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DDDV Ch 79 Part 1 – The Lord of the Abyss (I)

“Brother Yuanyuan, let’s go!”

The cub’s cheerful voice brought Shen Changyuan back to his senses. Taking a step back, he quickly transformed into a black qilin. Now that Shen Changyuan’s flesh and blood had been tempered, his beast form was stronger than before, with powerful coercion exuded from all over his body.

Shen Changyuan bent his limbs and let Lu Yaoyao climb up. Seated in her exclusive position, the little girl looked around and suddenly claimed, “This place looks like hell!”

Even so, there were no eighteen layers of hell here, nor the Naihe Bridge or River of Forgetfulness1. Looking at the bright red flowers on the otherwise dark and monotone soil, Lu Yaoyao chirped enthusiastically, “Brother Yuanyuan, this flower is called Manzhusha flower2!”

“My Father said that there are only three realms in Yuanqi Continent, but there are countless small worlds outside the continent. Where do you think the souls will go after death?”

“Do we demons also have souls?”

“Cultivating is cultivating one’s soul, which is our second life. The destruction of the body is not the real death because there is still the soul…”

“Will the soul go to the underworld after death? Is there an underworld here? If not, how can souls be reincarnated?”

“…” Even after fusing with two ancient memories, he still couldn’t cope with the cub’s wild imagination.

Shen Changyuan jumped lightly and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Lu Yaoyao sat on the back of the majestic black qilin, enjoying the sensation of the blowing wind brought by Shen Changyuan’s ultra-high speed. Even though she was used to riding the black qilin countless times before, the sensation was completely different in her human form. On top of that, it was also different from sitting on her playmates back in Duanping Mountain. She felt very awesome now!

The path that Shen Changyuan took was completely different from the one Lu Yaoyao took when she came. They went quite a distance until they finally got out of the serpent demon’s territory. Lu Yaoyao looked around, but before she did anything, the tree demon wandering just outside the territory border had already noticed their existence and quickly showed himself.

The tree root stopped mid-air in confusion, wondering why the tiny furball had changed so much. But her current form seemed to be a reduced version of the human cultivator in his memory.

Lu Yaoyao waved excitedly: “Grandpa Tree Demon!”

The old tree demon heard a familiar voice and responded, “Yaoyao?”

“Yes! It’s me!”

The grey root swayed in the air very excitedly. The next moment, countless similar roots popped out of the ground and danced wildly, “Great, you are all right!”

Lu Yaoyao slid down from the black qilin and ran to the tree demon. After a while, an old man’s face appeared from one of the sturdier roots. “Really great!”

The old tree demon was right to be excited. After the two ran into the Serpent Lord’s territory, he stayed outside the boundary to wait for them, but they never returned. He was already despaired, thinking that the two juniors had likely been buried in the serpent’s belly. The old tree demon almost gave up and was about to leave when the two returned alive unexpectedly!

Shen Changyuan flicked his tail, walked to Lu Yaoyao’s side, and transformed back into his human form.

The old tree demon looked at Shen Changyuan, whose aura had become even more terrifyingand subconsciously shivered. Especially those gloomy eyes, which terrified him tremendously.

“Grandpa Tree, we defeated the serpent demon, and this territory is now ours!” Lu Yaoyao excitedly reported to the old tree demon, yet she soon looked depressed again, “But we still haven’t figured out the exit.”

The old tree demon consoled the cub: “Maybe it will appear suddenly!”

Lu Yaoyao nodded.

The old tree demon turned to Shen Changyuan and suddenly bent down in respect, “This old man pays respects to the Lord of Abyss.”

Lord of the Abyss? Hearing this unfamiliar title, both Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan were taken aback.

The old tree demon smiled, but said nothing.

After the two found a place to sit down, the old tree demon said again, “This old man thinks that you can become the Lord of the Abyss.”

“When the human cultivator was still there, he said that the Abyss was chaotic and disorderly because it lacked a figure to unify it, causing various forces to compete with each other…”

Shen Changyuan was called the ‘Tyrant,’ but his prestige only worked in the area near his territory. Presently, the Serpent Lord Lian Zhe had died at the hands of the Tyrant, who also defeated many territory lords along the way. This meant that the Tyrant now replaced the Serpent Lord’s position as the most powerful creature in the Abyss.

The old tree demon was not educated, but he always kept every word of the human cultivator in his heart and often pondered them carefully. Over the long years, he gradually understood what the human cultivator meant and shared the same sentiment after watching over the disorderly chaos in the Abyss. The human cultivator was wise and well-educated, so what he said must be right. It must be good for the Abyss to have an existence strong enough to govern the entire land, lay out rules, and bring order to this chaotic place.

Shen Changyuan fitted the criteria of such a lord, and the old tree demon wished him to be one.

After listening to the old tree demon’s explanation, Lu Yaoyao exclaimed loudly. She was very excited. The title ‘Lord of the Abyss’ sounded so powerful, similar to the title ‘Demon King’ itself!

Shen Changyuan was expressionless from the beginning to the end, showing no interest at all, but the little dumpling was convinced. It should be feasible! Regulate the inhabitants of the Abyss, and then direct everyone to work together to figure out a method to leave. Her Brother Yuanyuan was such a good demon, so he definitely would be able to rule the Abyss into a prosperous state!

“We can even forbid cannibalism.” However, the Abyss didn’t have enough resources to provide for all the inhabitants. To prevent this situation from happening, finding enough resources was necessary. Lu Yaoyao suddenly thought of the array she entered. Although the scenery inside was an illusion, everything else was real: the spiritual spring, spiritual plants, and the luminous pearls were all real. If she could set up a bigger array, would the Abyss become the same as the outside world? After all, the red spider lily she planted could thrive here, which meant that plants from outside could actually grow in the Abyss…

The more Lu Yaoyao thought about it, the more excited she became, and her heart was filled with expectations. “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s turn Abyss into a place just like the outside world!”


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  • Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables
  1. Items of hell in Chinese mythology
  2. Also known as Red Spider Lily (Lycoris Radiata). This flower is often associated with the afterworld in Chinese and Japanese mythology.

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