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DDDV Ch 72 Part 3 – The Bell Rings With a Crisp Sound (III)

When Lu Yaoyao realized that she had been swallowed, she was initially in a panic. She never thought she would meet her end buried in the belly of a snake when she was barely just a cub.

In just a moment, countless thoughts passed through Lu Yaoyao’s mind, and she even felt slightly relieved. Fortunately, Father and Daddy wouldn’t know about her death. They probably would forever think that she was still living somewhere in this world…

She really missed Father and Daddy. She wanted to see them again…

Tears filled Lu Yaoyao’s black eyes, and she started to cry. Would it hurt being eaten alive? Should she end herself first? But suicide was also painful…

Both choices were painful, and the only difference was between short-term and long-term pain…

Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes and cried in heartbreak.

Some more time passed, but the pain she had expected never came.

Lu Yaoyao opened her teary eyes and was surprised to find herself wrapped in a transparent bubble, floating all the way down the snake’s body. Lu Yaoyao’s tears immediately stopped. She looked out and could see the vivid red esophagus. The little dumpling carefully poked the mysterious bubble, which looked like a thin membrane. When she tried to poke it out, the membrane expanded elastically, protruding her little claws outward.

She was safe! Lu Yaoyao widened her eyes in surprise. Before she could think about it any further, a black figure quickly swooped towards her—

“Brother Yuanyuan!” Lu Yaoyao rushed towards the falling black qilin. She jumped up and quickly grabbed his horn. This bubble was amazing — as soon as Shen Changyuan’s horn entered the bubble, it quickly expanded to accommodate his whole body.

“Brother Yuanyuan, did you get eaten too?” Lu Yaoyao’s fluffy face contorted in sadness. She had an extravagant hope that Brother Yuanyuan would rescue her, but now that they both were eaten, would this be the end for them?

When Shen Changyuan found that Lu Yaoyao was still alive and kicking, the redness in his eyes faded a little. “Yaoyao?” The black qilin called; his voice was hoarse. He lifted his forelimbs, plucked the cub from his horn, and hugged her between his hooves.

“Yeah!” Lu Yaoyao curled her little paws together. She blinked cutely and looked at Shen Changyuan, “Brother Yuanyuan, you don’t know me anymore?”

Shen Changyuan’s sanity slowly returned, “Yaoyao.”

Lu Yaoyao responded.

Shen Changyuan’s eyes were soft. It’s good that she is okay.

Only after confirming the cub’s safety did Shen Changyuan have the mind to observe their situation. As far as he could see, it was clear that they were still inside the serpent’s body. However…

Shen Changyuan was shocked to see the bubble they were in. Compared to Lu Yaoyao, he was much more knowledgeable, so how could he fail to recognize this thing? This bubble should be created by a defensive instrument, at least a top-grade one. How could Yaoyao have such a powerful treasure?!

Shen Changyuan stared at Lu Yaoyao. The cub was ignorant and happily told him, “Brother Yuanyuan, my Father and Daddy must be protecting us.”

Lu Yaoyao recalled the many things Father and Daddy gave her in the past. They said those items could protect her from danger and told her to always bring them with her, but she didn’t expect it to be true.

Shen Changyuan and Lu Yaoyao slid for a while and finally stopped at a place that should be the stomach.

“Why did you come?” Now that they were temporarily safe, Shen Changyuan began to settle the account for the cub’s reckless action.

“I can help!” Lu Yaoyao said angrily, “Why did you leave me?” They agreed to go together, but Brother Yuanyuan left her behind and secretly went alone!

Shen Changyuan said in a low voice, “It’s too dangerous.”

Lu Yaoyao was even more furious as a result, “Since you know it’s dangerous, how could you go alone?!”

“You lied to me!”

“You left me behind for my safety, but how can there be a truly safe place in Abyss?”

Shen Changyuan: “…”

Feeling extremely wronged, the little dumpling began to cry, “I didn’t see you when I woke up. I was really scared when I learned that you went to the Serpent Lord alone…”

Shen Changyuan: “I’m sorry…”

Lu Yaoyao quickly stopped her tears, “I forgive you. From now on, no matter what happens in the future, you can’t leave me behind, okay?”

Shen Changyuan stared at the cub for a long time. When he finally answered, his low voice was slightly hoarse, “Okay.”

Lu Yaoyao smiled happily. Now that the matter was settled, she began to observe their surroundings and finally asked, “How do we get out?” They obviously couldn’t stay inside the snake’s body forever.

Shen Changyuan’s eyes scanned around. They were now inside the stomach, surrounded by walls of red flesh undulating with the serpent’s every breath. The two demons, one big and one small, had just started to rack their brains when the inner stomach suddenly moved. Venom-like gastric juice suddenly flowed down and began the process of digestion. Green liquid dripped on the walls of flesh, making a corrosive sound.

Shen Changyuan and Lu Yaoyao originally thought that they were temporarily safe. Seeing this change, they were startled.

Shen Changyuan immediately covered Lu Yaoyao in his belly and hugged her tightly.

“Brother Yuanyuan—”

Shen Changyuan’s eyes were sharp, but his voice was extremely calm, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

At the same time, in the Devil Realm. The Devil Venerable was leaning lazily on a throne, a wine cup in hand, when his expression suddenly changed. He sat up abruptly, and at the same time, a small bell tied with a red rope appeared in his hand.

The bell was ringing with a crisp sound.

Lu Qingyu closed his eyes. The concentric bell was a pair, and it was now ringing in response to the other owner’s peril. However, it failed to sense the specific location of the other bell and could not take Lu Qingyu there.

When Lu Qingyu opened his eyes again, his eyes were blood-red, and terrifying coercion erupted.

In the hall beneath the throne, the devils who were originally enjoying themselves suddenly became as silent as a quail. They all fell to their knees, trembling in fear.

Lu Qingyu flicked his sleeve and instantly disappeared from the hall.


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