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DDDV Ch 71 – The Serpent Lord Lian Zhe

A dark grey ball made from intertwined tree roots emerged from the black soil. After shaking the remaining dirt off its body and landing on the ground, the ball opened itself, revealing a little white furball.

“Thank you, Grandpa Tree.”

The old tree demon shook his roots gently before returning to the soil and disappearing from sight.

Lu Yaoyao turned around and looked ahead. The old tree demon gave her a ride and directly sent her to the periphery of the Serpent Lord’s territory, but he did not dare to enter further. Here was the place rumored to be the deepest part of the Abyss. The terrain in front of Lu Yaoyao’s eyes consisted of undulating hills and strangely jagged rocks, looking very gloomy.

Compared to other areas she had visited so far, the soil here was scorched black, making the place look even dimmer, and if not for Lu Yaoyao’s excellent night vision, she wouldn’t be able to see in such an environment.

Lu Yaoyao’s white fur was very conspicuous in this dark place, so she rolled a few times on the ground, instantly turning herself into a dirty grey little dumpling with a higher stealth stats.

After Lu Yaoyao disguised herself, she scanned her surroundings on high alert and started to proceed silently.

Where did brother Yuanyuan go?

This place was eerily quiet. Ever since the old tree demon left, Lu Yaoyao hadn’t heard a single sound, which was obviously not normal. Lu Yaoyao kept walking in the darkness for a very long time until she eventually reached what seemingly was a dead end. It was a very tall cliff wall with a top that she couldn’t even see. Having no other choice, Lu Yaoyao walked along the wall until she suddenly found a gap in the cliff.

The little dumpling stared at the gap for a while, anticipating a serpent to suddenly come out. Her spiritual sense penetrated inside. The gap seemed to be very long, but she did not sense a single life inside.

The entire territory seemed to be totally empty, but why?

Lu Yaoyao went to look again, but found no other way. The cliff was too high for her to climb, and she might not be able to reach the other side.

Lu Yaoyao hesitated for a while, but she finally decided to enter. The gap was narrow, penetrating very deeply. The little dumpling kept throttling forward for a long time, but still did not yet reach the other end. The total darkness made her unaware of the passing of time. After an unknown amount of time passed, Lu Yaoyao finally saw the light ahead. The light was very hazy at first, but gradually became brighter as she approached.

When Lu Yaoyao finally exited the gap, the bright light forced her to close her eyes in discomfort. Having been living in a dark environment for so long, she was a bit unaccustomed to suddenly face such brightness.

After Lu Yaoyao’s eyes adapted to the new environment, she looked around and instantly wowed in amazement. There were flowers and green leaves everywhere, with colorful butterflies dancing around, lush green trees in the distance, and the clear sound of gurgling water.

Lu Yaoyao was confused for a moment. Had she exited the Abyss? How come it be so easy? All she did was just crawl through the gap, ah!

Could it be that the creatures in the Abyss couldn’t leave because they were too big?

At such a beautiful place, a dusty little dumpling was very conspicuous, so Lu Yaoyao quickly used the dirt-removal spell to clean her body back into a little white dumpling. Only then did she begin her exploration. Compared to the Abyss, this place was simply a paradise. The flowers, trees, and grasses here obviously had yet to develop spiritual wisdom, and they did not show any particular response when she walked through them.

Soon, Lu Yaoyao realized that she might not have left the Abyss, but was stranded in another mysterious place. The place was not big, just like a small secret realm. Lu Yaoyao walked around for a while before she was back at the initial point.

So there was such a place in the Serpent Lord’s territory?

Where did Brother Yuanyuan go? Did he also fall into a strange place?

Lu Yaoyao turned around and didn’t find another way out, so she returned to the place where she first came in, only to find that the gap was gone.

Lu Yaoyao was stunned for a moment.

“It’s okay. Father said that a secret realm always has an exit.” Lu Yaoyao calmed down and began to repeat her search. Soon, she found an abnormality. There was an array here!

For some reason, Lu Yaoyao felt a familiarity with this array, and she couldn’t help but remember the stone game her Father often played with her.

The so-called game was actually a lesson in arrays. Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao arranged an array from stones and let Lu Yaoyao crack it. It was one of her favorite games.

It didn’t take long for Lu Yaoyao to crack the illusion array, revealing a crude-looking wooden cabin in the middle of the field.

Just when Lu Yaoyao was exploring the mysterious place, Shen Changyuan was not so lucky. After leaving the sleeping Lu Yaoyao behind, he quickly headed towards the Serpent Lord’s territory. He once passed this place a few years ago, but didn’t get in.

This time, Shen Changyuan ran in without hesitation. The Serpent Lord’s territory was very vast. No creatures dared to live in his territory, so the environment was eerily quiet. Shen Changyuan concealed his presence and moved without a sound, but was still unlucky enough to accidentally run into the Serpent Lord’s lair by mistake and face the legendary being head-on.

Pairs of emerald green eyes opened, looking at the intruder with icy gazes. The thick murderous aura the eyes unleashed seemed to freeze even the air.

This was a nine-headed serpent demon, and his name was Lian Zhe. He was not born in the Abyss, but accidentally fell into it ten thousand years ago. In a great stroke of fortune, a seriously injured divine beast fell along with him. Taking advantage of the opponent’s injuries, Lian Zhe killed the divine beast and devoured its soul essence and blood in an attempt to evolve into a true dragon.

The rumors outside had been changing after so many years, but there were still traces of truth in them. There was once indeed a divine beast in the Abyss, as well as his tomb. However, his tomb was not the entire Abyss, but the grotto-cave Lian Zhe now overtook as his own.

However, Lian Zhe overestimated himself and underestimated the bloodline of a divine beast. For nearly ten thousand years, not only had he not been able to completely refine the soul essence and blood as his own, but his body couldn’t withstand the bloodline of the divine beast, causing his transformation to fail. Over time, Lian Zhe forcibly continued the fusing process, at the price of having the inside of his body slowly fester.

Lian Zhe has been trapped in the harsh environment of Abyss, which has no spiritual aura to cultivate. The sole reason his lifespan was still continuing until now was that his body had fused with the blood of a divine beast.

In order to survive, he could only forcibly fuse.

This was the reason why Lian Zhe had never left his lair for thousands of years — because he couldn’t. Endless years of forced self-imprisonment had long driven him mad.

One day, he noticed a demon beast breaking in.

No, it’s not a demon beast! Lian Zhe was ecstatic when he sensed the trace of the bloodline of a divine beast. Heaven must be on his side!

Lian Zhe slowly drew the beast to him and finally took a look at the intruder. Seeing that it was a black qilin with an impure bloodline, Lian Zhe’s eyes gleamed coldly. Nevertheless, it was still the body of a divine beast, which barely fit his needs.

So, Lian Zhe released his spiritual sense and directly slithered over to kill the black qilin.

When Shen Changyuan saw the rumored Serpent Lord, he was immediately on guard. Upon seeing the nine pairs of eyes, he initially thought there were nine serpents in total, but quickly realized it was a legendary nine-headed serpent. The serpent was very huge. Shen Changyuan couldn’t see the end of its body, but the exposed part alone was as tall as a hill.

The nine-headed serpent exuded both a familiar and unfamiliar aura, which made Shen Changyuan realize that it was turning into a dragon. If a snake wanted to become a dragon, it must first grow a horn, then grow four claws, turn into a scaled dragon, and finally transform into a true dragon.

This nine-headed serpent possessed the characteristics of every stage of the transformation.

Shen Changyuan’s thoughts flashed in just but a moment. The next second, a terrifying aura swept over him, causing an excruciating pain that seemed to shatter his head. Shen Changyuan’s spiritual sense was stirred upside down, causing him to groan in pain. It took Shen Changyuan a while until he finally managed to resist the pain and charged for a counterattack.

Lian Zhe was momentarily surprised. This divine beast looked so weak, but he didn’t expect that it would be able to resist the attack to its spiritual sense.

It seemed that this divine beast was better than he expected.

Lian Zhe avoided Shen Changyuan’s attacks. He had regarded the black qilin’s body as his own, and naturally was reluctant to damage it. Instead of counterattacking the body, he continued his attack on Shen Changyuan’s spiritual sense.

However, Shen Changyuan’s psyche was much stronger than Lian Zhe had expected. Moreover, Shen Changyuan had eaten the soul fruit, which condensed his soul and gave him the power to resist soul attacks.

Lian Zhe failed to destroy Shen Changyuan’s psyche and was even injured a few times. Soon, his patience worn off.

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