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DDDV Ch 83 Part 3 – Cangwu Secret Realm (III)

After completely out of the Ye sisters’ sight, Lu Yaoyao adjusted her posture and sat upright on Shen Changyuan’s arms. She then sighed like a little adult, “It seems that Cultivation Realm is not very peaceful!”

In Lu Yaoyao’s opinion, that scumbag had it too easy with just having one of his hands severed. She couldn’t imagine what would happen to the two beautiful sisters if she and Brother Yuanyuan hadn’t come in time!

What a bad person! Lu Yaoyao believed that Brother Yuanyuan should have cut off the man’s third leg instead of his hand. Let’s see if he still has the gall to bully girls again in the future!

Shen Changyuan asked, “Do you want to join Guiyuan Sect?”

“This is just an expedient measure.” The two sisters were so kind and enthusiastic, so Lu Yaoyao felt compelled to find a better reason to reject them. So smart!

“We are demon cultivators, so how can we join a human sect? However, putting the matter of joining aside, we still have to make a trip to Guiyuan Sect.” She had promised to bring the elder’s remains back to Guiyuan Sect, after all.

“I didn’t expect that we would fall into a secret realm in Cultivation Realm.” Lu Yaoyao muttered. The Cultivation Realm where humans resided was far away from the Demon Realm. They had to be careful not to expose their identities as a demon until they were safely back at the Demon Realm.

“We have to wait for ten days before we can go out.” Thinking of this, Lu Yaoyao wanted to sigh again. How were Father and Daddy doing now? She couldn’t wait to see them again…

However, compared to the days when they didn’t even know how to leave the Abyss, waiting ten days to leave a secret realm was nothing.

“Right, we forgot to ask the Big Sisters what day is today.” Lu Yaoyao suddenly exclaimed. There was no sun in Abyss, and there was naturally no calendar there. At first, Lu Yaoyao still tried to note each passing day, but she soon became confused and lost track.

Lu Yaoyao hoped she hadn’t been in the Abyss for too long.

“By the way, Brother Yuanyuan, how is the Abyss? We left so suddenly, but can we go back?” The Abyss was indeed a very horrible place, but it was also getting better and better under their management. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if they couldn’t go back?

Shen Changyuan replied: “Heavenly Dao has recognized us as the lords of Abyss. We can go back at any time.” He could sense the existence of Abyss, as it was no longer a place cut off from the world. Now, as long as they wanted, he and Lu Yaoyao could go back and forth anytime.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, and she quickly sensed her own connection with the Abyss.

“Brother Yuanyuan, let’s go! Let’s go treasure hunting!”

Cangwu Secret Realm was a small secret realm regulated by major sects. The place was full of spiritual aura, which was excellent for the growth of spiritual plants, spiritual beasts, and all kinds of powerful mutant beings. Generally speaking, cultivators in the Foundation Establishment stage could barely fight against a single mutant beast, while those with weaker cultivation could form a group. It was indeed a very suitable place for young disciples to gain experience.

It was Lu Yaoyao’s first time entering a secret realm, and she was full of excitement. Her two fathers had told her a lot of stories about the exploration of various secret realms. Their stories had long fascinated Lu Yaoyao, and she always imagined herself going on such an adventure one day. Now that her dream was about to come true, the little dumpling almost couldn’t hold back her excitement.

Still, Lu Yaoyao paused for a moment and confirmed with Shen Changyuan, “The humans won’t discover our identity, right?” As a little demon sneaking into human territory, Lu Yaoyao was both excited and worried at the same time.

“No.” Shen Changyuan paused, “Their cultivation level is not as high as ours.” What’s more, neither he nor Lu Yaoyao had apparent characteristics of a demon race.

Lu Yaoyao carried a lot of precious treasures on her body, and one of them should have the function of concealing her breath. There was no risk of having her identity discovered.

As Shen Changyuan’s cultivation grew stronger, he faintly began to perceive Lu Yaoyao’s strangeness and became doubtful of her identity. However, Shen Changyuan didn’t investigate, and the cub also didn’t know her own secret. She always believed that she was just an ordinary demon cub.

Lu Yaoyao was relieved by Shen Changyuan’s assurance. Now that she no longer had worries, she took Shen Changyuan to explore the secret realm with great interest, eager to hunt for treasures.

However, Lu Yaoyao soon discovered that her secret realm exploration was completely different from the ups and downs in her two fathers’ stories.

First of all, there were no particularly dangerous creatures in this small secret realm, so Lu Yaoyao was unable to experience the fierce battle against the guardian of a treasure. Secondly, even the search for the treasures themselves was unbelievably smooth, as she could always find spiritual materials with sufficient aura every here and there.

Shen Changyuan had long been used to Lu Yaoyao’s extraordinary luck and was no longer surprised. Lu Yaoyao’s luck was extremely good, and she could always find anything she wanted. It was no exaggeration to say that she was the favored daughter of Heavenly Dao.

After pulling out dozens of spiritual plants and digging up several top-quality spiritual stones, Lu Yaoyao complained, “Why are there no spiritual beasts to fight with us? Isn’t it said that there are always powerful beasts guarding precious spiritual materials? Why haven’t we seen one? What happens with them?”

The difference between reality and imagination was too great, making Lu Yaoyao very disappointed. Father and Daddy’s experiences were wonderful, while hers was unbelievably smooth in contrast. Although she felt lucky, the lack of excitement greatly disappointed her.

Lu Yaoyao was a very brave cub who yearned for intense experiences and exciting adventures.

Shen Changyuan had had enough of fighting for treasures and never missed it. Still, upon seeing Lu Yaoyao’s listless appearance, he silently retracted the warning aura he previously released to deter any beasts from coming close.

“There is a spiritual herb there!” Lu Yaoyao’s sharp eyes found a purple flower blooming on the cliff opposite the spiritual lake in front of them. Just by looking at the abundant spiritual aura, she knew that the flower was a rare spiritual material, better than anything she had picked before. Most importantly, she also saw a snake slithering behind the flower, clearly a guardian beast!

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, and her mood was instantly refreshed. “Brother Yuanyuan, you stay here. Let’s me do it!” Lu Yaoyao jumped down and said bravely, “What’s the use of using a butcher’s knife to kill a chick? Brother Yuanyuan doesn’t need to take action against such a small snake. I will do it!”


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