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DDDV Ch 73 Part 2 – After So Long, He Still Hasn’t Made Progress (II)

“Chi!” Daddy’s thunder is so powerful!

Lu Yaoyao expressed her amazement.

Shen Changyuan, who had no cover, was smashed all over by the bits and pieces of falling snake meat. He lowered his eyes and looked at the two still-intact thundercrashes under his hooves, unable to understand how the serpent demon suddenly exploded.

No, the terrifying coercion he felt at that moment was even more powerful than that of a demon king. In the entire Yuanqi Continent, only two figures were currently at this power level.

Shen Changyuan lowered his eyes and pondered. Whose descendant was this little cub? Otherwise, how could she be so thoroughly protected?

Compared to the Dao Venerable Hengwu and the Devil Venerable’s age, Shen Changyuan was just a newborn kid. When the two venerables grew in power and their names became well-known throughout the continent, Shen Changyuan had yet to be born and thus had never met them. However, as the two strongest people in the Yuanqi Continent, Shen Changyuan naturally knew some things about them.

After being hit by chunks of meat a few more times, Shen Changyuan regained his senses. He grabbed Lu Yaoyao and quickly jumped to the passage connecting to the entrance. Two demons, one big and one small, looked at the shattered remains of the once-mighty Serpent Demon, inhaling the air that was filled with a strong smell of blood.

They were silent for a while.

“Yaoyao, what are your parents’ names? Can you tell me again?”

“My Father is Yao Jiuxiao, and my Daddy is Lu Qingyu!” Lu Yaoyao replied proudly. Her eyes were sparkling; Father and Daddy were amazing! Although they were not by her side, they still protected her in their own way!

It turned out that the toys they gave her to play with were so powerful.

Were they both demon kings? Did they deliberately conceal her identity as a little demon princess in order to sharpen her?

As for the Devil Venerable that Daddy often claimed to be, Lu Yaoyao didn’t believe it. Daddy must have meant that he is a powerful demon as awesome as the Devil Venerable himself!

She was so smart, so she naturally was able to guess it!

Shen Changyuan fell into contemplation. Yao… Lu… If he remembered correctly, Dao Venerable’s name was Yao Hengwu, and the surname of the Guiyuan Sect’s sect leader was Lu. Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu — these two names reminded him of them, and the heavy protection implied on the cub also resembled that of the human race’s style.

In other words, Yaoyao should be deeply related to Guiyuan Sect and even to the Dao Venerable himself.

But even if the Three Realms had been peaceful for three or four hundred years, the animosity between races was still very heavy. What was the reason for the largest sect of the human realm to put aside their prejudices to raise and protect a demon cub?

Moreover, how to explain Yaoyao’s possession of the thundercrash?

No matter how smart Shen Changyuan was, he couldn’t figure out the whole picture. But when he lowered his head and saw the little cub’s bright eyes, his heart softened. Forget it. Regardless of Yaoyao’s identity, since he promised to protect her, he would definitely fulfill that promise.

Yaoyao was initially happy that they were out of danger, but she suddenly remembered: now that the Serpent Lord was dead, who could they ask about the exit?

Lu Yaoyao looked at Shen Changyuan and asked expectantly, “Brother Yuanyuan, did Serpent Lord tell you where the exit is?”

Shen Changyuan: “…”

“No.” He accidentally broke in and immediately started fighting.


Two pairs of eyes looked at each other.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t give up, “Apart from the Serpent Lord himself, are there other creatures in his territory?”

Shen Changyuan shattered her hopes: “I have circled the territory once, but there are no other creatures besides him.”

This was normal. When inside the Serpent Lord’s body, Shen Changyuan saw that his body had begun to rot from the inside. Even if the serpent didn’t die now, he had been dying slowly, although it would take probably another hundreds to thousands of years to breathe his last. For this reason, the Serpent Lord naturally didn’t dare to let any creatures inside his territory. In case his weakness was discovered, the consequence would be fatal. After all, no matter how powerful the Serpent Lord was, it would be hard to escape a continuous attempt for his life.

The cool wind blew in the cave, carrying a strong rusty smell. Lu Yaoyao didn’t give up, “Let’s look around. Maybe we can find some clues.”


The two turned around and were about to leave the cave. Shen Changyuan had just taken two steps when he suddenly paused in place. His scarlet eyes turned into green snake-like pupils, looking coldly at the little furball’s back figure.

After a while, the eyes showed a clear look of struggle, and when the cub in front turned around, those green pupils had turned blood red again.

Lu Yaoyao turned around suspiciously. Just now, she felt a sudden, unsettling fear, as if she was being stared at by a cold-blooded creature.

But when Lu Yaoyao turned around, she only saw Brother Yuanyuan, standing not far behind and looking at her.

“Brother Yuanyuan, hurry up!”

The black qilin flicked his tail and resumed his steps. The passage was pitch black, but Lu Yaoyao held a luminous pearl above her head. After hopping by herself for a while, she quickly ran back to climb on the black qilin’s head. When she first came in through this same passage, she only thought about finding Shen Changyuan and had no time to be afraid. Now, seeing the dark passage that looked like a giant mouth ready to devour everything, Lu Yaoyao’s heart was pounding faster. She could only feel a sense of safety by sitting on her Brother Yuanyuan’s head.

The black qilin tensed very slightly when the cub climbed up, but he soon resumed his normal appearance.

Lu Yaoyao asked, “Brother Yuanyuan, where should we go?”

After a while, the black qilin replied, “This way.”

The voice was low and cold. It was clearly Shen Changyuan’s voice, but Lu Yaoyao’s felt a strange unfamiliarity. However, the cub didn’t think much and continued to ask, “I hope we can find the exit soon. I really want to leave this place!”

“Brother Yuanyuan, can you guess what I saw before I found this cave? You see…”

A tender and bright voice rang throughout the passage, traveling far in the eerie quietness and creating a slight echo in the cave. The light from the luminous pearl reflected the black qilin’s shadow on the passage wall, stretching it far and long, resembling a certain creature…


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