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DDDV Ch 73 Part 1 – After So Long, He Still Hasn’t Made Progress (I)

The serpent demon’s gastric juices slowly corroded the bubble protecting Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan. Lu Yaoyao struggled for a moment, but she could not get out under Shen Changyuan’s claws. She pleaded, “Brother Yuanyuan, let me go.”

Shen Changyuan looked around, thinking of a way to turn the situation around. Perhaps, since they were already inside the serpent’s body, it would be easier to deal with him here. It was said that to kill a snake, you must hit seven inches below its head. Just like a dragon’s inverse scale, a snake’s seventh inch was its weakness, so Shen Changyuan decided to find this place.

Shen Changyuan took Lu Yaoyao and jumped upward, only stopping once the gastric juices had yet to reach. When Shen Changyuan landed, his hoofs sunk into the soft meat underneath. He then said, “I will look for his weak spot.”

“I can help.” Lu Yaoyao stared at Shen Changyuan. Her eyes were full of seriousness. “You promised that you would never leave me behind again.”

Shen Changyuan hesitated for a moment, “Okay.” The situation was already bad; a temporary safety didn’t mean it was absolutely safe. Since this was the case, he would be more at ease by taking Lu Yaoyao with him.

Shen Changyuan told Lu Yaoyao to grab his neck before jumping quickly. The so-called seven inches below a snake’s head was the location of its heart. This location should be heavily protected from the outside and couldn’t be smashed with one hit. But now, they were inside the body and had bypassed the hard scales and other protection, making it easier to reach the heart.

Shen Changyuan quickly found the serpent’s beating heart, which was even bigger than Shen Changyuan’s own body. The heart was bright red, but the surrounding flesh was purple-grey, resembling rotting flesh. When Shen Changyuan saw it, he realized that the serpent demon’s body had been rotting inside, and he was actually not as strong as he appeared outside.

“Brother Yuanyuan, what kind of weapons can you use?” Lu Yaoyao suddenly asked. After transforming into a little furball, she could no longer hold the weapons tailor-made for her, so she never took them out. At this moment, after seeing the strength of the bubble, Lu Yaoyao believed that her Father and Daddy might be hidden bosses and figured that her toy-like weapons might actually also be powerful.

Lu Yaoyao took out her small wooden sword and whip, then looked at Shen Changyuan expectantly, “Can you use them?”

Shen Changyuan took a closer look and saw that the toy-like wooden sword was made of ten thousand years old ancient wood, with defensive arrays densely engraved on it. The whip was brightly colored and similarly looked just like a toy for cubs to play with, but it was actually made of ten thousand years old devil bone and possessed a strong offensive power.

Even with his status in the past, Shen Changyuan couldn’t possibly have such weapons. Not to mention their power — speaking just of the materials themselves, the word ‘rare’ was not enough to describe their rarity, and the only reason Shen Changyuan was able to recognize them was that he had read spiritual records mentioning these things.

Who were the cub’s parents?

Lu Yaoyao looked at the weapons she used to play with and then took out some other trinkets that Daddy gave her privately to play with. Daddy said that these things were thundercrashes, and gave them to shock people she didn’t like.

Lu Yaoyao stored them all in her small pouch. She was not a bully, and in any case, she thought these thunders’ effects wouldn’t be so great, so she simply forgot about them.

“…” Shen Changyuan was speechless. The thundercrash of the devil race was an extremely powerful combative magic weapon able to incapacitate powerful demons just below the Soul Transformation stage. It was said that this magic weapon played an important role during the great war between the three races.

Not stopping there, Lu Yaoyao next took out a stack of talismans and eagerly showed them to Shen Changyuan, “What about these?”

Her father said these talismans could protect her, so Lu Yaoyao kept them well.

Although she only thought of them as mere placebos.

Shen Changyuan: “…”

He looked at the golden light overflowing from the talismans. Although the strokes looked a bit amateurish, there was no doubt that these things were of the highest quality.

“Enough.” Shen Changyuan’s expression was complicated. At this moment, he finally realized that this cub could live well and safely, even without him by her side.

With so much protection, who could hurt her?

Perhaps, he was totally unneeded.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief, glad that these things were useful. She then looked up at Shen Changyuan with bright eyes, expecting him to show his might.

“Take these back; we won’t be used that much. Just two thundercrashes are enough.”

“Okay.” Lu Yaoyao quickly put the rest back. These were things that her Father and Daddy gave her to play with. Now that she was far from home, she cherished them even more and felt distressed if she was to lose even one.

Shen Changyuan couldn’t understand why a small cub who obviously didn’t have a single drop of devil race’s blood came into possession of thundercrashes that only be owned by a high-ranking devil race, but now was not the time to ask. Thundercrashes could only be activated by a devil, but he was now halfway into a fallen devil and should be able to use it. Moreover, the thunder’s lethality would be greater since they were inside the body. As long as they could blow up the serpent’s heart, then…

However, before Shen Changyuan could activate the thundercrash, there were great changes inside the serpent’s body. The serpent demon seemed to be aware of what they were planning to do and began an active counterattack. Countless blade-like sharp winds blew up, trying to cut Shen Changyuan and Lu Yaoyao into pieces. The beating heart was now protected by layers of energy.

The serpent demon was feeling threatened and showing no mercy. Devastating attacks came to them one after another, instantly shattering the already precarious bubble shield. Before Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan could react, a dazzling light instantly illuminated their surroundings.

The Serpent Lord Lian Zhe, who was originally confident, froze abruptly. Cracks suddenly appeared throughout his gigantic body, and incandescent light leaked out from them.

“How…” …can it be?

The nine heads only had time to say a word before his entire body was cut by countless rays of light, shattered into thousands of pieces, and exploded in all directions.

Red blood and charred flesh fell down in the entire cave. And when the light dissipated, Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan stood dumfounded amidst the rain of flesh and blood.

Lu Yaoyao stood under Shen Changyuan’s forelimbs, watching countless pieces of snake meat fall to the ground.

“Chi!” Daddy’s thunder is so powerful!

Lu Yaoyao expressed her amazement.


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