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DDDV Ch 74 Part 3 – I am Going to Give You a Nice Surprise! (III)

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan spent a lot of time exploring the cave that the Serpent Lord took as his lair, but they still could not find any clues. Finally, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t stand it anymore. The time was late, so they decided to take a rest first and continue the search tomorrow.

The two camped in the cave. Lu Yaoyao was lying on the ground in the corner, far away from Shen Changyuan. For some reason, she had a feeling that Brother Yuanyuan had become strange, and he sometimes made her feel very unfamiliar. But Lu Yaoyao couldn’t explain the strangeness she was feeling, so in the end, she decided to sleep by herself.

The cub closed her eyes and fell asleep. In fact, she didn’t sleep peacefully, but she was so sleepy that she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

Shen Changyuan also lay on the ground, silently watching the cub in the distance. The pair of blood-red eyes slowly changed into emerald green eyes, with pupils that resembled that of a snake’s.

“What a lovely cub. This Lord truly likes her.” The black qilin chuckled softly as if talking to himself, but he was actually talking to Shen Changyuan, whose soul was suppressed in the corner of his consciousness.

Originally, he wanted to take the opportunity to kill the cub and devour her, but now he thought that the cub was very pleasing to the eye and decided to keep her alive.

Oh well, it wasn’t a big deal anyway. In any case, he could kill her anytime.

The black qilin at this time was not Shen Changyuan, but the Serpent Lord Lian Zhe who should have been dead. His body was destroyed, and his soul was also damaged. However, his soul had been strengthened following his fusion with the divine beast he devoured, allowing him to escape death.

Lian Zhe’s body was gone, but he was still lucky enough. Taking advantage of the moment when the black qilin lowered his defense, Lian Zhe seized the chance to invade the other party’s consciousness. Lian Zhe forcibly invaded the black qilin’s body, thinking that with his powerful soul, he could instantly destroy the black qilin’s psyche and take the body as his own. Unexpectedly, the black qilin’s resistance was so tenacious that Lian Zhe could only suppress the other party in the depths of his consciousness, waiting to slowly exterminate the soul.

If it wasn’t for the damage to his soul, Lian Zhe would have easily taken over the body. However, it seemed that heaven still treated him favorably after all. Even though it took a long way around, he still managed to obtain a new body, which would become his fully in the not-too-distant future.

Shen Changyuan’s soul was suppressed, but he resisted ferociously, especially when he sensed Lian Zhe’s evil thoughts toward Lu Yaoyao. Furious, he kept trying to regain control of his body. Shen Changyuan didn’t expect that the old monster had been taking a fancy to his body from the very beginning. Shen Changyuan was even more resentful of his own powerlessness, and he was furious to the extreme, as not even the torture and betrayal from his so-called family gave him this degree of violent and negative emotions.

Shen Changyuan’s blood-red eyes suddenly became even redder. His soul was shaking for a moment, and his body began to show signs of degenerating into devil.

Lian Zhe had already taken this body as his own, so how could he allow Shen Changyuan to degenerate? The body of a divine beast was obviously easier to use than the body of a divine beast that had degenerated into a fallen devil.

Lian Zhe’s spiritual consciousness mercilessly suppressed Shen Changyuan’s soul again to the point of crushing it.

Shen Changyuan persisted for a while, but he was no match for Lian Zhe. In the end, his consciousness weakened, and he lost his power to resist.

Lian Zhe was very satisfied. Now that the annoying fly had been silenced, he began to refine the bloodline and soul essence of the divine beast he had fused so far, purifying the blood of the black qilin in the process. The body of a divine beast was indeed something different; even if the blood was not pure, it was much better than his original body. Lian Zhe could feel the effect of the fusion process. The body smoothly accepted the refined bloodline and soul essence, and there was no longer a danger of having his body explode.

Lu Yaoyao woke up in the middle of the night. It was quiet inside the cave when she opened her eyes. The little dumpling lay motionless for a while, and when she quietly turned her head to look over, she saw the black qilin resting with his eyes closed.

Lu Yaoyao stayed silent for a while, then quietly got up and walked with light steps.

“Kid, where are you going?” Shen Changyuan’s cold voice came from behind, giving Lu Yaoyao an inexplicable trepidation.

Lu Yaoyao turned around and blinked, “Brother Yuanyuan, why are you awake? I was about to give you a nice surprise!”

“Huh? What surprise?” The black qilin stood up with great interest.

Lu Yaoyao said cutely: “I won’t tell you. You have to pretend that you didn’t see me! I’m going to prepare the surprise now, so you have to—” She thought for a moment, “—wait for me here, and then come out only after one incense stick of time. Otherwise, I won’t give you the surprise!”

The black qilin flicked his tail and cooperated very well, “Okay, Big Brother wait for your ‘nice surprise.'”

“If the surprise is not nice enough, I will be upset.”

Lu Yaoyao was instantly angry, “The only surprises I give you are either nice or very nice. If you dare to dislike it, there will be no surprises in the future!”

“Okay, okay. It’s Big Brother who said the wrong thing.” Black Qilin chuckled.

“You can only come out after one incense stick of time!”


Lu Yaoyao stared at the black qilin for a moment, and when she saw that he really didn’t move, the little dumpling quickly ran out of the cave.


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