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DDDV Ch 80 Part 1 – Dawn of a New Era (I)

King? Little King? Lu Yaoyao stared at her small body and felt it was quite… appropriate, no? Obviously, she had never expected that she would become a king one day, even with the addition of the word ‘Little’ in the front. Still, Lu Yaoyao straightened her back subconsciously and tried to show her best domineering side.

The little dumpling coughed twice and began addressing her new subjects with her cute tender voice, trying her best to sound solemn and serious, “Does anyone know how to repair the space crack?”

The crowd instantly fell to their knees in fear, “Forgive me, Little King! This humble one knows nothing. Please spare my life!”

“Little King, please spare my life!”

“…” Lu Yaoyao blinked in confusion. Why did these guys look so scared?

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but cast a doubtful glance at Shen Changyuan, who stood with a cold face next to her. Could it perhaps that Brother Yuanyuan subdued them with violence?

Facing the little girl’s scrutinizing look, Shen Changyuan said calmly, “I convince others with reason.”

“Submission under violence only works temporarily,” Lu Yaoyao lectured. Her chubby face was full of seriousness. “Only by thorough convincing could we obtain a long-term result.” But her narration quickly changed, “However, special circumstances call for special measures. It’s okay to employ the quickest method to subdue them first, so we can slowly convince them with reason later.”

Shen Changyuan’s gaze softened, “Okay. I listen to you.”

“Alright then. Now, how should we arrange them?” Lu Yaoyao pondered for a moment and finally decided to let these people build their own residence just outside the serpent cave. They could slowly expand it later, and the area may eventually develop into a city. With this idea in mind, Lu Yaoyao figured she had to make a more detailed plan. After asking the old tree demon to give the newcomers temporary lodging, she took out a writing brush and a paper and began to draw the ideal city she imagined with great interest.

“Brother Yuanyuan, what do you think about this?” After Lu Yaoyao finished drawing, she showed the result to Shen Changyuan.

Shen Changyuan gave the drawing a quick glance, “It’s good.”

Lu Yaoyao was dissatisfied with what she perceived as a perfunctory answer. Couldn’t Brother Yuanyuan pay more attention? After all, this was the blueprint of their new territory!

The little dumpling looked at him again, “Don’t you have any opinion?”

Shen Changyuan said: “Whatever you decide is good.” Regarding Lu Yaoyao, Shen Changyuan only had one opinion: she is always right.

Lu Yaoyao was naturally happy when her proposal was accepted so easily, however—

“Brother Yuanyuan, you can’t count on me for everything. I’m still a child, remember?” Feeling apprehensive of the sheer amount of tasks she was shouldering despite her tender age, Lu Yaoyao handed Shen Changyuan another brush and paper, “We also need laws to govern the Abyss. Brother Yuanyuan, you must write them within three days. You can do it!”

Leaving the words behind, the girl jumped and left.

“…” Shen Changyuan looked at the blank paper, lost in thought. He was used to being in a high position and was well educated, so it was easy for him to formulate basic laws. The problem was that he cared none about the Abyss and its inhabitant, and he also had zero interest in carrying the burden on himself. No matter how the Abyss turned out, it had nothing to do with him.

However, this was the cub’s request, so Shen Changyuan finally picked up the brush and wrote several notes at random after a moment of silence. He was about to go after Lu Yaoyao, but his gaze fell on the sparse number of words and easily imagined how the little girl would think him too perfunctory again.

Shen Changyuan silently averted his gaze, which accidentally fell on the cave’s ceiling. After Lu Yaoyao decorated it with a layer of colorful sand, the ceiling shone like a sea of stars. Very beautiful.

Eh? Shen Changyuan suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked more carefully. He remembered the ceiling was not smooth, and several cracks should be there. But why did it seem that the cracks look much shallower now? Shen Changyuan’s memory was excellent, and he was sure he wasn’t mistaking it — the surface of the ceiling had indeed smoothed a lot. Did the sands have some kind of repairing effect?

Shen Changyuan observed the ceiling for a long time and finally was assured of his conjecture. The next moment, he disappeared from sight and soon returned with a little girl in his hands.

After leaving Shen Changyuan with his task, Lu Yaoyao went to the old tree demon and shared with him the blueprint she had just drawn a moment ago. The old tree demon had never stepped out of the Abyss, let alone seen the sprawling cities, villages, and other abodes outside, but he slowly understood the concept under Lu Yaoyao’s explanation and guidance. But before Lu Yaoyao had time to explain more, a gust of wind suddenly came, and when the old tree demon returned to his sense, the little girl in front of him had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao, who found that her surroundings had suddenly changed, was stunned for a while before finally reacting. “Brother Yuanyuan, what’s the matter?” Lu Yaoyao stayed inside Shen Changyuan’s arms, looking very well-behaved as she raised her head in confusion. Her dark eyes moved around, “Have you finished? So quick?”

Shen Changyuan put Lu Yaoyao on his shoulder and motioned her to look up at the cave ceiling. He asked, “What kind of sand is this?”

“It’s just colorful sand.” Lu Yaoyao’s face was full of confusion. Didn’t she tell Brother Yuanyuan before?

Shen Changyuan asked again, his tone serious, “Has your Daddy taught you how to use it?”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t understand why Shen Changyuan asked this, but she tried to recall before answering, “No.”

There was a period of time when playing with sands was booming among the cubs in Cangshan. Seeing this, Daddy gave her a small box of colorful sands. No one else had such sands, so Lu Yaoyao gained a lot of prestige among her playmates. At that time, Daddy didn’t tell her anything and just let her play as she liked. The only special feature she found was that this sand never got stained or mixed with other substances, so she could put it back into the box every time she finished playing.

“Is there anything wrong with this sand?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion. The cave looked so pretty after she decorated it with the sand, but could it perhaps that Brother Yuanyuan didn’t like it?

Shen Changyuan’s said with mixed feelings, “This sand can repair cracks.”

“??” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened suddenly. Her mouth was agape as she looked at Shen Changyuan with utter shock, and it took her a long time to process the meaning of his words.

Two people, one big and one small, raised their heads and stared at a small crack for a moment, watching in amazement as it healed and disappeared on its own.

Lu Yaoyao blinked, suspecting that she was hallucinating. However, she had been staring intently and saw nothing abnormal before and after the crack disappeared.


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