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DDDV Ch 8 Part 2 – Beautiful Daddy Runs Away with the Baby! (II)

Lu Qingyu sensed that Yao Jiuxiao had left the barrier surrounding the area of the house and went quite far away. His eyes immediately glinted. “Zhu’er, let’s run away.”

“Huh?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion.

Run away? Run away from what?

She was suddenly picked up by Beautiful Daddy, who promptly took her out the door.

Lu Yaoyao was nestled in Beautiful Daddy’s arms. When she saw Daddy was taking her out to fly, a sentence suddenly appeared in her mind: Beautiful Daddy runs away with the baby!

Lu Qingyu did what he said. He took Lu Yaoyao and went out, but not long after they flew out of the barrier surrounding their house, he saw Yao Jiuxiao stood in front of them, holding a monster beast’s carcass and glaring at him.

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes were cold and sharp, like an icy dagger.

Lu Qingyu smiled calmly and waved Lu Yaoyao’s chubby hand at Yao Jiuxiao: “You are back? Zhu’er was clamoring to find you, so I brought her to pick you up.” He felt a little regret, having missed this opportunity.

Lu Yaoyao: “???”

I didn’t. Daddy, don’t say nonsense.

Lu Yaoyao blinked innocently.

Yao Jiuxiao looked at the little girl, and his eyes softened for a moment. He then turned around and walked back.

Holding Lu Yaoyao, Lu Qingyu slowly followed behind.

Yao Jiuxiao stopped in front of the wooden house and began to clean his prey. Because the work he was doing was too down to earth, his cold and immortal-like appearance were diluted quite a lot. Lu Qingyu brought Lu Yaoyao and came over, wondering what his rival was doing: “What are you doing?”

“Roasting meat.” Yao Jiuxiao answered seriously. He then summoned his celestial flame and placed it under the spitted huge meat, controlling the temperature.

Lu Qingyu sneered. Roasting meat with a celestial fire? What a waste.

But why did he suddenly start roasting meat? Lu Qingyu never knew that the honorable Dao Venerable Hengwu actually had such a leisurely side. Yao Jiuxiao had long had no need to eat, yet here he was, roasting a monster beast’s meat.

Although Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu were suppressing their cultivation base, they were not really in the Foundation Establishment stage. Both their body and spiritual senses were so powerful that they naturally didn’t need to eat.

He just waited to see. What kind of delicious meal could Dao Venerable Hengwu make?

Lu Yaoyao also watched curiously. Ah, are Father and Daddy going to eat roasted meat?

Lu Yaoyao remembered that she had never seen them eating.


She wants to eat too.

Lu Yaoyao watched Beautiful Father’s busy movements, and then turned to glare at Beautiful Daddy. Her eyes were full of condemnation.

Father works so hard to provide for our family, but you want to run away with the baby. Are you worthy of Father?

Fortunately, Daddy didn’t run successfully. Otherwise, Father would be sad.

Lu Qingyu sat on the side, holding Lu Yaoyao in his hand. It didn’t take long for him to notice a strange smell. He squinted his eyes and saw that the meat on the flame had been scorched and was emitting a burning smell.

Yao Jiuxiao sat next to the fire, staring at the roasting meat with a solemn face.

When Lu Qingyu saw what Yao Jiuxiao had done, he didn’t hide his disgust. “It’s burnt. Turn it over.”

Yao Jiuxiao looked at the meat, turned it over, and then stopped moving.

Lu Yaoyao also stretched her neck to look and saw a lump of meat scorched burnt by the fire. It looked strangely black.

…Forget it, she shouldn’t be too greedy. The spiritual milk and fruit are delicious enough.

Lu Yaoyao was full of sympathy. Her Daddy and Father were so pitiful. They had to eat burnt meat that didn’t seem to be tasty at all.

From time to time, Lu Qingyu lazily reminded Yao Jiuxiao to turn over the meat. After one hour, it was finally done.

Yao Jiuxiao walked towards Lu Yaoyao and Lu Qingyu, holding the charred black lump with his hands.

Lu Yaoyao cast a glance of sympathy. She couldn’t bear to see Beautiful Father and Beautiful Daddy eat such weird meat. She saw Beautiful Father tore open the outer part of the charcoal-like lump, revealing a half-baked, slightly bloodied meat inside. Then Beautiful Father tore off a piece and handed it to her mouth.

Right. He handed over a bloodied piece of raw-looking meat to her mouth.

Lu Yaoyao’s expression changed from sympathy to fright.

This is for her?

Lu Yaoyao waved her little hands wildly and refused in a loud voice. “Aaaaahh!!!”

No, I’m still a baby. I just drink milk! I cannot eat meat. I don’t eat it!

Lu Qingyu laughed from the side: “Zhu’er doesn’t even have teeth. How can you give her such a big piece of meat?”

Lu Yaoyao agreed. Yes, yes, she hasn’t got teeth yet! She cannot eat meat!

Yao Jiuxiao glanced down. The meat was indeed too big for the child to eat.

So he withdrew his hand.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief. Fortunately, her little life was saved.

However, she felt relieved too early.

It didn’t matter even though the roasted meat couldn’t be eaten. He could cook it into a broth.

Yao Jiuxiao borrowed a pot from the peach blossom demon next door, filled the pot with water, and set it on fire.

It also didn’t matter if the outside was scorched and couldn’t be eaten. The inside was enough for the child.

Yao Jiuxiao tore off the lump of meat into small pieces and threw them into the boiling pot.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened. Can’t she escape the fate of eating the weird meat?!

However, Lu Yaoyao’s despair was still far from over.

Beautiful Daddy brought her over the pot. Out of nowhere, he took out a few black plants that seemed to be enveloped in a black aura. He then threw them into the pot and said: “You don’t put any seasoning. There is no taste at all. Zhu’er won’t eat it.”

“But with this, she will definitely like it.”

The meat in the pot was boiled into a mushy soup. After the plants melted, the whole pot changed its appearance, turning purple-black with countless ominous-looking bubbles.

Lu Yaoyao’s face was full of horror. What seasoning is so terrible?!


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