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DDDV Ch 82 – Space-time Change

Not long after, the mist blob took Lu Yaoyao to fly in a certain direction. Lu Yaoyao, who remembered the terrifying scene she had seen last time, was flustered, “I don’t like watching the sky falling. It’s too scary…”

The little mist blob seemed to sense Lu Yaoyao’s panic and rubbed itself on her again.

Lu Yaoyao finally calmed down.

One girl and one blob flew forward, passing over countless beautiful scenery. Gradually, the sky darkened, and the blue sky and white clouds were replaced by countless shining stars that glittered colorfully as if within one’s reach. Lu Yaoyao stopped and lowered her eyes. On the ground below was a bustling city. Many magnificent buildings stood row upon row in a neat arrangement, separated by spacious streets bustling with countless humans, demons, and devils. Disregarding their difference in races, the people below had happy smiles on their faces and mingled with each other peacefully.

Lu Yaoyao stood far above in the sky, yet the hustle and bustle of the city below seemed to reach her ears, full of liveliness.

Lu Yaoyao figured out, “Little blob, is this the Abyss?”

“Is this the future of the Abyss? If we repair the Abyss, will we save the continent from destruction?”

The little mist blob didn’t say a word and kept rubbing itself against Lu Yaoyao.

The next moment, everything suddenly changed. The sky and the earth collapsed. A huge flood blasted in, drowning all the creatures on the continent.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly woke up, full of fear. Her eyes were wide open in terror, and she remained motionless for a long time.

Shen Changyuan noticed her abnormality. He quickly lowered his head and stroked the small furball with his tail, “Are you having a nightmare?”

“Brother Yuanyuan…” Lu Yaoyao turned her head tearfully. She sat up, turned back into human form, and reached out her hands toward Shen Changyuan.

Shen Changyuan also turned into a human form. He picked up the little girl and comforted her awkwardly, “I’m here. Don’t be afraid.”

“It’s so scary!” Lu Yaoyao said weakly. She wanted to describe her dream to Shen Changyuan, but the memory faded quickly, leaving only the pure feeling of terror.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Shen Changyuan comforted her again.

After a while, Lu Yaoyao finally calmed down and regained her lively temperament.

“I’m not afraid!”

Unknown to them, a black hole quietly appeared in the depth of the Abyss’ center, right on the place where the star sands were scattered. The black hole that seemed to have the ability to devour all things quickly grew in size and soon attracted Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan’s attention. Upon seeing the black hole, for a short moment, Lu Yaoyao thought that the star sands had lost their power and were now being devoured.

No, no. This black hole was the same as the one that sucked her in and threw her into the Abyss…

Before Lu Yaoyao had time to react, she and Shen Changyuan, who protected her firmly in his arms, were sucked into the black hole.

An unknown time passed. It seemed to be long, but also seemed to be just in a blink of an eye. The black hole spat out both Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan. When they opened their eyes again, what they saw was a beautiful world with a blue sky, colorful flowers, and singing birds.

The sky was so clear without even a speck of cloud, showing its purest blue color as if it had just gotten washed. A comfortable breeze blew across their faces, carrying over the nice fragrance of colorful flowers. Birds hopped from branch to branch, and butterflies danced around the flowers. It had been a very long since Lu Yaoyao last saw this kind of beautiful scenery, and she was stunned enough that she failed to react for a long time.

“Have we come out?” Lu Yaoyao murmured to herself, still in disbelief. No, she didn’t dare to believe it. How could they be out of the Abyss so suddenly?

Shen Changyuan looked around; his eyes narrowed slightly. After a while, he affirmed: “Yes.”

Lu Yaoyao pulled Shen Changyuan excitedly, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s go home! Let’s return to Father and Daddy!” They finally came out!

“Don’t be anxious. Since we have left the Abyss, going home will be easy.”


It took Lu Yaoyao a long time to calm down. Now that she finally turned her attention to her surrounding, she found that this place had a lot of spiritual aura. Puzzled, she asked, “Where are we?”

Duanping Mountain Range and the area around it had no place with such beautiful scenery and thick aura. Had they been thrown into another weird place?

Before Shen Changyuan could reply, there was a sudden commotion nearby. Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan looked at each other, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s take a look.”

Shen Changyuan was not interested, but seeing the eager curiosity in Lu Yaoyao’s bright eyes, he didn’t have the heart to refuse.

The two stealthily went to the source of the voices.

“Li Shengyuan, don’t be crazy. This Cangwu Secret Realm is not a place for you to mess around!”

“Aren’t you afraid of our Medicine Sect’s revenge?!” The young woman yelled threateningly.

“After I become a couple with your senior sister, my Wentian Sect will become in-laws with your Medicine Sect. What kind of revenge will there be?”

“Nonsense! Our Medicine Sect will never let go of a shameless person like you!”

“Qingdai, stop wasting energy arguing with the like of him. Li Shengyuan, I, Ye Zelan, swore to pay back today’s grudge a hundredfold in the future!”


In the grove, a group of male cultivators in light green sect uniforms surrounded two young women in purple robes. Li Shengyuan stood before them, gazing at the frost-faced beauty Ye Zelan with unconcealed lust.

The two female disciples of the Medicine Sect had fallen into Li Shengyuan’s trap and had their cultivation base suppressed, making them no different from ordinary people.

Ye Zelan tightly guarded Ye Qingdai behind her. She was furious, both at Li Shengyuan’s despicable action and her own powerlessness. As the Medicine Sect’s most talented disciple of this generation, she was actually careless enough to get herself poisoned, which was truly a big joke.

Now, Ye Zelan only wished that her third junior sister would not be implicated by her.

“You are only coming for me, right? Let my junior sister leave!”

“Eldest Senior Sister, what did you say?! I will never leave you behind!” Ye Qingdai tried to stand in front of Ye Zelan, but Ye Zelan grabbed her wrist and pressed her tightly behind her.

Ye Zelan noticed that the eyes of Li Shengyuan’s henchmen had fallen on Ye Qingdai, and she became even angrier as a result. Her face turned colder, cursing fiercely inside: how dare these dogs have such a thought at her junior sister!

However, it seemed that Li Shengyuan still had some sensibility left. He glanced at the offending henchmen, who dodged their eyes and smiled flatteringly at Li Shengyuan.

Li Shengyuan was the heir to the Sect Leader of the Wentian Sect. Born proud and arrogant, he believed that he and Ye Zelan were an equal match, and Ye Zelan’s junior sister naturally was not someone these lowly guys could think of.

Li Shengyuan said assuringly: “Don’t worry. Zelan’s junior sister is also my junior sister. I will protect her.”

Li Shengyuan has admired Ye Zelan for a long time, but the other party never returned his favor. Tired of the unrequited feeling, he finally came out with this method.

Once he and Ye Zelan did double cultivation, Medicine Sect surely would not refuse his marriage proposal.

With a lustful smile on his face, Li Shengyuan walked slowly to Ye Zelan.


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