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DDDV Ch 7 Part 2 – Contradictions (II)

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was as cold as ten thousand years frost, and he looked at Lu Qingyu coldly.

Lu Qingyu raised his eyebrows casually, “Isn’t she alright?” There was a triumphant tone in his voice, “You underestimate my daughter too much.”

“Ah, ah!” Lu Yaoyao nodded in agreement.

Yes, she isn’t a picky eater, and she can eat other things besides spiritual milk.

In the future, Daddy and Father can give her some wild fruits to eat.

Yao Jiuxiao looked at his ignorant daughter, and his expression turned darker.

Lu Qingyu smiled playfully: “So nervous? But I didn’t do anything.”

Lu Yaoyao curled up her small fists. Her black and shiny eyes looked at the two fathers back and forth. She instinctively felt that the atmosphere around was heavy.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly did not dare to make a noise.

After a while, she felt drowsy. She yawned and couldn’t hold back her sleepiness. Before closing her eyes, she babbled a few times.

Daddy, Father, don’t quarrel…

Yao Jiuxiao sat with a cold face on the couch. He put his hand on the sleeping child’s belly, helping her digest the excess aura she had just consumed.

Lu Qingyu lowered his eyes for a moment, then he raised his gaze again and said mockingly: “Why are you so angry?”

“Do you think you are doing her good?”

Lu Qingyu smiled sarcastically: “Natural spiritual fetus, dao and devil dual physique, a body full of meridians. Even when sleeping, she instinctively absorbs aura from her surrounding.”

“Have you not find it out? Since the kid was born, her body was constantly absorbing aura.”

“No, you found it out. Otherwise, you won’t deliberately prevent her from cultivating.”

This child was born a natural spiritual fetus and was loved by Heavenly Dao. The most basic yet most difficult hurdles many could never pass in this life were as easy as eating or sleeping to her, and she could cultivate without guidance. On top of that, every time a cultivator broke through another level, they had to fight to the death against heaven. Yet, this child wouldn’t even face a thunder tribulation or heart demon. Once she accumulated enough aura, her cultivation base would be directly promoted to the next level.

All along her path, she would have a smooth journey. Who wouldn’t feel jealous?

Even though she was his own bloodline, sometimes Lu Qingyu also felt jealous.

Yao Jiuxiao’s voice was dark: “If the foundation isn’t stable, no matter how high the cultivation, it is as ephemeral as an image on the water surface.”

Cultivators tempered not only their body, but also their minds. If their state of mind was not strong enough, everything would be useless. Precisely because this child had such a great talent that her foundation should be carefully laid, so that her future path wouldn’t be turbulent.

She was just an ignorant child. If her cultivation wasn’t impeded, it would take her no time to break through the Qi Condensation stage and entered the Foundation Establishment stage. Once her foundation was established, she would always maintain the same appearance and could only reshape her body after entering the Nascent Soul stage. If the state of mind and body didn’t match, it would only be detrimental to her.

“Nonsense.” Lu Qingyu sneered, “You are looking down on the kid too much.”

“This kid has just been born, as white as a blank paper. It is the best time to establish a foundation. Your useless worry about the state of mind only stifles her talent.”

“Look, even if she eats the spiritual fruit, those powerful aura are just a drop in the bucket for her. The aura tempers her muscles and veins, but doesn’t cause her the slightest harm.”

“This is not a reason for your recklessness. Don’t you know what kind of unbearable consequences will happen if Shu’er cannot absorb the aura?” Yao Jiuxiao retorted coldly. “You also shouldn’t transform the spiritual aura into devil aura.”

Demon Realm was similar to cultivation realm, and both demon and human race cultivated using spiritual aura. Only devil cultivators used devil aura. In the beginning, Yao Jiuxiao had the intention to seal his daughter’s devil blood, so that she could grow up as a pure human.

But Lu Qingyu let the child absorb the devil aura. Now, both devil and spiritual aura coexisted in her body, and he could no longer seal her devil physique. He had to use another method to cover it.

“Why not?” Lu Qingyu sneered, “This Venerable’s daughter shouldn’t cultivate the devil way? What a joke.”

“Lu Qingyu!”

Lu Qingyu arrogantly said, “What’s wrong with being a devil? Right. For you human cultivators, those with other races’ blood are enemies to obliterate. But in This Venerable’s Devil Realm, she is an existence above everyone else. Whoever dares to disrespect her, This Venerable will let them die without intact corpses!”

“Devil race is blood-thirsty, greedy, cruel, cunning, ruthless, and heartless. Do you want her to be such a devil?”

“What’s so good about humans then? Thinking of themselves as a superior being, arrogantly talking about benevolence, righteousness, and morality, but in fact, they are just a bunch of selfish and treacherous hypocrites!” Lu Qingyu’s eyes turned scarlet. He laughed darkly: “Speaking about real cruelty, both devil and demon races are not on the par with you humans.”

A violent aura swirled wildly. Black patterns, which were the characteristic of the devil race, appeared on Lu Qingyu’s forehead and grew quickly.

“Lu Qingyu!” Yao Jiuxiao yelled.

Lu Qingyu turned a deaf ear. The devil pattern covered almost half of his face.

“Ah, ah!” Seemingly felt uncomfortable all of a sudden, the child on the couch babbled once, kicking her small feet around in her sleep.

The tender little voice startled Lu Qingyu. He lowered his head and looked at the child’s innocent sleeping face. The scarlet color faded from his eyes, returning to the usual color. The devil pattern on his face also disappeared.

Yao Jiuxiao’s tense body relaxed slightly.

Lu Qingyu returned to his usual bearing and said indifferently: “Yao Jiuxiao, do not forget. She is also This Venerable’s daughter, Devil Realm’s little princess. This Venerable doesn’t stop her from cultivating the Dao way. What right do you have to stop her from cultivating the devil way?”

Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t say anything.

“If she could only choose one cultivation, we can only let her choose the one she is most talented in.”

“But the kid has both dao and devil physique and can cultivate in both ways. Since she can have both, why make her choose? What else makes you dissatisfied?”

Lu Qingyu walked back and flicked his sleeves: “If you cannot accept her having the devil race’s blood, just right. This Venerable will bring her back to the Devil Realm, and everyone will be happy.”

Yao Jiuxiao had checked the child’s pulse just now. Truly the darling of heaven. Such an overpowered devil aura was just a drop in the ocean for her. Yao Jiuxiao didn’t want his daughter to cultivate in the devil way, but as Lu Qingyu said, he had no right to stop it.

However, the lifelong grievance between the races was too deep-rooted. If, in the future, the child’s mixed blood was exposed to the world, even with the prestige and protection of her two fathers, there would always be humans and devils who refused to accept her and even harboring hostility.

He didn’t want his daughter to face even the slightest possible harm.

Lu Qingyu knew Yao Jiuxiao’s worry and sneered at his indecision.

Why should they care about other people’s thoughts? Just kill whoever dares to resist.

After a long silence, Yao Jiuxiao finally compromised, “Just let thing goes naturally.”

“Before she officially starting to cultivate, you cannot use any external objects to push up her cultivation level.”

“Alright.” Lu Qingyu didn’t care. He turned and walked towards the door. Before he stepped out of the door, he paused and said in a low voice: “If not of the same race, the heart must be different.” Lu Qingyu smiled darkly, “This Venerable always remembers this sentence.”

“Yao Jiuxiao, This Venerable is looking forward to seeing what will you choose in the future, when your sect people and the human race you always defend point their swords at your only daughter.”


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