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DDDV Ch 84 Part 1 – As Expected of His Daughter (I)

Finally getting a chance to fight against a guardian beast, Lu Yaoyao took out her small whip with impassioned enthusiasm. She flew over and carefully chose a protruding rock by the cliff as her landing place.

The spiritual snake’s whole body was purple, the same color as the flower stem. If one was not careful, one wouldn’t notice the snake slithering around the flower.

The moment the snake sensed that a foreign creature had entered its territory, it instantly raised its head high and hissed in warning. Lu Yaoyao observed the snake’s movement carefully. The moment it rushed towards her like lightning, she quickly flicked her whip. With a snap, the snake was thrown back midair and fell into the lake instantly.

“…” Lu Yaoyao, initially ready for a fierce, long-drawn battle, was stunned as she watched the snake submerge into the lake. Just…how could a guardian beast be so weak? Did she really defeat it with just a flick of her whip?

Feeling regretful, Lu Yaoyao was determined to hold back her strength the next time. She must be more careful, so as not to end the battle so quickly…

Lu Yaoyao was about to pluck the spiritual flower when she heard a rush of footsteps running towards it. Her eyes instantly lit up, and she looked over expectantly.

A group of disciples in black uniforms quickly ran out. The leader was a cultivator who looked about thirty. He was holding a compass the size of a palm in his hand, and the group was following the direction indicated by the compass. The leader looked at the spinning needle and let out a joyful laugh, “The spiritual material is right in front!”

These people were the disciples of the Wuji Sect, a small sect that always came every time a minor secret realm was opened in the hope of finding spiritual materials to sell. The compass they carried was the most important treasure of their sect, with an ability to point towards spiritual objects.

The first few days went well. The group followed the compass and found a lot of spiritual materials, precious enough that they could be exchanged for a lot of spirit stones in the market. But the next few days, their luck ran out. Every time the group arrived at the place directed by the compass, only to find no spiritual materials in the vicinity, as if someone else had bested them and took it first.

Once or twice, that might be a coincidence, but when the same thing happened again and again, they began to suspect that another group was getting the same assistance as they were. Driven by hastiness, they ran at the fastest speed, trying to beat this other group, and finally discovered a spiritual material that had yet to be taken.

It was an extremely rare purple pearl flower, worth at least ten top-grade spirit stones. The group instantly hastened their speed. However, the next moment, they discovered that another cultivator was already standing next to the flower, apparently discovering the spiritual treasure earlier than them.

The disciples of the Wuji Sect instantly went cold. They were no match for the disciples of large sects with powerful backing. In the case of claiming the treasure, they would definitely not be able to compete and could only regret having arrived a step too late.

However, when they took a closer look and found that the other party was a wandering cultivator, they were instantly revigorated, “Take your leave now; otherwise, don’t blame us for being rough!”

“Uncles, are you trying to rob our spiritual flower?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head.

When the disciples of the Wuji Sect saw the cute little dumpling, they were shocked to find a child in the secret realm. The shock soon turned into embarrassment, as the idea of robbing such a small child made them ashamed, but unfortunately, the greed of getting the spiritual flower prevailed over them.

“That flower grows naturally and is owned by no one, so it isn’t yours.”

“But we found it first.”

“Little girl, there is no first come, first served in the Cultivation Realm. It’s the strong gets all.”

Lu Yaoyao puffed out her chubby cheeks and declared loudly, “I won’t let you succeed!”

“In that case, don’t blame us.” The Wuji Sect disciples drew their swords. Their side had an overwhelming number, and they also didn’t have to worry about making enemies against wandering cultivators who had no backing of a sect, so they had no scruples in starting a fight.

The little girl looked so young, so they wouldn’t really do anything to her. Their aim was mainly just to deter the young man behind her, who was already frightened so thoroughly that he didn’t make a single sound since their arrival.

However, it was the little girl whom they paid no heed to who actually spelled their defeat. Before the Wuji Sect disciples even registered what was happening, the red figure had already flashed so fast, knocking them hard to the ground.

Standing next to Shen Changyuan, Lu Yaoyao stared at the cultivators who were groaning on the ground and was silent for a moment, “They are so weak!” She had already lessened her hands a lot, but all of them were still knocked down with one move!

Wuji Sect disciples: “…”

Lu Yaoyao, who had just tasted the feeling of fighting over spiritual treasures, was now an experienced cub, so under the gazes of so many eyes, she picked the purple bead flower and put it in her small pouch. She then made a circle, hand patting the pouch as her tender voice proudly declared, “The strong gets all!”

“…” The Wuji Sect disciple was initially dumbfounded, but the fear soon overcame, and they quickly began to beg for their lives, “Little Ancestor, please spare our lives! It’s our blind stupidity that caused us to accidentally offend you. Since you discovered the spiritual flower first, of course it belongs to you! We were only kidding just now.”

“Yes, just kidding!”


“I’m kidding with you guys too.” Lu Yaoyao giggled, “Let me give you a test then. What is today’s date?” After forgetting to ask this question to the two beautiful sisters from two days ago, Lu Yaoyao always kept the matter in mind. This group of people was the second they had seen after getting thrown into this secret realm, so she naturally wouldn’t let this chance go.

Lu Yaoyao deliberately put on a scary look, “Answer well. If you’re right, I’ll let you go.”

The Wuji Sect disciples looked at each other in dismay. After a moment of hesitation, one of them timidly answered the question.

Lu Yaoyao quickly made a mental calculation and was instantly shocked to discover that she had stayed in Abyss for more than two years!

When the Wuji Sect disciples saw the shocked expression on the little girl, they tentatively tried to move away. Seeing that she truly didn’t pay any attention to them, they quickly scurried away and instantly disappeared from sight.

Lu Yaoyao ignored them, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s go.”

Shen Changyuan looked at the depressed cub.

“It’s been almost three years…” After finding out how long she had been away from her Father and Daddy, Lu Yaoyao felt very gloomy and sad.


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