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DDDV Ch 76 Part 2 – We May Be Able to Go Out (II)

Lu Yaoyao talked to Shen Changyuan for a while and then asked excitedly, “Are we going to continue exploring?”

Shen Changyuan patted her head, “I have the memories of the serpent demon and a divine beast he devoured in my spiritual sea. I want to process these memories first. Once they are fully integrated, we will surely discover the secrets of the Abyss.”

When Lu Yaoyao heard the sudden news, she was stunned. After blinking a few times, she finally understood what Shen Changyuan meant. “Brother Yuanyuan, what did you just say?” Lu Yaoyao even doubted that she was hallucinating. They searched throughout the whole Abyss for a long time and explored every nook and cranny, but still failed to find a single clue. The serpent demon could be said to be Lu Yaoyao’s last hope. They risked a great danger to come here and were ready to lose their lives even before arriving.

Although Lu Yaoyao always held out hope about going home, after such a long time and repeated disappointments, her initial belief was no longer so firm. Often in the dead of night, she felt depressed, wondering whether they could really find the exit and whether they better give up. But by the next day, she always returned to her usual self: a cub full of vitality and optimism.

Now, when she suddenly heard such a hopeful sentence from Shen Changyuan, Lu Yaoyao only felt unreal.

Shen Changyuan patted her head again, “After I fully digest their memories, I may be able to unravel the origin of Abyss’s existence.” There was no definitive answer about the exit for the time being, so Shen Changyuan didn’t mention it.

Even so, Lu Yaoyao was so happy that she jumped up in delight, “That’s great!” After searching for so long, they finally made progress!

“Brother Yuanyuan, take your time. We can definitely leave!”

“Brother Yuanyuan, you continue meditating. I won’t disturb you!” Lu Yaoyao was very excited. As she said that, she jumped to the other side of the cave, far away from Shen Changyuan. Her eyes sparkled with expectations.

“You never disturb me.”

Even so, Lu Yaoyao had decided to be a quiet and silent statue. She didn’t even move and just stood up straight while looking at Shen Changyuan.

Knowing what the cub was thinking, Shen Changyuan stopped persuading. He sat cross-legged again, closed his eyes, and continued processing the inherited memories. Leaving the Abyss was not only Lu Yaoyao’s wish, but also his wish. His future, which he thought to be dark and gloomy, was illuminated by Lu Yaoyao’s arrival, and it was her who gave him another reason to live besides revenge.

Lu Yaoyao stood still for a while, but she soon felt sore and couldn’t help shaking her body cautiously. She then began to stretch her hands, followed by her feet. All the time, she stared cautiously at Shen Changyuan, for fear of disturbing his concentration.

Seeing that Shen Changyuan didn’t seem to be affected, Lu Yaoyao’s movement gradually became bolder, and it took just a short while until she finally sat on the ground.

Sitting alone was boring, mainly because there was no one to speak to. This boredom was too much for Lu Yaoyao, but she suddenly thought of something. Her fist clenched, and the next second, some brightly colored flowers appeared in front of her.

Before being chased by the spirit beasts and falling into the Abyss, Lu Yaoyao was weaving two flower crowns for her Father and Daddy, but the last one was still not done. Since she had nothing to do anyway, she should quickly finish the second crown, lest she returned home with only one and sparked another serious incident.

For some reason, Lu Yaoyao suddenly missed her Father and Daddy’s jealous looks.

When Shen Changyuan opened his eyes again, he saw Lu Yaoyao sitting not far away, playing with bright red flowers. Perhaps this was the effect of living in an environment like the Abyss for too long, but when Shen Changyuan saw the overly gorgeous red flowers, he was momentarily dazed and thought of them to be very beautiful.

Shen Changyuan couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Lu Yaoyao was busy making the flower crown, but she still kept an eye on Shen Changyuan and noticed it when he opened his eyes. Seeing how he looked so intently at the flowers in her hands, Lu Yaoyao hesitated for a moment. But she still stood up and walked towards Shen Changyuan. “Brother Yuanyuan, this is for you.” A smaller flower crown appeared in Lu Yaoyao’s chubby hand. She stood on tiptoe and stretched out her short hand, trying to put the crown on Shen Changyuan’s head.

The two flower crowns belonged to her two fathers and couldn’t be given away, but since Brother Yuanyuan seemed to like them so much, she could only give him hers.

“…” Shen Changyuan’s gaze fell on the little flower crown, and he fell silent for a moment. “Thank you, Yaoyao. But I don’t need it.”

But Lu Yaoyao didn’t believe it, thinking he was holding back. Brother Yuanyuan stared at the flower crown for so long, so he must like it very much!

Since her Brother Yuanyuan liked the flower crown, Lu Yaoyao was willing to give him hers. After all, Brother Yuanyuan was so kind and even willing to risk death for her, so it was just a small thing to give him the thing he liked. If they were outside, she could make a more beautiful flower crown for him, but the resources at her disposal were very limited now, so she could only make do temporarily.

When Lu Yaoyao saw that Shen Changyuan still didn’t lower his head, she began to climb him up. Knowing that this stubborn cub would not give up, Shen Changyuan finally lowered his head cooperatively. The small flower crown barely stayed on Shen Changyuan’s head, making it look even smaller in comparison. Lu Yaoyao stepped back and took a few glances, then nodded with satisfaction, “Brother Yuanyuan looks even more handsome now.”

Shen Changyuan: “…”

Even with a gaudy flower crown hanging on his head, Shen Changyuan didn’t look tacky at all. In fact, his appearance became even more dazzling.

After Lu Yaoyao finished appreciating her ‘artwork,’ she asked eagerly, “Brother Yuanyuan, are you done?”

Shen Changyuan couldn’t bear seeing Lu Yaoyao’s disappointment, but it would take him quite a while to finish processing all the memories, “I still need a bit more time.”

Lu Yaoyao noticed Shen Changyuan’s thoughtfulness, so she didn’t show her disappointment and went on to cheer: “Brother Yuanyuan, you can do it!”

Lu Yaoyao jumped back to the pile of flowers and continued making the flower crown, finishing it in no time. She compared the two crowns side by side and nodded with satisfaction. Both of them were exactly the same size and had the same number of flowers, perfect!

There were still several stems and a flower left. Lu Yaoyao tried to make another crown, but it didn’t work out. After thinking for a while, she decided that this last flower should not be wasted. Lu Yaoyao looked around. Unfortunately, both the cave wall and the ground were carved of solid rock and unsuitable for planting, so she stood around with the last flower in her hand and walked out.

Lu Yaoyao had just taken a few steps when Shen Changyuan opened his eyes and stared at her.

“Brother Yuanyuan, I want to go out.”


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