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DDDV Ch 75 Part 1 – Transformation (I)

The black qilin stood inside the silent cave with an eerie smile on his face.

What a naughty cub.

But since he was bored anyway, he didn’t mind accompanying her to play hide and seek.

After one incense stick of time, the black qilin stepped out of the cave. “I’m here. Cub, is your surprise ready?” His cold tone gave out an inexplicable creepiness.

The black qilin slowly walked on the passage, “Cub, where did you go? I’m really looking forward to your surprise…”

“Where is the surprise?”

The black qilin ran in the intricate passageway for a while and finally stopped inside an empty cave. He stared at a pile of stones on the right, which cast various shadows on the cave’s interior, and walked over there.

“Cub, big brother found you.” What a cute little cub.

“Don’t move!” A cute and childish voice rang, trying to make herself sound as stern as possible. At the same time, a small white furball jumped on top of the stone pile, her little black eyes glaring fiercely.

The black qilin stopped and stared at the cub with his blood-red eyes.

“You cannot move!” Lu Yaoyao yelled again.

“Okay, I won’t move.” The black qilin chuckled, “What about my surprise?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked and replied, “The surprise is here!”

“I set up an array around you and put a lot of thundercrashes. Once you touch the array, the thunders will explode!”

“Do you know how powerful the thundercrash is? It’s the thing that exploded your body yesterday.”

“A single thundercrash can shatter you into million pieces, and now I put multiple of them!”

When the black qilin recalled the frightening attack that caused his body to shatter into pieces, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes. After nearly ten thousand years, had the magic weapon technology improved so significantly outside? But the black qilin still put on a gentle face and soft voice, as if trying to reason with an unreasonable cub, “Yaoyao, what are you talking about?”

Lu Yaoyao glared sternly, trying to make her cute voice fiercer, “You are the serpent demon, not Brother Yuanyuan! Where is my Brother Yuanyuan?!”

Ever since they left the large cave where the serpent demon exploded, Lu Yaoyao always felt inexplicable anxiety, as if she was confined in an unfamiliar place. Brother Yuanyuan often made her feel unfamiliar, and his gaze sometimes made her hair stand on end. She didn’t think much of it at first, but this weird and unfamiliar feeling only intensified as time passed.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help thinking of the possibility of possession. The world she was now living in was an extremely dangerous world. Father once told her that there were all kinds of artifacts and life-saving means in the world, meaning that sometimes, physical death didn’t mean real death, so he warned her to never let go of her guard even after the enemy had been killed. Their soul could run away, and as long as this soul didn’t die, death wasn’t really death for cultivators — because they could still take possession of someone else’s body.

Forcibly seizing the body of others and annihilating their consciousness, so as to achieve the purpose of resurrection.

This was a very evil technique. Many who used this method to prolong their lives were old monsters who had reached the end of their cultivation and lifespan. Unwilling to die, they either escaped with their soul and were reborn as a fetus, or went to find the most suitable body to possess.

When Lu Yaoyao thought of Brother Yuanyuan’s strangeness, the first thing that came to her mind was possession. She didn’t believe that Brother Yuanyuan had been swallowed up, so she tried to get the serpent demon out of Brother Yuanyuan’s body.

“Yaoyao, I am your Brother Yuanyuan.” The black qilin looked at Lu Yaoyao and said slowly, “The serpent demon has already been killed by us, don’t you remember?”

Lu Yaoyao was not fooled, and she retorted sternly: “Don’t try to lie to me! You are not dead, and my Brother Yuanyuan is not weird like you. You better leave Brother Yuanyuan’s body right away; otherwise, I will take a drastic measure!”

After trying to pacify the cub without success, the impatient Lian Zhe finally reveals his true nature. The black qilin blood-red eyes turned into emerald green snake pupils, and his mouth upturned into a creepy smile, “What drastic measure can you take?”

Lu Yaoyao said loudly, “I’m very strong. Believe it or not, but if you don’t come out of Brother Yuanyuan’s body right now, I will stop holding back!”

“Don’t forget that this is your Brother Yuanyuan’s body. If I am harmed, he naturally wouldn’t be safe either.” Lian Zhe was very confident, “Are you willing to hurt him?”


Lian Zhe tentatively raised his forelimb, but his snake eyes stared intently at the cub.

Lu Yaoyao was very nervous, but she pretended otherwise: “Just step on it if you dare, and the thundercrashes will blast your remnant soul until nothing is left. However, Brother Yuanyuan will still has a chance to survive. I have such a powerful magic weapon, so of course, I have a way to save Brother Yuanyuan!”

“Little cub, be good and remove this array, okay? What he gives you, I can give more.” Lian Zhe tried to coax the cub again. After all, he only had this one soul left that had yet to fully merge with the new body, so he didn’t dare to take the risk. “I know that you want to leave the Abyss. He cannot take you out, but I can.”

“Really?” Lu Yaoyao pretended to hesitate, “How are you going to take me out?”

“I will tell you after you remove this array.”

“Don’t think I am easy to fool just because I am a cub! I will not be fooled! Come out of Brother Yuanyuan’s body; otherwise, I will never remove the array!”

“You don’t want to leave the Abyss?”

“You have been in the Abyss for thousands of years. If you had a way to leave, why are you still staying here?”

The tree demon said that the Serpent Lord had existed for a long time, at least thousands of years. The Abyss was dark and gloomy — there were no green mountains, green trees, or water, let alone resources for cultivation. If they knew a way to leave, who on earth would be willing to stay in a place like this for thousands of years?

Lian Zhe: “…”

Lu Yaoyao raised her small paw, “You don’t want to taste the thundercrash again, do you?”

“I am counting from ten. Quickly get out, or I will detonate the thundercrash.”

“Ten, nine, eight…”

“…” Lian Zhe laughed and lied, “But your Brother Yuanyuan is already dead.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed for a moment, but she quickly calmed down, “I don’t believe you!”

“Alright then. Try shouting and calling your Brother Yuanyuan; see if he could respond?”

“Brother Yuanyuan!” Lu Yaoyao really shouted. “Brother Yuanyuan! Wake up! You are very strong! You are definitely able to defeat this ugly and blind old monster!”

Lian Zhe was furious, “Little brat, who are you calling ugly and blind?!”

Lu Yaoyao jumped up, “You! It’s you! Your scales are ugly, wrinkled, dim, and have a strange shape, really ugly! I have never seen such an ugly snake like you!”

“I’m going to eat you!” Lian Zhe’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Lu Yaoyao immediately shouted again: “Brother Yuanyuan, help! The bad demon wants to eat me with your body!”


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