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DDDV Ch 83 Part 1 – Cangwu Secret Realm (I)

“Go away! Don’t touch my senior sister!”


“Don’t worry, no one will come here, hehe…”


“What!” Before Li Shengyuan’s hand reached Ye Zelan, an invisible force hit him fiercely, cutting off his wrist from the rest of his hand. In an instant, dark red blood splashed out from the severed wound.

“My hand!”

“Senior Brother!” The rest of the Wentian Sect’s disciples were shocked. They hurriedly drew their swords and looked around in vigilance, “Who did it?!”

Holding his severed hand, Li Shengyuan screamed and rolled to the ground.

“Senior Brother! Are you alright?” Two disciples tried to help Li Shengyuan, but he shook them off in pain and panic.

“My hand, ahhhhh!!”

“Senior Brother!”

Like a lurking shadow, a powerful and cold killing intent shrouded the disciples of the Wentian Sect. Li Shengyuan was a waste, and his current cultivation base was entirely the accumulated result of consuming countless precious pills. Still, as the only son of Wentian Sect Leader, who dared to show him disrespect, let alone harm him? The pain of this severed hand was the heaviest he had experienced since birth.

Li Shengyuan’s expression contorted with pain and fear. The invisible killing intent had frightened him thoroughly. The person hiding in the dark really wanted to kill him!

Who? Who is it?!

Fearing the unseen assailant, the disciples of the Wentian sect quickly took their Young Sect Leader and left in a hurry.

Li Shengyuan screamed: “My hand! My hand!”

It took a long time until one of the disciples finally ran back in a hurry. He tremblingly picked up the severed hand on the ground before fleeing again as fast as possible, almost tumbling several times in the process.

Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai watched in a daze as the disciples of the Wentian Sect left in embarrassment. As disciples of the Medicine Sect, the two had with them a few dangerous medicines that could be used as a last resort, and Ye Zelan was already prepared to take this drastic measure to protect her junior sister. Unexpectedly, help suddenly came out of a sudden.

“Thank you for your help.” Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai cupped their hands and bowed in salute.

“I wonder if you are willing to show yourself?” Ye Zelan raised her voice, still a little wary. Which sect’s disciple had saved them? She and Ye Qingdai’s cultivation base had not been restored yet. Hence, she was afraid the other party might try to take advantage of their situation.

When Ye Zelan was still in doubt, a cute little girl cautiously poked out her head from behind a sturdy tree trunk and looked at them with a pair of bright eyes. For a moment, Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai seemed to forget how to breathe. Their hearts suddenly beat faster, and they found themselves trembling slightly.

S-so cute!!!!!

The little girl looked to be only four or five years old. Her big eyes were shining in curiosity as she looked in their way and greeted, “Hello, Big Sisters.”

Her tender voice was also very cute, which made Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai tremble even more.

“Hello, Little Sister.” Ye Zelan’s usually indifferent tone was very sweet at this moment, as if dripping in honey. “Did you save us?”

“No, it’s Brother Yuanyuan!” The little girl turned back in the direction where she was coming from. For a moment, the red figure disappeared into the bush. When she came out again, she was taking a tall young man with her.

The man was very handsome, yet he had a gloomy aura on him. The cold eyes that fell on Ye Lan and Ye Qingdai seemed devoid of emotion, only showing traces of warmth when they looked at the little girl.

At one glance, it was very clear that this man wasn’t a kind-hearted person who rescued strangers in danger. But there was no one else here, and it was impossible for this little girl to be the one who saved them, for she was still so small.

The girl indeed had some aura, but Ye Zelan couldn’t see any cultivation base on her, so she shouldn’t be a cultivator. Ye Zelan’s own cultivation base was in the later stage of the Foundation Establishment stage, which was already among the best in her generation. She was twenty when she broke through into the Foundation Establishment stage and managed to reach the late stage just five years later, which was already very rapid progress.

It was impossible for such a little girl to have a higher cultivation base than Ye Zelan. Thus, it was safe to assume that the other party had yet to enter the formal path of cultivation.

“Thank you for your help, Fellow Daoist.” Ye Zelan thanked again, “My name is Ye Zelan, a disciple of the Medicine Sect. This is my third junior sister Ye Qingdai. If I may, can I ask for your name?”

Ye Zelan’s eyes inadvertently went to the cute little girl, and a blush appeared again on her cold and beautiful face. This was the cutest child Ye Zelan had ever seen, and she couldn’t help but wonder if the little girl was already someone else’s disciple. She was sure that her own Master would be ecstatic to accept such a cute girl as a new disciple.

“Can you also tell us which sect you are from? My junior sister and I want to officially thank you in person.” The little girl and the handsome man didn’t wear a set uniform. The man, in particular, looked so extraordinary that Ye Zelan believed he mustn’t be an unknown nobody. Strangely enough, even after racking her brain recalling all the famous disciples from the various sects she knew, Ye Zelan still failed to think of someone who might fit this person’s description. Even more strange was that the man’s cultivation base was obviously above the Foundation Establishment stage. So how did he and the little girl appear in this secret realm?

Throughout the exchange, Shen Changyuan kept his cold and indifferent attitude, clearly having no intention to speak with the Ye sisters. Lu Yaoyao therefore answered on his behalf, “My name is Lu Yaoyao. This is Brother Yuanyuan — Shen Changyuan.” She kept calling Brother Yuanyuan this and Brother Yuanyuan that, almost forgetting his full name.

“Fellow Daoist Shen and Little Sister Yaoyao, correct? Nice to meet you.”

“We are not members of any sect.” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes shone brilliantly, “Big Sister, where are we?”

Ye Zelan replied softly, “We are now in a small secret realm called Cangwu Secret Realm. Little Sister Yaoyao, why are you and your brother here?”

Cangwu Secret Realm was a place used as a training ground by the younger disciples in Cultivation Realm. It was open to the public every once in a while, and those who entered could only leave after half a month. Despite there being no real dangers in Cangwu Secret Realm, some rare spiritual beasts and spiritual plants could occasionally be found here, making this place a suitable training ground for young disciples in the Foundation Establishment stage and below.

Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai also came to this secret realm to gain experience. It was rumored that some disciple had found a very rare medicinal herb in Cangwu Secret Realm last time, prompting the two to come and try their luck.

Unexpectedly, Li Shengyuan somehow found out that Ye Zelan was coming to Cangwu Secret Realm and ambushed them here.


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