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DDDV Ch 8 Part 1 – Beautiful Daddy Runs Away with the Baby! (I)

Lu Yaoyao slept for three days. Her small face flushed healthily, and with her two fathers sat meditating on both sides, she had an extremely sweet sleep.

When Lu Yaoyao woke up, she waved her hands and feet, punching and kicking vigorously. It seemed that her sleep was very good. She felt energetic enough to knock down a cow!



Lu Yaoyao hummed and babbled in baby tongue and waved her fists all over directions. Very lively.

Lu Qingyu sat cross-legged next to her. The corner of his lips rose in a smile. He poked Lu Yaoyao’s short feet and chubby face with his slender fingers.

“Aaah, aaah!”

Lu Yaoyao grabbed Beautiful Daddy’s fingers and babbled seriously: Don’t disturb me. I am exercising!

Lu Qingyu raised his hand with great interest and lifted it up. He found that the child’s strength had increased drastically. The child clung to his hand, and when he raised it, half of her body was also raised up. As soon as he released his hand, the little cub lay flat again.

Lu Yaoyao played for a while, but after realizing that she was being played by her Daddy, she let go of his hand and turned to the other side.

“Ah, ah!” Lu Yaoyao looked at Beautiful Father and babbled a few times. She remembered that before she fell asleep, Daddy and Father seemed to be quarreling.

Have you reconciled? Don’t quarrel, be good to each other.

Lu Yaoyao was very worried. She babbled for a long time. Seeing the two fathers seemed to be in peace, they must have been reconciled, so she finally felt relieved.

Lu Yaoyao touched her bulging belly and called for Beautiful Father.

Father, baby is hungry!

This time, Beautiful Father didn’t give her spiritual milk, but fruit. It was exactly the same as the one given by Beautiful Daddy.

“Yah!” Lu Yaoyao still remembered the fruit juice’s sweet and delicious taste, which was better than spiritual milk. She immediately hugged the fruit with both hands and bit on it. But her toothless mouth only smeared the skin with a layer of saliva without leaving a single biting trace.

“Ahhhhh!” Lu Yaoyao held the fruit towards Beautiful Father and asked: peel the fruit, baby cannot bite it, ah~

Beautiful Father didn’t understand her meaning, but Beautiful Daddy did. Beautiful Daddy laughed mockingly at Beautiful Father and peeled open the fruit.

Lu Yaoyao smiled happily at Beautiful Daddy and quickly sucked the fruit juice. Her two short legs were kicking around in joy.

Lu Qingyu squinted his eyes: “Didn’t you say that the kid cannot eat it?”

Yao Jiuxiao replied coldly: “She can eat one every half a month.”

Lu Qingyu sneered.

Yao Jiuxiao’s palm covered Lu Yaoyao’s belly. Through the little red bellyband, a powerful spiritual aura entered her body, guiding the circulation of the aura from the spiritual fruit. Lu Yaoyao narrowed her eyes comfortably. She first felt a warmth on her belly, which then spread to her whole body, very comfortable.

Before she finished sucking the juice from the fruit, Lu Yaoyao fell asleep again.

But this time, she only slept for one day and one night before woke up crying.


She is so hungry!!

Both spiritual and devilish aura nourished her body. But Lu Yaoyao was still a little child without formal cultivation and had yet to abstain from eating mortal food. Although spiritual milk was not high in aura, it could feed a baby like regular human breast milk.

It could be said that Lu Yaoyao hadn’t eaten for four days. No wonder she was so hungry that she cried.

Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu had just barely felt relieved after seeing the child consume the spiritual fruit. But then they were startled by her loud cry again.

After rushing, Yao Jiuxiao stuffed a bottle of spiritual milk to Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao hugged the bottle and drank hurriedly.

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was dark with worry. He originally thought that the fruit could feed the child, but didn’t expect it to be useless. Wanting to seek another advice from the peach blossom demon, he quickly left the house.

Meanwhile, Lu Qingyu watched over Lu Yaoyao and inwardly thought: this kid is really difficult to raise. She cannot be fed on spiritual fruit and has to eat mortal foods with no spiritual benefit.

After Lu Yaoyao finished one full bottle of spiritual milk, she let go of the jade bottle and began to play by herself.

Seeing that the child kept trying to reach for the bell on her ankle, Lu Qingyu pondered for a while and took out an exactly the same bell from his grotto-space and rang it in front of Lu Yaoyao’s eyes.

Lu Yaoyao immediately stopped moving around. Her big round eyes were staring at the moving object.

“Ahhh!” Daddy is playing with baby!

Lu Yaoyao reached out her two chubby short hands, trying to grab the ringing bell.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Lu Qingyu’s expression was relaxed. He kept ringing and moving the bell to tease his daughter.

Lu Yaoyao’s beautiful eyes followed the bell’s movement intently, and she finally managed to catch it.

“Ah, kyaah…!!” Lu Yaoyao laughed happily. She clutched the bell tightly, looked at it curiously, and then put it into her mouth.

It looks similar to the bell on her little foot, ah.

Is it a pair?

When Lu Qingyu saw her daughter gnawed on the concentric bell, with saliva drooled around her mouth, he scowled in disgust and took back the bell. Lu Yaoyao yelled once, but she didn’t cry. She could play happily by herself. Now that her little feet could reach up to her chin, she began trying to reach the top of her head.

Lu Qingyu sensed that Yao Jiuxiao had left the barrier surrounding the area of the house and went quite far away. His eyes immediately glinted. “Zhu’er, let’s run away.”

“Huh?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion.

Run away? Run away from what?


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  1. Thanks for the chapter ♥️♥️

    Hopefully Lu Qingyu doesn’t actually starting running away with the baby, also didn’t they already make a contract that either of them couldn’t run away with the baby? I just can’t remember all the restrictions if one tries to run with her, all I remember is that the other would be alerted lol

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