, the peach blossom demon went to all her acquaintances to buy all the remaining spiritual milk. The peach blossom demon thought that such a huge amount of spiritual milk would be enough for two or three years, but she never expected that it had almost gone in just half a month. Out of curiosity, she asked Yao Jiuxiao how many times a day they fed the little cub.

After learning that Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu fed the cub seven or eight times a day and consumed at least four bottles of spiritual milk per day: “…”

Cubs from other families consumed one bottle per five, six, seven, or eight days. Was this little cub going to soar to heaven?

After learning that the cub never ate anything except spiritual milk: “…” Okay, it seemed understandable.

“I’ll send words to other demons. If someone goes out of Duanping Mountain Range, I will ask them to bring back some spiritual milk.” The peach blossom demon actually didn’t hold much hope. In the past five years, there hadn’t been a single demon who left Duanping Mountain Range. Even if someone went out, the journey was far, and they definitely wouldn’t return in a short time.

“I remember that the cub of the next door civet cat family was able to eat meat not long after born. How about you try to cook some finely minced meat for your family’s cub?” Peach blossom demon gave another suggestion. Except for those who were absolutely vegetarian, most demons were omnivorous. The little cub had been transformed and should be able to eat solid food.

She felt that if this continued, the cub would bankrupt her family. How expensive was the spiritual milk! Maybe not even the cubs of high-ranking demons were fed solely on spiritual milk.

Yao Jiuxiao nodded thoughtfully.

After hesitating for a moment, the peach blossom demon asked again: “By the way, other demons around want to come and see your family’s cub, can they?” When she went to buy spiritual milk, others naturally would ask the reason. Since the two stone demons didn’t tell her to keep it secret, she honestly told the reason.

After other demons knew that the third stone had transformed into a human-shaped cub, they always wanted to come and look. If it weren’t for the area around the house was protected by a barrier, those curious demons, especially young females, would already swarm through the door like the first few days. But no one could enter the area without the owner’s permission, and the two stone demons also never went out, so they could only wander outside.

After knowing that the peach blossom demon was the first and only Cangshan demon allowed to enter, the threshold of her house almost collapses by the neighbors pouring in with countless questions. They also asked the peach blossom demon to ask if they could be allowed to visit.

The peach blossom demon thought that the two stone demons would definitely not agree.

Sure enough, Yao Jiuxiao refused directly.

“Okay, I will tell them to not bother you.” The peach blossom demon finished the conversation and left.

Yao Jiuxiao returned to the house. As soon as he stepped into the door, he saw the child was eating a spiritual fruit with gusto. Yao Jiuxiao’s pupils shrank, and he almost exploded in rage.

Fortunately, the aura from the spiritual fruit smoothly circulated her body a few times with no abnormality, and she was not harmed by the powerful aura.

Yao Jiuxiao sighed in relief, but his expression was still dark: “How can you let Shu’er eat this?”

Spiritual fruit took one thousand years to bloom and another thousand years to bear fruits, producing only twelve at a time. Calling it ‘rare’ was an underestimation. The most amazing thing was that this fruit had a huge effect on cultivation regardless of race, because the aura of a spiritual fruit would be transformed to either spiritual or devilish aura as needed.

Although demands were countless, there was no supply. Most importantly, this fruit wasn’t easy to use due to its high power. If cultivators below the Golden Core stage swallowed a spiritual fruit directly, they would burst and die instantly. Even those in the Nascent Soul would have to soften the effect by refining the fruit into a pill and didn’t dare to consume it directly.

That year, Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu obtained spiritual fruit plants in the same secret realm. After a fierce fight, they divided the plants equally, three per person. Afterward, they kept this matter a secret, and never told a third person.

At Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu’s level, a small world would be opened in their grotto-space, and Yao Jiuxiao planted the spiritual fruit plants there. Yao Jiuxiao also knew that later Lu Qingyu, like him, also obtained a piece of special soil that could accelerate the growth of spiritual plants.

Lu Qingyu probably had a bunch of this spiritual fruit in his hands, but this didn’t mean that he could feed it to the child casually.

How could a small body who hadn’t cultivated enough bear such a strong power?


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  1. Haha, I was wondering about why he was so upset regarding the fruit. I bet the young female demons are really upset they can’t visit.

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