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DDDV Ch 75 Part 2 – Transformation (II)

“I’m going to eat you!” Lian Zhe’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Lu Yaoyao immediately shouted again: “Brother Yuanyuan, help! The bad demon wants to eat me with your body!”

“Just scream as you like, but he won’t…” Before Lian Zhe finished his words, his expression suddenly twisted, and a pair of eyes changed from emerald green to bloody red, until the right became blood-red while the left stayed emerald green.

“What—” The black qilin’s body fell to the ground and began to struggle, as if two consciousnesses were fighting inside. “Kha, kha, kha…” The black qilin’s face contorted into madness, and strange laughter came out of his mouth. The pupils began to change color intermittently: emerald green in one second and red color as thick as blood in the next.

“Brother Yuanyuan?” When Lu Yaoyao saw that Shen Changyuan reacted to her call, she was happy at first, but soon became nervous again.

“Brother Yuanyuan, you can do it! You are very strong!”

“If you die, I will be an abandoned cub that no one wants! Without you to protect me, I would end up being boiled and roasted by this ugly snake! So pitiful!”

Lian Zhe couldn’t believe it. The black qilin — who he thought no longer had the power to fight back — actually forcibly took control of the body and tried to absorb the divine beast’s soul essence!

Lian Zhe tried to snatch back the control of the body, but failed repeatedly. How could it be? Even though he was now just a remnant of his soul, he, a serpent demon who had lived for ten thousand years and just a few steps away from becoming a true dragon, was actually losing against this fledging of a half-fallen divine beast!

How could this youngster be able to start fusing with the divine beast’s soul essence so smoothly, despite the fact that he had failed to do so after trying for nearly ten thousand years?

Why? Just because he wasn’t the bloodline of a divine beast?

Lian Zhe roared unwillingly, trying to absorb back the soul essence of the divine beast. Yet, he was powerless and could only watch as the black qilin’s soul absorbed the soul essence, quickly grew stronger, and eventually devoured him.

The mighty Serpent Lord let out an unwilling roar for the final time, only to stop abruptly. At the same time, the black qilin who had been struggling and thrashing on the ground for a while also suddenly stopped, and a shocking momentum burst out of his motionless body.

During the struggle between two souls, Lu Yaoyao was so full of tension that she wasn’t aware of the passage of time. It seemed to be very short but also seemed to be very long. During this time, all she could do was clench her small paws and watch over the black qilin nervously.

Brother Yuanyuan…

Does Brother Yuanyuan win?

After a long time, the black qilin finally moved. He raised his head and looked at the white dumpling with a pair of blood-red eyes.

Seeing the familiar gaze, Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, and she rushed over immediately, “Brother Yuanyuan!” She crawled up to the horn on the top of the black qilin’s head and chirped in fear, “Brother Yuanyuan, you scared me! You don’t know how worried I am…”

“It will never happen again.” Shen Changyuan reassured the cub in a low voice. He stood up, and the next moment, his entire body was enveloped in a flash of light.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly found her grasp empty, and her furball-like small body fell with gravity.

Halfway down, a pair of slender hands appeared and caught the small dumpling in time.

Lu Yaoyao was lying on her back in the unfamiliar warm palm. Her small paws curled up motionlessly while her little black eyes stared at the beautiful-looking young man who suddenly appeared. She then blinked profusely, “Brother Yuanyuan?”

“It’s me.” Shen Changyuan replied.

Lu Yaoyao stared at Shen Changyuan for a while, then quickly jumped up and down in his palm, “You’ve transformed!”

“My cultivation base is back.” Strictly speaking, his original cultivation base was not back.

The cultivation methods of normal demons and divine beasts were not the same. After Shen Changyuan became a black qilin, he tried to re-cultivate using the cultivation method of the scaled dragon clan, which was why it had no effect. Now that he had devoured the soul of the serpent demon and the soul essence of a divine beast, his spiritual consciousness grew extremely powerful, far surpassing his previous cultivation as a scaled dragon.

Shen Changyuan’s bursting aura had not completely subsided, but Lu Yaoyao didn’t seem bothered by it. The little dumpling was very happy to hear that Shen Changyuan had regained his cultivation base.

Truly a blessing in disguise.

“Is the serpent demon completely dead now?”

“Don’t worry, he’s dead.” When Shen Changyuan thought of the serpent demon who almost robbed his body, his blood-red eyes turned icy cold. That old monster not only targeted him, but also dared to covet the cub? Just having his soul devoured was way too easy for him.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief.

“Yaoyao is really smart.” Although Shen Changyuan’s consciousness was suppressed, he was not completely unconscious. Such a smart cub could live well no matter where she went.

Being praised, the little dumpling puffed up proudly. She was this smart, so of course she wouldn’t be so easily deceived!

Lu Yaoyao then removed the array and stored the thundercrashes back into her little pouch. This array was actually not that powerful, just a basic demon-trapping array, and her main purpose was purely to scare the serpent demon. On top of that, Lu Yaoyao actually didn’t know how to detonate the thundercrashes because her Daddy had never taught her. But the array was indeed very useful: when the two consciousness within the black qilin’s body were fighting, the body had never gone beyond the boundary of the array no matter how heavy he thrashed around.

Lu Yaoyao circled around the transformed Shen Changyuan a few times and asked again: “Brother Yuanyuan, you are so dark in your original form, so why is your skin so white after transformed?”

In Lu Yaoyao’s imagination, since Shen Changyuan’s skin was totally black in his qilin’s form — so black that it seemed to suck others in — his human form should also have similarly black skin. Still, even if his skin was so white, Shen Changyuan looked very handsome indeed. His fair complexion seemed to glow in this dim environment. Taking a closer look, his sword-shaped eyebrows seemed to be drawn with two single and smooth strokes, complementing his thick and long eyebrows, and met just atop the base of his beautifully-shaped nose. His two clear eyes were cold and blood-red, but when they looked at her, they were overflowing with tenderness, like a glacier meeting a spring sun.

How handsome!

From the moment she was born, Lu Yaoyao was used to seeing her ultra-high specs of Father and Daddy, causing her standard of ‘beauty’ and ‘handsome’ to grow very high as a result. Before, she thought everyone else besides her Father and Daddy was just average-looking at best, yet Brother Yuanyuan’s human form caught her off guard. Even with her high standard, Brother Yuanyuan was definitely very handsome, the kind that could charm all living beings!

“When will I be able to transform into a human form again?” Lu Yaoyao sighed sadly.

“Have you transformed before?” Shen Changyuan was stunned.

“Yeah!” Although this furball-like body was not bad, she still preferred using her human form.

“After I turn into my original form, I can’t transform back.”

Shen Changyuan, who always thought that Lu Yaoyao still couldn’t transform: “…”

What a misunderstanding.

Shen Changyuan didn’t expect the cub’s parents to give her a transformation leaf at such a young age. This cub’s cultivation had not yet reached the Demon Core stage, so he took it for granted that she had yet to transform her human shape.

Shen Changyuan then taught Lu Yaoyao how to transform.

Lu Yaoyao listened and was stunned. It was so simple!

She circulated the spiritual aura in her body. The next moment, the small white furball disappeared and was replaced by a little girl in red.

Lu Yaoyao looked at the familiar chubby hands and the familiar red clothes, and jumped happily. She finally transformed back!

When Lu Yaoyao’s aura surged, Shen Changyuan faintly felt a trace of abnormality. The demonic aura inside the little dumpling’s body somehow felt fake. But before he could observe more, a little girl in red appeared. Her chubby face seemed to be carved from the highest grade jade, cute and lovely.


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