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DDDV Ch 76 Part 1 – We May Be Able to Go Out (I)

A source of light slowly passed along the passageway of the huge stone cave, illuminating the dark and gloomy interior. A tall and slender figure walked slowly, revealing a young man’s handsome but cold face. The coldness exuded from the man’s figure and the lack of expression on his face gave him a somewhat dangerous look. Yet on his shoulder sat a little girl in red, holding a luminous pearl in her hand to illuminate the road ahead. The presence of this little girl greatly diluted the gloomy aura of the man.

Lu Yaoyao shook her short legs playfully, “Brother Yuanyuan, how did you defeat the serpent demon?” She was extremely curious and couldn’t wait to listen to her Brother Yuanyuan’s heroic deeds. “Was it because I called you?”

Shen Changyuan nodded. It was indeed Yaoyao’s voice that made him suddenly burst with unprecedented power. Sensing the trace of a divine beast’s soul essence from the serpent demon, he proceeded to smoothly merge with it.

After Shen Changyuan proceeded to devour the soul of the serpent demon, he was hit by two rushes of memories, rendering him motionless for a while. It was not until he suppressed the two memories deep inside his spiritual sea that he could finally move again.

Lu Yaoyao was very happy for Shen Changyuan and also proud of herself.

She helped Brother Yuanyuan; she is so amazing!

Pleased, the little girl began to tell her side of the story, vividly narrating the course of events that made her realize that Brother Yuanyuan had been possessed by the serpent demon.

Shen Changyuan listened attentively while keeping his eyes aware of their surroundings. After the serpent demon’s demise, this territory, which was several times bigger than his, now belonged to them. The two wandered in the cave for a long time, but the passage still didn’t finish. Such a vast place, yet there was only one creature living here. It was not hard to guess that anyone who entered by mistake had become the serpent demon’s meal.

After walking for a while, the two found a clean cave to camp for the night. Lu Yaoyao was already dozing off on Shen Changyuan’s shoulder. She didn’t rest well last night and was frightened on top of that. Now that she was sure of their safety, it didn’t take long for her to feel sleepy and begin to doze off.

Shen Changyuan sat cross-legged on the ground, ready to hold the cub on his lap. But Lu Yaoyao struggled out of his arms with the last of her strength. The sleepy little girl then took out a piece of jade to be used as a pillow and went to a place far away from Shen Changyuan. “There is a difference between men and women. I’m not a child anymore, so we can’t sleep together.” She said solemnly.

Shen Changyuan glanced at her short figure.

“I’m already fifteen!” Lu Yaoyao emphasized. After she turned three, her Father and Daddy began to emphasize the difference between men and women and no longer slept with her. They also forbid her to sleep with her playmates, and would get very angry if she was alone with a boy inside a room.

Shen Changyuan didn’t think much of it. Fifteen was basically just a toddler in the demon race, who reached adulthood at the age of one hundred. Still, since Yaoyao wanted to be independent, he had to respect her. “Okay, Yaoyao is right.”

Satisfied, Lu Yaoyao lay down, holding the beads, closed her eyes, and started to sleep.

After silently watching over the sleeping little girl for a while, Shen Changyuan crossed his legs and began to meditate with closed eyes, processing the two memories he inherited from the divine beast and the serpent demon. These two creatures were born more than ten thousand years ago, and the knowledge contained in their memories was very useful. The reason why he was so compatible with the divine beast’s soul essence was that half his bloodline was also a qilin. It was also from this memory that Shen Changyuan learned the cultivation method suitable for his current body.

The knowledge Shen Changyuan obtained from the divine beast’s memory was very beneficial, but the serpent demon had been imprisoned in the Abyss for thousands of years, and his memory was also very important. From their memories, Shen Changyuan learned that both the divine beast and the serpent demon fell into the Abyss at the same time, around ten thousand years ago. However, the Abyss in their memories was not the same as the present. Shen Changyuan carefully digested those memories, trying to identify every detail without missing a single piece. His intuition told him the key to leaving the Abyss was buried somewhere in these memories.

Shen Changyuan silently meditated. His soul refined his divine beast bloodline, forming a new core that belonged to the qilin race in his dantian. His aura instantly skyrocketed, and his cultivation base quickly jumped to the late stage of the Soul Projection stage. The cultivation system of the divine beasts was roughly similar to that of the demon race, but their bloodlines were different. Shen Changyuan’s cultivation base was much stronger than a regular demon of the same level.

The next day, Lu Yaoyao woke up in high spirits. Sensing that she was awake, Shen Changyuan also opened his eyes. For a moment, his eyes were full of bright light, which he quickly converged. The pair of blood-red eyes flickered for a moment. The bloody color then slowly dissipated, turning the pupils black. Black eyes were supposed to be normal, but Shen Changyuan’s eyes were just like the starry sky — beautiful, deep, and charming.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened in surprise, “Brother Yuanyuan, your eyes have turned black!” She quickly ran over, stood on the tiptoe in front of Shen Changyuan, and tried her best to raise her head, wanting to see closer.

“Yeah.” Shen Changyuan lowered his head cooperatively. Whenever his gaze met the little girl, the coldness in his eyes was instantly swept away, only to be replaced with overflowing tenderness.

“Blood-red eyes are the characteristics of the devil race.” Although Shen Changyuan now had learned the cultivation method suitable for his current body, past experiences taught him to not let go of his vigilance. Shen Changyuan didn’t know what he was now. Even though he had the characteristics of a fallen devil, he could still cultivate as a divine beast without completely discarding his half-devil state or falling completely into a devil. Except for himself, Shen Changyuan had never heard of anyone capable of such a feat.

Now, as long as he hid the pair of blood-red eyes, he looked just like an ordinary demon cultivator.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t think much and simply admired her Brother Yuanyuan. He could change his eye color; how amazing! Maybe because Lu Yaoyao’s favorite color was red, but she always thought Brother Yuanyuan’s red eyes were very beautiful.

Lu Yaoyao touched her eyes, wondering if she would also have blood-red eyes if she fell into the devil. But she only thought about it in passing — she definitely wouldn’t change her race; after all, she wanted to stay with Father and Daddy! Lu Yaoyao’s grape-like eyes brightened as she said again, “No matter what, Brother Yuanyuan is very handsome!”


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