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DDDV Ch 77 – The Earth’s Core Cracked, and the Passage Upward Has Been Cut Off

Lu Yaoyao had just taken a few steps when Shen Changyuan opened his eyes and looked over.

“Brother Yuanyuan, I’m going out a bit.”

“I’ll go with you.” Shen Changyuan couldn’t feel at ease letting her go alone.

“No.” Lu Yaoyao waved her hand, “There are only the two of us here, and there is no danger. I can go by myself. Brother Yuanyuan, you continue doing your own stuff.”

“I won’t be long anyway.”

Seeing that Shen Changyuan still looked worried, Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes, raised her little chubby finger to the sky, and swore, “I promise I will not go far. If anything happens, I will yell to call you.”

“Brother Yuanyuan, you are shouldering a heavy responsibility. Whether we can return home or not is up to you. Don’t mind me — you must work hard!” Leaving Shen Changyuan behind, Lu Yaoyao quickly ran out, “I’ll be back soon!”

The cave where they temporarily lived was not far from the main entrance. Lu Yaoyao quickly ran out of the passageway and looked at the low winding ridge outside. She walked around for a while and finally decided to bury the last flower on the hillside where the soil was softer. The flower was inserted on the ground, becoming the only bright color in the dark and gloomy environment. Lu Yaoyao looked down and pondered; she had never planted flowers before, so she didn’t know if the flower could survive. However, except for the lack of sunlight, this terrain looked the most similar to the environment in which this flower previously grew.

Lu Yaoyao tugged at her small pouch for a moment and took out a porcelain bottle, then began to pour its content on the flower she had just planted. Grandpa Tree liked this water so much, so maybe watering it would increase a plant’s chance of survival in the Abyss.

“Little flower, you have to work hard and survive.” Lu Yaoyao gave a few words of encouragement. The Abyss was too dark and gloomy — if this flower could survive, it surely would improve the color scheme.

Lu Yaoyao stood up. Now that she suddenly remembered about the tree demon, she also remembered that they had been in the Serpent Lord’s territory for so long without sending back news. She even found the corpse of that human cultivator, and Grandpa Tree surely would be very happy to know!

After thinking about it, Lu Yaoyao decided to return back to report their safety to the tree demon. But when she lifted her foot to leave, she suddenly stopped and looked around.

Which direction to go? Lu Yaoyao realized that she didn’t know the way back. Her entry into the serpent demon’s lair was too dramatic, and she didn’t remember the direction she originally took. Having no other choice, Lu Yaoyao decided to return to the cave first. Wait until Brother Yuanyuan finished processing the inherited memories, and they could go to Grandpa Tree together.

When Lu Yaoyao returned to the cave, Shen Changyuan was standing at the entrance, waiting for her.

“I’m back!”

Seeing the little girl return safely, Shen Changyuan let out a sigh of relief. Without Lu Yaoyao by his side, Shen Changyuan found that he was unable to concentrate at all, and he was ready to go look for Lu Yaoyao lest she returns a bit later.

For the next few days, Shen Changyuan spent all his time meditating intermittently. Lu Yaoyao stayed by his side all the time, entertaining herself by playing alone. She took out all the toys stored in her pouch and played with them again, as if reliving her childhood.

Shen Changyuan’s last retreat lasted ten days, during which he was in a full meditation and never opened his eyes even once. Lu Yaoyao knew that Shen Changyuan was at a critical juncture and tried her best not to disturb him. Knowing that Shen Changyuan couldn’t concentrate when she was not by his side, she stayed in the cave all the time. Lu Yaoyao used this period of time to master the transformation skill. Now, she could freely switch back and forth between her human form and her original form at a moment’s notice.

When Shen Changyuan opened his eyes at last, his gaze looked so ancient and distant, as if they had gone through the vicissitudes of life — just like a deity above, overlooking all living beings. For a moment, Lu Yaoyao felt this Shen Changyuan was unfamiliar, but when those eyes fell onto her, they returned to the warm and familiar look.


Lu Yaoyao jumped up, “Brother Yuanyuan!” She ran over, “How is it? Have you succeeded?”

Shen Changyuan nodded.

Lu Yaoyao’s face flushed with excitement, and she began to bombard Shen Changyuan with questions: “Did you find any clues to leave the Abyss? What is the origin of the Abyss? You spoke about a divine beast’s soul essence before; what did you mean? …”

Lu Yaoyao had been holding countless questions, and now they all broke out like a bursting dam. She only stopped after half an incense stick of time. Shen Changyuan made Lu Yaoyao sit down before he began telling her every single thing he had learned after processing the memories.

In the residual memory of the divine beast’s soul essence, Shen Changyuan found the reason for the departure of countless great powers from the Yuanqi Continent ten thousand years ago. A late Great Ascension cultivator from the Divination Pavilion tried to calculate the fate of the Yuanqi Continent and found that a catastrophe would befall in ten thousand years, destroying the entire Yuanqi Continent.

After spying on the heavenly secret, the Great Ascension divinator only had enough time to leave a sentence…

—The earth’s core is cracked, and the passage upward has been cut off.

After that, he received divine punishment and lost his life.

When the first half of the prophecy came out, it caused panic among the great powerhouses. Yuanqi Continent would eventually be destroyed, but what was the cause?

Except for the fallen divinator, no one knew the answer.

Later, those great powerhouses faintly felt something, and only then did they understand the meaning of the half-sentence ‘the passage upward has been cut off.’

Before the passage was completely closed, many with sufficient cultivation ascended in a hurry, leaving only a few who were determined to save the Yuanqi Continent.

However, apart from the fallen divinator, no one in the Divination Pavilion had the ability to calculate Yuanqi’s future. The remaining great powerhouses searched for the answer to future destruction, but they lost their lives one after another.

The divine beast whose soul essence Shen Changyuan merged with was one of the ancient divine beasts who stayed behind in the Yuanqi Continent. He fell into the crack, and, when seriously injured, was attacked by the serpent demon, ending his life in this bleak Abyss.

Now, Shen Changyuan was sure that the crack in the earth’s core mentioned by the prophecy was probably referring to the Abyss. The memories he merged with came from more than ten thousand years ago. Ever since the disappearance of ancient divine beasts and other Great Ascension powerhouses, the Yuanqi Continent has been caught in the flames of wars. The three realms invaded and waged war with each other, causing countless destruction.

Many things passed down from that era had been lost in the long passage of time. For example, this prophecy. For some reason, no one in Yuanqi Continent today knew about this prophecy.

Shen Changyuan’s eyes fell on Lu Yaoyao, who was listening intently. He couldn’t help but sigh softly. Yaoyao was really the smartest cub he had ever known. Even without knowing a single thing, the analysis she made was very close to the truth.


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