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DDDV Ch 87 Part 1 – The Boy (I)

Lu Yaoyao sat on Shen Changyuan’s shoulder as he walked across the forest. Not only did this place was dark and gloomy, but it was also full of dangerous miasma. Although neither Lu Yaoyao nor Shen Changyuan was affected, it was enough to make the surrounding atmosphere even heavier.

Even Lu Yaoyao didn’t have the desire to chat, and she looked very depressed.

She just wanted to go home; why was it so difficult?

They walked for a while without seeing the exit, but suddenly, a loud noise rang from between the howling wind and rustling branches. Lu Yaoyao patted Shen Changyuan, “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s take a look!” It was a cub’s nature to be curious, and Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but want to see what was going on. It sounded quite lively!

Shen Changyuan silently took Lu Yaoyao to jump onto a branch of a tall tree ahead.

“Hit him! Hit him to death!”

“Dare to have a dirty thought about this Young Master’s cousin. You think you are worthy of her?”

“Just a lowly half-demon…”

The dull sound of punching fists kept sounding. Except for the frequent gasps and groans, only one voice was heard, yelling in full malice.

On the ground, a few servants punched and kicked a boy in tattered clothes, while another young man in gorgeous clothes stood aside and watched in a high and mighty manner. His face looking at the boy was full of contempt, as if looking at something dirty.

“You are just a rat in the gutter, only worthy of living under our feet for the rest of your life. My Li family gives you a bite to eat, not to make you delusional! My cousin sister is kind-hearted, but won’t she also find you disgusting once she discovers your dirty thought?”

“I never!” The boy, who until now was beaten passively without making a single sound, suddenly raised his voice. Upon closer observation, this boy was clearly not a pure human race. There was a pair of black ears on top of his head, and the two eyes that could be seen on his blood and mudstained face had vertical, beast-like pupils.

The young master was furious, “How dare you talk back to me? Hit him again, don’t stop!”

The boy’s body was already full of bruises and cuts, but his pair of vertical pupils kept glaring at the young master, full of unyieldingness.

Being glared at like that only enraged the young master even more. He drew out his saber; his eyes flashed fiercely with murderous intent.

This half-demon bastard was just a rat that even the servants could step on. Letting such a stain stay in the Li family would only bring shame and humiliation upon the Li surname, so he’d better take care of this bastard here and now!

When the young master remembered the ridicule he received from his peers for having a half-demon as a younger brother, his expression turned even more distorted. Especially after knowing how his cousin sister from his mother’s side treated this half-demon bastard with special kindness.

Such an eyesore should have been gotten rid of a long time ago.

Anyway, his father had never admitted such a lowly being as a son and would never make a fuss with him over the killing of a mere half-demon.

A dirty existence that should never exist — that was a half-human and half-demon.

The sharp sword was raised high, gleaming with cold light. Seeing this, the boy clenched his dirty and thin hands as his eyes revealed a sharp light. Clearly, he was not going to sit still and wait for death.

As the sword fell down, its trajectory was suddenly broken halfway by a burst of spiritual aura. The sword was broken in two, and one of its halves fell with a loud clang to the ground.

“Who?!” The young master clenched the remaining half of his sword as he looked around vigilantly. The servants also took positions to defend their young master with equal vigilance but found that the misty forest was totally quiet, save for the sound of rustling leaves and branches.

“This is a private matter of my Li family. Please do not interfere.” The young master tried to appear polite and courteous. Since this mysterious person was able to attack without him detecting anything, their cultivation base must be higher than his. Still, the young master was seething inside. Which busybody fool was interfering in his business?

There was still no response. Whoever made the attack clearly didn’t want to show themselves.

The young master knew he had missed the chance to kill the half-demon bastard. After giving the boy on the ground a cold glare, he hurriedly scurried away with his servants.

For a long time, the boy stayed motionless on the ground.

“Are you okay?” A cute and tender voice suddenly rang from above. Startled, the boy raised his head and looked up in the direction of the voice. There, he saw a beautiful little girl, poking her head from the branch as she looked at him with a pair of curios-filled big eyes.

When the boy saw the little girl, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes, but he soon turned expressionless again. The little dumpling in red jumped down from the tree with one smooth movement and stood in front of him, “Why didn’t you hide or resist when they beat you? The person seriously wanted to kill you just now.”

The boy didn’t say a word. The moment he saw the young man who suddenly appeared behind the little dumpling, his pupils contracted, and he turned into full vigilance mode, just like a cat that found himself in a threatening situation.

Lu Yaoyao turned to Shen Changyuan, feeling strange inside. Why was this person afraid of Brother Yuanyuan? Although Brother Yuanyuan looked cold and unapproachable, he was very kind and nice, ah!

“Don’t be afraid. Brother Yuanyuan and I are not bad guys.”

The boy finally stopped lying on the ground. Without saying a word, he got up, turned around, and started to limp away. Even after Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan meddled in other people’s business to save him, the boy still didn’t show them a good face and refused to say a single word. If they hadn’t heard him speak before, Lu Yaoyao would have thought that he was mute.

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan watched as the boy limped away. Lu Yaoyao pursed her lips in dissatisfaction. Although it was true that no one had asked them to help him, the boy’s attitude after they saved his life made her unhappy, as if they had done him a disservice. Still, Lu Yaoyao didn’t regret her earlier decision either, as she couldn’t stand still as she watched someone being killed. With this thought in mind, Lu Yaoyao quickly regained her vigor and no longer took the boy’s attitude to heart.

“Brother Yuanyuan, isn’t it said that demons, humans, and devils are not friendly to each other? If I’m not wrong, the person just now is a mixed blood of human and demon, right?” Lu Yaoyao had already learned how to distinguish a person’s identity by their aura.

Most of the residents of the Abyss were of mixed blood, mainly because the closed nature of the Abyss made the boundaries between races not as strict as the outside. To put it simply, there was no particular hostility between races in Abyss because prior to unification, all other beings except for oneself were either prey or enemies, regardless of race.

Those who remained and became Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan’s subjects after they unified the Abyss were mostly of mixed blood. Without a prior concept of racial prejudice and animosity, the coming of a peaceful era made the residents able to get along very harmoniously.

That was the situation of the present Abyss, but Lu Yaoyao knew that it was completely different outside. Although her Father and Daddy never instilled the idea of ‘other races are enemies’ in her, Lu Yaoyao still understood the concept, which was why her curiosity was tickled after seeing the half-demon, half-human boy, especially since the latter seemed to be familiar with the person who beat him just now.

Shen Changyuan explained, “There are indeed a lot of halves and mixed-race people.”

Lu Yaoyao’s brain instantly made up a tragic love story across races, exclaiming, “They must be very in love!” If not for true love, who would have the courage to break the shackles of prejudice and go against the taboo of the Three Realms to give birth to the crystallization of their love?

“…” Shen Changyuan, who saw Lu Yaoyao’s thoughts, stayed silent, unable to explain the truth to the innocent cub. In fact, there were very few cross-racial couples who stayed together because of love. Such a relationship was taboo and unacceptable by all races; thus, there was another, much darker reason behind the existence of many mixed-blood people.


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