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DDDV Ch 84 Part 2 – As Expected of His Daughter (II)

“It’s been almost three years…” After finding out how long she had been away from her Father and Daddy, Lu Yaoyao felt very gloomy and sad.

Shen Changyuan was clumsy and didn’t know how to comfort her. The next moment, his figure disappeared in an instant. Lu Yaoyao blinked confusedly, but before she could react, Shen Changyuan returned. “Are you hungry?” He asked. Beside him lay a sturdy spiritual beast.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she touched her belly as she replied, “Hungry!”

Shen Changyuan promptly butchered the beast and began to cook its meat. While waiting, Lu Yaoyao squatted on the side, silently holding her drool. The meat of a spiritual beast was so tender and juicy; how could the food from Abyss be comparable? Just looking at the meat being roasted already shot Lu Yaoyao’s appetite to the roof. It had been years since she last ate such normal food!

In Abyss, Lu Yaoyao’s living arrangements were the best, but with the scarce resources from the begin with, there was little in terms of luxury. In order to satisfy Lu Yaoyao’s taste bud, Shen Changyuan cultivated superb cooking skills within the limited conditions. With better and tender ingredients, his cooking skills could now be brought into full play, and it took no time for the tantalizing aroma of roasted meat to spread. The sizzling fat dripped on the fire, making the aroma even richer. After a while, the meat began to turn golden brown.

At this time, Lu Yaoyao had no spare attention to think about other things. Her mind was full of delicious roasted meat, and she repeatedly asked, “Brother Yuanyuan, is it ready?”

“When will it be ready? Can we eat now?”

Shen Changyuan replied patiently: “It’s almost ready.”

After waiting for a long time, Lu Yaoyao finally got her wish to eat delicious food again.

Having eaten and drunk to her fill, Lu Yaoyao quickly felt sleepy, and she soon fell asleep leaning on Shen Changyuan.

Devil Realm

The spacious side palace next to the Devil Venerable’s own main palace was currently receiving an exquisite and thorough decoration under the slender hands of numerous palace maids. The side palace was decorated mainly in bright red shade. A gorgeous four-post canopied bed was placed in the main bedroom; each of the bedposts was topped with a large pearl from which red curtains draped downward towards the four corners. Several lovely throw pillows were placed on the luxurious bedding. A folding screen painted with a colorful yet elegant picture of butterflies among the flowers was put on one side of the bed, and right after it was a door decorated with a curtain made of rare pearls. Beyond the pearl curtain was the outer room where a set of dressing table and a shiny mirror was placed. Made from 10,000 years old paulownia wood, this table was a priceless treasure.

This was obviously the boudoir of a woman. The most shocking of all was that His Venerable not only ordered the palace to be decorated, but also personally chose everything and supervised the process. Besides a bedroom, there was also a study, a sitting room, a playroom…

The Devil Venerable was an absolute being in the Devil Realm, and no one dared to spy on his personal matters. Yet, this also made him the center of everyone’s attention, and it didn’t take long for news about him to spread throughout the realm. Moreover, His Venerable himself didn’t try to conceal a thing when he ordered the palace next to his to be redecorated, so soon enough, every high-ranking devil learned about the news.

All of them couldn’t help but arrive at the same conclusion: was the devil race about to welcome their queen consort? No one was allowed to live close to His Venerable before, and yet he granted this mysterious occupant a great honor by personally supervising the decoration process…

Speculations went rampant, but no one dared to say them aloud, for fear of drawing the ire of His Venerable.

At this moment, Lu Qingyu stood at the gate of the side palace, watching a maid decorating the door frame with mermaid pearls. His expressionless stare frightened the maid so much that her hands started to tremble, and the pearl suddenly fell to the ground.

The priceless mermaid pearl bounced a few times and rolled to the corner.


The maid instantly fell to her knees; her face was completely ashen. She prostrated on the ground, her lips were trembling, and she didn’t even dare to beg for mercy. The other maids also knelt down quickly, and the entire palace instantly turned as quiet as a graveyard.

Lu Qingyu’s expression had turned dark, but for some reason, his face quickly cleared up again.

“Finish the decoration by today.” Lu Qingyu turned around, and his red figure disappeared instantly.

The maid who had dropped the mermaid pearl stayed on the ground for a long time, as if she had lost her strength, until she slowly sat up again, “I-I’m…still alive…” She was stuttering with excitement.

The rest of the maids also stared in amazement, couldn’t believe that someone was still alive even after making a mistake in front of His Venerable himself, and no one was even punished. Why did His Venerable suddenly turn so merciful? Was it because of the new mistress of this palace?

At this moment, all the maids were awash with gratefulness towards the new mistress whom they had never seen.

Paying no heed to the maids’ moods, Lu Qingyu returned to his bedchamber and quickly entered the secret room. The moment he saw the shiny jade plaque inside, a rare look of joy appeared in his eyes.

“My daughter…” She finally returned!

This jade plaque was snatched by Lu Qingyu from Yao Jiuxiao. The human race knew many tricks, and they were the best at finding people. Yao Jiuxiao used the mutual attraction of bloodline to create a magic instrument that would detect once Lu Yaoyao appeared somewhere on the continent. Now that the jade plaque lit up, it meant that she had run out of that mysterious place.

As expected of his daughter! Lu Qingyu couldn’t wait to bring the child back to his Devil Realm. He stretched out his hand and swiped it aside, conjuring a circle of void midair. The void turned into a purple mirror that began to ripple, but Lu Qingyu quickly waved his hand again, diminishing the mirror before any image even appeared.

He had to be patient. If he took a look now, he couldn’t help bring her back to the Devil Realm immediately.

Before leaving Guiyuan Sect, Lu Qingyu was provoked by Yao Jiuxiao and made a heart demon oath, swearing that they would not go or show themselves in front of the child. She could choose whether to come to the Demon Realm or Cultivation Realm by herself, and none of them could force it.

Lu Qingyu gritted his teeth in annoyance, but he soon smiled proudly. If humans were cunning, then devils were the most cunning of all. He had left a little trick in their house in Cangshan, and the child would definitely come to the Devil Realm after seeing it.

By then, it would be too late for Yao Jiuxiao to protest!


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