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DDDV Ch 70 Part 2 – Lu Yuandao (II)

“If they accidentally hit this crack, wouldn’t the damage be multiplied, and the entire continent would collapse in an instant?”

Tiny ant holes could cause the collapse of a one-thousand-mile dyke. Oftentimes, it was the accumulation of small things that brought destruction.

“That’s still tens of thousands of years in the future.” If it was before, Shen Changyuan might feel the responsibility to investigate the matter and to try his best to stop the possibility of a catastrophe, but now, even if the world was destroyed, it had nothing to do with him.

Now, he only wanted to protect this little cub.

The old tree demon nodded again. “You are right.” He pretended to understand, but in fact, didn’t quite understand it. After all, even though the old tree had once lived with the human cultivator for a while and learned a lot of things from the man, what he could understand was limited. He didn’t even know that the Yuanqi Continent was round, and he couldn’t imagine how big the outside world was.

After listening to the old tree demon’s stories for a long time, the sky was gradually getting darker, and Lu Yaoyao’s biological clock told her that it was time for sleep.

The little dumpling walked to Shen Changyuan’s side and lay on his forelegs, using his fluffy tail as a warm quilt. She rubbed her body against Shen Changyuan’s fur, then turned to the old tree demon and asked softly, “By the way, Grandpa Tree, what’s the name of that human cultivator?”

The old tree demon still remembered everything about this person, “He said that his name is Lu Yuandao, and he is the First Elder of the Guiyuan Sect.”

Guiyuan Sect? Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes and said dozedly, “My father said that Guiyuan Sect is the largest cultivation sect in the Human Realm…”

“That’s what he said too.” The old tree demon sighed, “You see, even such a powerful person also met such an end. Little cub, you should think again!” In fact, that human cultivator was seriously injured at the time and left before he could recover.

Lu Yaoyao did not respond because she had already slept sweetly.

In the middle of the night, Shen Changyuan opened his eyes. He softly rolled the little white dumpling with his tail and walked to the old tree demon, then carefully placed her on a wooden bed transformed from a tree root.

Shen Changyuan stared at the little dumpling for a moment, then turned at the old tree demon. His cold, blood-red eyes narrowed threateningly, “Take care of her. Otherwise—”

The old tree demon stared at the black qilin, knowing that this one was going to the Serpent Lord’s lair alone. He then glanced at the cub and replied in a low voice: “Don’t worry. I will take good care of her.”

Still, Shen Changyuan didn’t feel at ease about handing Lu Yaoyao over to someone else, so he made the old tree demon swear an oath before he finally turned around and left.

The menacing figure of the black qilin silently disappeared into the darkness.

The old tree demon sighed in silence. For what sake?

The little white dumpling, who was still sleeping soundly until a moment ago, seemed to notice the absence of the familiar presence. Her little feet kicked around a few times, and then she opened her eyes suddenly.

Lu Yaoyao sat up, looking a little dazed and a little frightened. She looked at the unfamiliar environment, searching for a familiar figure.

Where is Brother Yuanyuan?

The old tree demon saw the cub woke up and called her gently, “Little cub, are you awake? Don’t you want to sleep a little longer?”

Lu Yaoyao turned around, “Grandpa Tree?”

Lu Yaoyao’s mind gradually cleared up. Right, they camped at the Grandpa Tree’s territory last night. But she was obviously sleeping beside Brother Yuanyuan; how did she move place?

The old tree demon said again: “He went hunting for food.”

“Oh.” Lu Yaoyao nodded in understanding. Indeed, Brother Yuanyuan always went hunting when he was hungry.

“Do you still want to hear stories?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded. She couldn’t sleep again, and it was boring to just wait. However, after listening for a while, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help being distracted. She thought absent-mindedly — why hadn’t Brother Yuanyuan come back yet?

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but ask, “Why hasn’t Brother Yuanyuan come back?”

The old tree demon answered: “He went a little farther, so it will take longer than usual.”

Only then did Lu Yaoyao realize that something was wrong. The little dumpling jumped up abruptly, “No! Brother Yuanyuan never go far. He is very strong and can easily catch his prey. He has never left me for long!”

“Grandpa Tree, tell me honestly, where is he going?”

“He’s hunting.” The old tree demon tried to coax the cub again.

Lu Yaoyao was already suspicious and could no longer be fooled. She finally asked, “Did Brother Yuanyuan leave me here to go to the Serpent Lord’s lair alone?”

Lu Yaoyao jumped up in a panic. In the beginning, she indeed wanted to go alone to scout the situation, but Brother Yuanyuan’s rejection made her dismiss this idea.

But Brother Yuanyuan actually went on his own!

Lu Yaoyao quickly took out the map. The location marked as the Serpent Lord’s territory was far, far away.

After confirming the direction, she turned and was about to dash away, but the old tree demon stopped her.

“Grandpa Tree, what are you doing? I have to find Brother Yuanyuan!” Seeing the obstructing tree roots, Lu Yaoyao was sweating anxiously. If she was delayed too long, she wouldn’t make it in time to catch up with Brother Yuanyuan!

“Your brother wants you to stay here.”

“Impossible. I can’t just watch my brother take such a danger alone.”

“I must go.” The little dumpling firmly said, “I won’t hold him back. I can fight too.” The Serpent Lord was very strong — this alone was already confirmed. How could she let Brother Yuanyuan go to face such a powerful enemy all by himself?

The old tree demon tried to dissuade Lu Yaoyao again, but failed. He sighed and finally took out a piece of jade from his body.

Lu Yaoyao took a closer look and saw that it was an exquisitely carved jade pendant with two characters engraved on it.

“This is the jade pendant left by that human cultivator. If you are fortunate enough to return to the outside world alive, I hope you can help me return this jade pendant to Guiyuan Sect.” Before leaving, the human cultivator entrusted this jade pendant to the old tree demon, asking the latter to ask someone who was about to leave the Abyss to help take the jade pendant home to Guiyuan Sect.

Lu Yaoyao took the jade pendant and carefully stored it away, “Okay.”

“Thank you, little girl.”

The old tree demon then said, “I’ll take you there.”

A long time ago, he simply watched as the human cultivator went to the Serpent Lord’s lair, never to return again. This time, he wanted to help send the cub.

“Thank you, Grandpa!”

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