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DDDV Ch 70 Part 1 – Lu Yuandao (I)

After the old tree demon finished telling his story, he sighed: “You two are not the first to want to leave the Abyss.”

“This old man has seen too many people like you. Without exception, they all went and never returned.”

The old tree demon looked at the little cub, feeling pity for her for being separated from her parents at such a young age. However, it was better for her to stay and grow up in the Abyss than die young.

The old tree demon had never seen the outside world, and his knowledge was limited to the stories he had once heard from the human cultivator. Because of this, he couldn’t imagine how beautiful the outside world was and couldn’t empathize with their yearning and nostalgia.

In his opinion, it was better to have a life rather than die in vain. The Abyss was actually not a bad place to live, except that the neighbors were a bit hard to get along with, the food was a bit scarce, and the environment was a bit harsh… With the abilities of these two, given time, they could very possibly become a mighty force in the Abyss.

“Ever since this old man’s spiritual wisdom awakened, I have never seen a living being who managed to escape from the Abyss. This old man has no idea if there is really an exit in the serpent’s lair or not, but if the rumor was true, why hasn’t the Serpent Lord left?”

Lu Yaoyao was startled, then she couldn’t help but wonder. Right, if the exit was really there, why hadn’t the Serpent Lord left the Abyss? Maybe the rumor was not true, and the exit was not there. The other possibility was that the exit really existed, but was unusable for some reason.

Whatever the reason, just confirming the truth of the rumor would be dangerous and difficult. However… “I still want to go.” Lu Yaoyao’s voice was low. She really wanted to go home…

The little dumpling looked up at Shen Changyuan and said hesitantly: “Brother Yuanyuan, how about I take a peek first? If the exit is really there, we can find a way to go together.”

Lu Yaoyao wanted to take advantage of her small body to quietly entered the Serpent Lord’s territory. If she could go undetected, she could check the situation in advance. It was her strong desire to go home that made her persuade Brother Yuanyuan to find the exit together, causing him to take such a risk. She didn’t want to see him injured!

Shen Changyuan narrowed his eyes slightly: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Seeing his cold gaze, Lu Yaoyao shrunk into a deflated furball and gave up the idea. She then handed the small bottle to the old tree demon, “Thank you for your information, grandpa.”

Seeing the bottle of precious water, the old tree demon excitedly took it over and carefully poured its content onto his body. The old tree demon squinted his wrinkled eyes and enjoyed the fresh sensation. As a native tree of the Abyss, he didn’t need water to survive, but he still instinctively liked it and felt invigorated when sprinkled with moisture.

The old tree demon lived solely on the nutrient he absorbed from the soil. His roots spread almost the entire southern part of the Abyss and penetrated several kilometers underground, yet he had never found a single water source. That human cultivator once gave him a bottle of spiritual water, which was the best thing he had ever tasted. After thousands of years, he still remembered the fresh and moist sensation. It was also his strong desire for water that caused the old tree demon to inadvertently expose himself to Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan.

After enjoying the bottle of water, the old tree demon turned to Lu Yaoyao with a kind gaze, “Little cub, grandpa will tell you more stories.”

Lu Yaoyao’s small round eyes blinked, “Grandpa, how many stories do you know?”

“This old man knows a lot. Do you want to listen to the history of the Abyss?”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes instantly brightened. Right after the exit of the Abyss, what she wanted to know the most was how this place came into being.

“Although this old man’s spiritual wisdom awakened merely a thousand years ago, my body is much older than that. After the awakening, this old man can still recall some past things…”

The old tree demon’s tone was full of nostalgia, “I still remember the time when I was merely a dumb tree. It was a time of chaotic darkness. My body was buried deep in the ground, and then gradually exposed. You can see that this place is very dim now, but at the time, it was the real darkness, the kind that essentially engulfed everything. Then, a long time passed, and when I realized it, the darkness slowly faded away. The Abyss gradually became brighter, and life started to appear…”

“Grandpa means that the Abyss was initially underground, but a crack opened slowly and gradually became bigger, as if the ground under the feet was sinking and the ground above was rising, finally forming the current terrain?”

The old tree demon nodded in admiration, “What a smart cub. Yes, you are right.”

“The Abyss was not so big a thousand years ago. Year after year, the sky was getting higher and higher.”

The changes happened gradually and slowly, so the creatures who had to work hard every day just to survive might not notice it. However, the old tree demon basically didn’t have to do anything to survive, so he had leisure time to observe and analyze his surrounding. That to say, even he didn’t know what the Abyss would become in another thousand years.

Lu Yaoyao pondered for a moment, then suddenly shouted in realization, “I got it!”

Shen Changyuan and the old tree demon turned their heads to the little dumpling, who jumped to the ground and began to draw a circle with her little feet, “Assuming that the continent is also round. We are now underground, and there is a crack here…” She drew a line on the circle, “this crack is gradually getting bigger. I guess it’s not only getting taller, but the affected underground area is also getting wider and wider… just like the cracked shell of a spiritual egg. As time goes by, this crack spreads out…”

Lu Yaoyao spread the lines all over the circle before she suddenly stopped. After staring at the circle for a moment, she raised her small head and looked worriedly at Shen Changyuan, “Will the continent ended up being torn apart by the crack?”

Shen Changyuan’s blood-red eyes turned grim for a moment. But after a while, he felt that Lu Yaoyao’s fear was unfounded.

“Yaoyao, the Yuanqi Continent is very large. I once spent fifty years traveling to gain experience but have only seen a small part of the continent.” He said slowly, “Even if this crack is huge, it is merely a small wound that will heal in no time for the continent.”

“But this wound was not healed. It’s only getting worse!” Lu Yaoyao sighed. “And there are also those powerful cultivators. Those on the top of the food chain have a great destructive ability. If they fight, even the terrain will be greatly affected. Wouldn’t these only add damage to the continent?”

“If they accidentally hit this crack, wouldn’t the damage be multiplied, and the entire continent would collapse in an instant?”


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