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DDDV Ch 72 Part 2 – The Bell Rings With a Crisp Sound (II)

After Lu Yaoyao took back the last luminous pearl, the place suddenly became much dimmer, and in a blink of an eye, she found herself standing on a bare hill. Her surroundings were dark and gloomy, with black soil and ragged rockery, which was the typical scenery of the Abyss.

Suddenly deprived of the nostalgic scenery, Lu Yaoyao felt at a loss for a moment, but she soon cheered herself up. Fake was fake after all — soon, she would definitely be able to return to the real outside world!

For now, let’s look for Brother Yuanyuan!

Lu Yaoyao ran for a while and soon heard a slight movement. The sound seemed to be coming from far away, and she only barely caught it up. Following the sound, the little dumpling continued running for a while and finally arrived at a huge cave entrance. The cave was dark and gloomy, just like the mouth of a huge monster, ready to devour everything daring enough to come close.

Lu Yaoyao approached cautiously. As she got closer, she realized how wide this cave was, making her just like a tiny dot in comparison. She couldn’t imagine how big the serpent demon’s body was.

The paths inside the dark cave lead in multiple directions, and Lu Yaoyao kept moving forward purely by instinct. If she guessed correctly, this cave must be the Serpent Demon’s lair, and Brother Yuanyuan was probably inside.

After running for a long time, the sound gradually became louder, and Lu Yaoyao was sure that it came from the depth of the cave. She listened carefully — from the sound, it seemed that someone was fighting ahead, making her anxious. Was Brother Yuanyuan fighting with the Serpent’s Lord?

Lu Yaoyao quickly rushed towards the source of the sound. As she approached, the fighting sound became even more evident. When she noticed a brightness ahead, Lu Yaoyao immediately increased her speed and almost fell when the passage abruptly cut off.

Lu Yaoyao stood at the edge of the passage, looking at a huge cavern similar to a natural karst cave. She quickly scanned the whole area with her small eyes and immediately found Shen Changyuan, cornered by nine large horned snakes!

The snakes were very big — just their heads alone were already gigantic, and their whole bodies were huge and sturdy. Soon Lu Yaoyao realized that the bodies of the nine snake heads were connected together, with the rest of their body hidden in the darkness and not visible from her angle.

The nine snake heads suddenly lifted themselves and attacked Shen Changyuan furiously. Seeing that the cornered black qilin was about to be swallowed, the little white dumpling jumped ahead in a panic and slammed her body into one of the snake’s heads with all her strength, just like a cannonball.

However, the Serpent Lord was not an ordinary beast. Ten thousand years ago, his cultivation base was already in the Soul Transformation stage. The era he used to live in was the prosperous age of the Yuanqi Continent. Ten thousand years ago, Nascent Soul cultivators were just amateurs, the sight of divine beasts was as common as regular cats or dogs, and a demon in the Soul Transformation period was just a weakling. The Abyss had no resources for the Serpent Lord to advance his cultivation, but the soul essence and blood of the divine beast enabled him to reforge his body into that of half a divine beast, causing his power to soar. Now, his cultivation base was equivalent to that of a Great Ascension level.

For such a powerful Serpent Lord, Shen Changyuan was just a little bug, easy to trample as he liked. If it weren’t for that body of a divine beast that he needed the most, Lian Zhe would have dealt with this bug long ago.

As for Lu Yaoyao’s attack, it was just like being bumped by an even smaller bug, which didn’t hurt or itch. However, something else surprised Lian Zhe and prompted him to take a second look at the little dumpling.

—This thing was extremely small, but she was practically a living mass of plentiful energy.

When Shen Changyuan saw Lu Yaoyao suddenly appear, his expression changed drastically, and he let out an angry roar.

After Lu Yaoyao finished her slam attack, she quickly jumped back and landed on the top of Shen Changyuan’s head.

Shen Changyuan did not expect Lu Yaoyao to chase after him, let alone appear here so recklessly. The nine pairs of cold pupils turned in one direction, showing a clear interest in the little cub.

Shen Changyuan quickly took a distance from the serpent and let out a low growl to urge Lu Yaoyao to run away.

Did she still think that they could deal with this serpent demon?

“I’m not leaving. I can help you!”

“Good! Both of you stay here.” Lian Zhe hadn’t spoken a single word for many years, so his voice was very rough. It was the kind of unpleasant roughness similar to the one produced by a blunt saw. The arrival of these two made him very satisfied — one to be his new body, and the other was for his supplement.

The nine heads began to attack from all directions, but Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan quickly counterattacked. However, their speed and movement were full of flaws in front of the mighty Serpent Lord. At this time, Lian Zhe no longer held back. The snake heads hit hard, throwing Shen Changyuan aside and slamming him into the cavern’s wall.

As for Lu Yaoyao, the moment Shen Changyuan was slammed, she already rushed over. The little dumpling jumped quickly, but one of the snake heads suddenly appeared in her trajectory, so fast that she did not have time to dodge its open mouth.

Before Lu Yaoyao could react, she saw a huge mouth, and then everything turned black.

No! She was eaten!

“Yaoyao!!” When Shen Changyuan saw this, his eyes turned extremely red. The black qilin roared in a fury and charged forward with wild abandon. His purpose was not to take revenge, but to plunge himself into the snake’s mouth.

At this moment, Shen Changyuan’s only thought was: Lu Yaoyao is very small, wouldn’t she be instantly melted after being swallowed?

Shen Changyuan hated his own powerlessness. After losing his cultivation base, he relied purely on his instinct and strong will to fight against an old monster with such a terrifying strength. However, he was still too weak — too weak to deal any damage to the serpent demon and too weak to protect Lu Yaoyao.

In desperation, Shen Changyuan only had one plan. Even if he wanted to take down the Serpent Lord at the cost of his own life, he still wouldn’t be able to cause much damage, let alone make him spit out the cub. Therefore, Shen Changyuan was determined to let himself be swallowed together. Once he entered the serpent’s stomach, he would do everything he could to protect Lu Yaoyao and find a way to take her out, giving the cub a chance of survival.

Shen Changyuan’s move was too sudden and too unexpected, catching Lian Zhe off guard. When the Serpent Lord finally reacted, the two bodies he took fancy of had already disappeared into his mouth. He tried to spit them out, but both of them had gone into the esophagus.


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