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DDDV Ch 80 Part 2 – Dawn of a New Era (II)

Lu Yaoyao blinked, suspecting that she was hallucinating. However, she had been staring intently and saw nothing abnormal before and after the crack disappeared.

“Brother Yuanyuan, can we use this to heal the Abyss?” Lu Yaoyao’s voice was a bit dazed. She and Brother Yuanyuan had been looking for a long time and even tried to mobilize the help of all sentient beings in the Abyss, but it turned out that the solution they were seeking was so close at hand… and was even used by her to decorate a room?

Lu Yaoyao was utterly dumbfounded. Still feeling unreal, she grabbed Shen Changyuan’s hand and bit it hard. “It doesn’t hurt, so am I dreaming?”

Shen Changyuan: “…you are biting my hand.”

Lu Yaoyao lowered her eyes and saw the circle of tiny teeth marks on the big hand she was holding. She hurriedly blew on it, “Brother Yuanyuan, does it hurt?”


“Then am I really dreaming?”

Shen Changyuan: “…”

Regardless of whether she was dreaming or not, Lu Yaoyao carefully retrieved all the sands back and began to examine them closely with her eyes. The sands were of brilliant color, looking very beautiful in a black lacquered box that sat on a table made from a smooth-surface rock. The number of sands Lu Yaoyao sprinkled all over the cave ceiling was not even enough to fill the box. Actually, it was not quite correct to call them sands. A closer look would show that they were actually fine-grained particles, each covered with a layer of transparent air bubbles resembling a thin film. Lu Yaoyao grabbed a handful, feeling them so light that it was almost weightless.

Lu Yaoyao’s black, grape-like bright eyes stared intently, unable to figure out why these things had such a shocking effect. Could this box of sand really repair cracks?

Shen Changyuan also stared intently, and it took a long time before he finally found a trace of information from the depth of the ancient divine beast’s memories.

“Star sand.”

Star sand? What a beautiful name! Lu Yaoyao looked up and stared at Shen Changyuan expectantly.

Shen Changyuan tried his best to dig up more memories, “Star sand that only exists in the Sea of Chaos is colorful-looking spiritual sand with no weight in itself. It is said that the sand has the effect of repairing the earth, and can also be used to forge immortal’s weapons…”

However, star sands were extremely rare. Even during the flourishing age ten thousand years ago, no great powerhouses had the luck to find them.

Ten thousand years ago, star sands already belonged to the legendary category. After ten thousand years, even the knowledge about it seemed to disappear in the flames of war, and no cultivators alive still knew about this legendary spiritual treasure.

If not for the ancient memories left by the divine beast, even Shen Changyuan would not have known the existence of star sands. And it was after seeing the sand’s miraculous effect that he finally managed to dig up this piece of seemingly inconspicuous memory. The answer that they desperately sought but failed to find after so many efforts was here right before their eyes.

Repairing the earth! When Lu Yaoyao heard this sentence, she clenched her chubby fist and asked enthusiastically, “Does it mean that we can finally leave the Abyss?!”

Shen Changyuan paused, “If the crack was healed, we could definitely leave.”

However, Shen Changyuan had no idea whether this small box of sands would be enough or not. After all, the Abyss was so big and vast.

Lu Yaoyao also had the same worry. How could such a small amount of sands be able to heal this vast of an Abyss? However, since Daddy had this box of star sands, it meant that he must know where to obtain them, and it was possible to go to that place again to try to get more.

Leaving the Abyss and returning home was even more imperative now. Lu Yaoyao carefully took the small wooden box back into her small pouch and said to Shen Changyuan, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s try it!”

Shen Changyuan took Lu Yaoyao to the center of the Abyss. The place where the serpent cave was located was already the deepest part of the Abyss, but it was still not the center. The Abyss originated from this center, and also grew bigger from here.

Shen Changyuan brought Lu Yaoyao to a top of a dark cliff. The sky here is not that high, but the cliff was so dark in contrast and seemed bottomless. Not even the light from Lu Yaoyao’s luminous pearl could penetrate the darkness in the chasm beyond the cliff. She tentatively threw a luminous pearl down, only to see it instantly swallowed up without a trace by the pure darkness that seemed to devour everything.

“Is this the origin of the Abyss?” Lu Yaoyao raised her head and asked Shen Changyuan. It was very quiet here, as if they were the only ones left in the world. The emptiness carried her voice far and wide, bringing back a faint echo after a long pause.


“What should we do now?”

Could it be that they just have to sprinkle the star sand into the chasm?

What if it didn’t work? They had no extra sands to waste.

Shen Changyuan said, “Let’s try.”

Lu Yaoyao grabbed a handful of star sand and confirmed, “I will sprinkle them. Is it okay?”


Lu Yaoyao used her spiritual aura to envelop the star sands in her palm before sprinkling them. The aura carried the sands far away, like a goddess scattering flower petals. Not even daring to blink, Lu Yaoyao stared straight in the direction where the star sands were falling, “Brother Yuanyuan, can you see it?”

Shen Changyuan also focused his eyes in the same direction. After a while, he replied, “Yes.” Compared with the light of the luminous pearl that was completely swallowed up, he could still see the light of star sands remaining, albeit very weak and small.

Lu Yaoyao was joyful and continued sprinkling sands a few more times. Eventually, even she could now see the colorful faint glow.

“Brother Yuanyuan, if we can find a lot of star sands and spread them all over the sky of Abyss, would they eventually become real stars?” Lu Yaoyao imagined an entire sky dotted with colorful stars. It must be very beautiful!

Lu Yaoyao was about to dump the remaining sands, but Shen Changyuan stopped her.

“Let’s wait and see the effect first.” If this didn’t work, they had to think of another way.

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment and found it made sense, so she and Shen Changyuan decided to stay behind for a while to observe the situation. The terrain here was very rough. Lu Yaoyao transformed into her original form and buried herself into Shen Changyuan’s outer clothes. Her little claws grabbed his lapel as she stuck her head out.


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