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Aerial Rain
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DDDV Ch 81 Part 1 – Star Sand (I)

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan decided to stay behind to observe the situation. The terrain here was very rough. Lu Yaoyao transformed into her original form and buried herself into Shen Changyuan’s outer clothes. Her little claws grabbed his lapel as she stuck her head out.

Soon it was Lu Yaoyao’s usual bedtime, but the little furball was still very much energetic. “Brother Yuanyuan, what do you think the exit will look like?”

“Back then, I was sucked in by a black hole and ended up falling down here. Could it be another black hole will form to take us out?”

Listening to Lu Yaoyao’s description, Shen Changyuan recognized the black hole as a space-time crack. Space-time cracks had been known since ancient times, but no one understood their origin or how they worked except for the fact that they generally formed in a very harsh environment.

A crack may form in a certain place at a certain time, but would almost never appear again in the same place for a second time.

The crack had the ability to transport anything it sucked through the space, but no one knew where they would end up at.

“Brother Yuanyuan, how did you get into the Abyss?” Lu Yaoyao had never asked Shen Changyuan this question before, and she suddenly became curious.

“I fell into a chasm located under the sea and somehow ended up here.” Shen Changyuan answered after a moment of silence. After learning about Lu Yaoyao’s experience, he guessed that he, too, had fallen into a space-time crack. However, he lost consciousness the moment he fell into the chasm and was already in the Abyss when he opened his eyes again.

Lu Yaoyao’s bright eyes were full of curiosity, “Is there also a chasm under the sea?”

In Lu Yaoyao’s understanding, the sea was full of water, so wouldn’t anything inside it float? How could there be a chasm there? How scary was it?

“Yes.” Shen Changyuan nodded, “One day, I will take you to play at the bottom of the sea.” And he could also deal with some matters back at his former home while at it.

“It’s a promise!” Lu Yaoyao was ecstatic. She pondered and decided to bring Father and Daddy too. Their family of four demons could go on a journey to find the star sands together. How fun!

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan chatted for a while, but their gazes soon drifted back into the deep darkness. The little dumpling stared attentively, but it didn’t take long for her eyes to start drooping, and she soon fell asleep.

Shen Changyuan did not wake up Lu Yaoyao, and continued watching over the darkness in silence.

When Lu Yaoyao woke up, her fluffy ball-like body was completely tucked under Shen Changyuan’s outer robe, completely blocking her vision. She wiggled for a while, getting her fur messy in the process before she finally managed to get out. Once emerged, the first thing the little dumpling did was look straight into the darkness and muttered, “Is there any change?”

Lu Yaoyao jumped down and landed on Shen Changyuan’s lap. Feeling her movements, Shen Changyuan, who was meditating with his legs crossed, also opened his eyes and looked forward. Maybe because the number of star sands was not much, but no visible change could be detected even after a night. Yet, the sands still glow faintly with no signs of running out, and Lu Yaoyao had a strong intuition that those stars were indeed their opportunity to leave the Abyss.

Therefore, Lu Yaoyao was not disappointed, but full of expectations instead. She took out a piece of fruit from her pouch, ready to give herself a treat. Before, when she still didn’t know when and how they would find an exit, Lu Yaoyao was reluctant to consume what little bit of her snacks left. Now that she finally saw a faint light at the end of the tunnel, she finally indulged herself and decided to relieve a bit of her craving.

Once she returned home, her Father and Daddy surely would feel sorry for her and definitely would not refuse to give her more snacks!

Lu Yaoyao was taking a bite of her beloved fruit when she noticed Shen Changyuan’s gaze. She lowered her head and hesitated, but finally took out the last fruit from her pouch.

“Brother Yuanyuan, this is for you. But you can only store it and must not take a bite.” Lu Yaoyao emphasized. “Otherwise, your body will explode.”

“…” Shen Changyuan was utterly speechless. Originally thinking that he would no longer be surprised no matter how many precious and rare things the cub took out, she always managed to refresh his standard of surprise every time. Spiritual fruit — this was a legendary resource that bloomed in a thousand years and bore fruit after another thousand years. Extremely high in spiritual contents, those without a high enough cultivation base dared not eat them directly without refining them first into elixirs. Other kinds of lower-ranking spiritual fruits did exist in three realms. Some were treated as a delicacy, but even those were priceless.

And according to Lu Yaoyao, this fruit was just her snack.

Treating spiritual fruit as a cub’s snack…

Shen Changyuan stared at the legendary spiritual fruit that the cub stuffed into his hand. He suddenly found that he, who had always wanted to bring up this little girl, was actually so poor that he couldn’t afford the cost of raising her.

He didn’t have the star sands that she could use as a toy, nor did he have high-grade spiritual pills for her to eat as candies. He also didn’t have multiple luminous pearls that the little girl could play with, and he couldn’t gift her a wooden sword or a toy-like whip made from legendary materials…

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know Shen Changyuan’s complicated feelings. After eating her share of fruit, she stared at the intact fruit in Shen Changyuan’s hand, “Brother Yuanyuan, do you want me to keep it for you?” She had a small pouch to store things, which was very convenient. Brother Yuanyuan, on the other hand, had no such a handy item.

Shen Changyuan handed the fruit to Lu Yaoyao, who stored it back. Lu Yaoyao patted the small pouch, deciding that they should buy a storage item for Brother Yuanyuan once they returned to civilization.

The two stayed in front of the Abyss’ center for a while more. It was not until the old tree demon came to find them that Lu Yaoyao reluctantly left with Shen Changyuan.

When the two returned to their territory, they found the place was changing drastically day after day. Several rows of neat stone houses now stood outside the cave. The buildings made of stones and rocks were gray and dull in color, but they had a simple appearance that gave them a somewhat historical look. A wide and flat road separated the residential area in the middle, decorated with bright red flowers on both sides. Everything was built according to Lu Yaoyao’s blueprint.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly realized that their new subjects were easy to manage. Regardless of whether their obedience came from fear or loyalty, they indeed completely obeyed Lu Yaoyao’s words. When she ordered them to build a city, they devoted their all to the task, making progress very gratifyingly.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but ponder. Before she and Brother Yuanyuan left the Abyss, they had to make sure that these people could remain civil and loyal. Otherwise, wouldn’t Brother Yuanyuan’s hard-won country crumble down in vain?

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan worked together and constructed a fifty-year development plan for the Abyss.


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