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DDDV Ch 74 Part 1 – I am Going to Give You a Nice Surprise! (I)

“There is no way to tell who is right or wrong? What nice words. Yet, every time we meet, you cannot wait to send This Venerable to the afterworld there and then. Hence, This Venerable always thinks that the honorable Dao Venerable Hengwu wants revenge. After all—” There was a smile on Lu Qingyu’s lips, but his eyes were extremely cold, “You saw it when I killed her with my own hands, didn’t you?”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say anything, but he gave Lu Qingyu a cold look. He walked into the room and sat opposite the table. “That was Senior Sister’s choice.”

“I want to kill you not because of her, but because you have too much innocent blood on your hands.”

The reason why Yao Jiuxiao always started a fight every time he met Lu Qingyu was not for the grudges from the past, but because in this world, only he had the power to stop Lu Qingyu from acting wantonly. This person was a ruthless leader of the devils who had no scruples in anything and never restrained his murderous nature.

Whomever stood in Lu Qingyu’s way, whether they were humans, devils, or demons, he never hesitated to kill them. Therefore, Yao Jiuxiao was determined to stop Lu Qingyu. If he couldn’t stop him, then at least he had to do his best, and even if they ended up in mutual demises, he would surely take Lu Qingyu down with him, so as to stop this person from bringing more harm to the common people.

Lu Qingyu frowned in irritation, but he soon smiled sarcastically, “How admirable. Unfortunately, you cannot kill This Venerable.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression remained unchanged — it wasn’t easy to provoke the Dao Venerable to anger. Yao Jiuxiao lowered his eyes and focused on brewing another pot of tea. His movements were graceful and elegant.

Lu Qingyu began to fiddle with his fans. After a while, he used the tip of the fans to knock on the tea table before saying again, “This Venerable is not here to catch up with you.” He raised his eyes, “Where is the kid?”

There was finally a change in Yao Jiuxiao’s perpetual cold face. He looked at Lu Qingyu and replied, “I don’t know.”

“You can’t find her either?” Lu Qingyu asked suspiciously, as if weighing whether his rival was lying or not. But after Lu Qingyu thought about it again, it was nothing strange that Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t find the child, considering that he also failed.

Besides, in the case Yao Jiuxiao had really found the child’s whereabouts, there was no way that he hadn’t gone to fetch her yet.

“The concentric bell was ringing.” Once the concentric bell rang, the other owner must be in danger, but the problem was that the concentric bell failed to bring Lu Qingyu to Lu Yaoyao’s location.

Where on earth was that kid now? Lu Qingyu frowned. The concentric bell rang for a moment before stopping, signaling that the other owner had been out of danger. If not for this, Lu Qingyu would have gone to find his daughter, even if he had to turn the continent upside down.

Lu Qingyu was in a violent mood when the bell rang, plunging the whole devil palace into petrifying terror. In any case, he didn’t mind burying the whole continent together if anything ever happened to his daughter, so he came to Cultivation Realm to see if he could dig any information from Yao Jiuxiao.

But Lu Qingyu didn’t expect that his rival was even more clueless than him.

“I see.” Yao Jiuxiao naturally knew what it meant for the concentric bell to ring. Worried, he tried to use blood guidance again, but still failed to determine Lu Yaoyao’s location. If both he and Lu Qingyu failed, then the places that the child might fall into should be very limited.

Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu could only think of several places that both of them had never set foot in. The space-time crack that swallowed Lu Yaoyao might bring her into an unopened secret realm or one of the other legendary places.

They couldn’t ignore it when their daughter was in danger, but since they couldn’t even find her whereabouts, they still assumed calmness on the surface regardless of how anxious they were inside. Fortunately, they had equipped the child with more than just one or two layers of protection. As long as she was injured badly or fatal damage was detected, a heavy attack would be triggered, and there were also other life-saving artifacts they let Lu Yaoyao carry with her.

The two venerables were the only cultivators at the Great Ascension stage in the entire Yuanqi Continent, and they were already the strongest beings in the world. Each of their heavy attacks was enough to kill anyone below the Great Ascension stage. What’s more, their daughter was smart and definitely knew how to protect herself.

Even Lu Qingyu was no longer so anxious. As long as her life was not in danger, it was not bad for the kid to be injured a bit so that she would gain experience. After all, she was the one who would inherit the entire Devil Realm in the future.

When he was deep in thought, Lu Qingyu didn’t restrain his murderous aura. The temperature in the room dropped even lower, and the cups on the table began to shake. Yet, Yao Jiuxiao didn’t seem to care and continued doing his own things unperturbed.

Lu Qingyu’s mind turned around, and his momentum only subsided after a while. He then watched Yao Jiuxiao brewing the tea slowly, seemingly with no intention to leave. After Yao Jiuxiao finished, Lu Qingyu helped himself to a cup and took a sip without asking for permission. “You really know how to enjoy nice things.” He commented. This thousand-year-old top-quality cloud mist tea was brewed with spiritual water taken from the top of a snow-capped mountain. The tea was clear in color, with a nice, soft fragrance and a few tender buds floating on the surface.

Yao Jiuxiao remained silent.


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  1. They sounded like ex-husbands meeting.
    Anyway, does Yaoyao has something to do with that “her”? I think she’s been mentioned before in previous chapters too.

    1. Probably not. The “her” was mentioned to be the one who named Lu Qingyu. Thus why he has the same surname as the Guiyuan sect’s sect leader. But for some reason, she turned against the Lu Qingyu due to being a Devil.

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