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DDDV Ch 74 Part 2 – I am Going to Give You a Nice Surprise! (II)

After enjoying the cup of tea, Lu Qingyu stood up, paced around the room for a moment, and then left the cabin. The extreme cold peak was covered in plain white as far as one’s eyes could see. The scenery here was monotonous, but the whistling cold wind was blocked by the barrier. Lu Qingyu walked around the training field. With the ice and snow as a background, his bright red clothes looked even flashier.

After strolling for a while, Lu Qingyu was rather bored, so he turned around and said, “Yao Jiuxiao, let’s duel.”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t respond, but when Lu Qingyu made a shot, he quickly returned the attack with his sword.

The next moment, the two figures turned into afterimages and engaged in the air.

“Disciple Lu Junyang is here. Asking to meet Martial Uncle.” Outside the barrier, a handsome young man stood in the cold wind, looking at the top of the mountain with eyes bright with admiration. This person was Lu Junyang, the personal disciple of the sect leader and also a young talent who became the eldest senior brother for all Guiyuan disciples after winning first place in the sect’s great tournament. Lu Junyang had a very high status in Guiyuan Sect. He was Lu Chongyun’s most valued disciple and also the most highly anticipated heir among the younger generation.

Guiyuan Sect had suffered tremendously during the great war, losing most of their elders and other upper echelons. Today, most of the peak masters and sect elders were nominally of the same generation as the Sect Leader and Dao Venerable, but they were, in fact, of the younger generations, as even the eldest among them was only eight or nine hundred years old.

However, the Cultivation Realm revered the strong. Although the present peak masters and elders were several hundred years younger than the Sect Leader and Dao Venerable, they were very talented and had more than enough cultivation base to warrant their current positions.

Therefore, facing the elders and the peak masters, Lu Junyang still had to call them ‘Martial Uncle’ politely, honoring them as seniors from his master’s generation.

When Lu Junyang’s voice rang, the two venerables immediately ceased their fight. Lu Qingyu was still in the mood. In this world, only Yao Jiuxiao could make him fight seriously, as others would die quickly with just one flick of his finger. Yet, since Lu Qingyu had vented his murderous spree, he was currently in a good mood and let Yao Jiuxiao go.

Yao Jiuxiao put away his natal sword, turned around, and walked towards the edge of the barrier before arriving in front of Lu Junyang in just a blink of an eye. The cold wind blew Yao Jiuxiao’s clothes and hair as he stared at the young disciple, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Junyang was surprised to see Yao Jiuxiao personally come out instead of letting him in. He quickly restrained his momentary gaffe and bowed respectfully, “Disciple Lu Junyang greets Martial Uncle.”

“Since Martial Uncle’s return, this disciple hasn’t had the chance to greet you, and…. this disciple has recently learned some new sword moves, so I boldly come to ask for Martial Uncle’s guidance.” Lu Junyang smiled at Yao Jiuxiao with clear admiration in his eyes.

Yao Jiuxiao said expressionlessly, “Come back in ten days.”

Lu Junyang was a bit disappointed, but he still responded respectfully. He, however, didn’t leave immediately and seemed to be hesitant for a moment, “Martial Uncle, this disciple just saw Master left when I was coming here, and he seemed to be in a bad mood. Can Martial Uncle tell this disciple what made Master so upset?”

Lu Junyang had long wanted to see Yao Jiuxiao, but when he finally found the opportunity to come here today, he just happened to see his Master left angrily. Lu Junyang deeply respected Lu Chongyun and naturally cared about his mood. It was very rare for Master to look so angry like today.

Lu Junyang dared to ask only because he knew that Yao Jiuxiao was very tolerant of him. Among so many disciples of the Guiyuan Sect, only he had the honor to visit Yao Jiuxiao any time he liked.

Yao Jiuxiao stared at the young man for a moment before answering, “Nothing. You should go back now.”

Finished, Yao Jiuxiao turned and left.

When Lu Junyang looked up again, he only had time to see the corner of the white robe disappearing into the barrier. The young man didn’t dare to be presumptuous, so he soon left in disappointment.

When Yao Jiuxiao returned, he found Lu Qingyu standing right before the boundary of the barrier, looking in the direction Lu Junyang was leaving. When he lifted his eyes and looked at Yao Jiuxiao again, his beautiful eyes were glowing with a bone-chilling coldness.

“Her descendant?” Although that one was a man, the youth’s facial features reminded him of another person.

But his bone age1 was less than a hundred years…

More than one thousand years had passed, and her child would not be so young. It could only be surmised that her bloodline had been continuing for several generations. Unexpectedly, Guiyuan Sect managed to find him.

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression froze, but he remained silent.

Lu Qingyu sneered, and the next moment, his figure disappeared in an instant.


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  1. In a cultivation setting, where people’s appearance does not match their ages, the character determines each other’s real age by looking at ‘bone age.’

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  1. Oh myyyy. Maybe the LU senior sister already had a beloved and a child and our Devil venerable Lu, who took her surname when he was kicked out for being an albino, fell in love but couldn’t have her so killed her and waged war on the humans?

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