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DDDV Ch 88 Part 2 – Home (II)

Lu Yaoyao wasn’t aware of Li Mu’s shock. After obtaining useful information, she left the tree cavern with Shen Changyuan.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Shen Changyuan, “Is it so difficult to cross the realm’s boundary?”

Shen Changyuan said to her, “Let’s go and take a look first.”

Knowing what Shen Changyuan was going to do, Lu Yaoyao shook her head. “Forget it. Let’s find a way to borrow the token instead.” Destroying the barrier would attract the attention of the human guards. If their identity as a demon race was exposed, the risk outweighed the gain.

Shen Changyuan frowned slightly. When he traveled to gain experience, the relationship between the three realms had yet to fall to this degree, and there was no such thing as a barrier on the boundary. Before he fell into the space-time crack, he vaguely heard that both the Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable seemed to be missing. In but just ten years, had the conflict escalated to this point?

Lu Yaoyao was in a hurry to return home, but she and Shen Changyuan did not leave immediately. Since they had saved Qianqian once, they’d rather do it to the end and thus decided to wait for Qianqian to wake up.

Qianqian’s health was not very good from begin with, and after being tormented by the poison for so long, she needed a good rest. Fortunately, she had a tenacious vitality, and when she finally woke up in the evening, she was strong enough to sit up by herself.

After knowing that Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan had saved her life, Qianqian was very grateful and couldn’t wait to repay their kindness with everything she had.

Li Mu said to her, “Sister Qianqian, it’s me who begged them, so this grace should be repaid by me. You don’t have to worry.”

Qianqian wasn’t willing to budge: “You did that to save me, so how come I let you shoulder it? My life is my own, so I should be the one who repays the gratitude.”

Lu Yaoyao watched as the two tried to take responsibility for repaying kindness from each other. A big question mark appeared on her small head, and she finally said, “You guys don’t have to worry about it. This just a little effort on our end, and we have also received the payment.” Lu Yaoyao waved her hand.

Qianqian couldn’t accept it. “How can it be counted? Any locals can tell you the same information A’mu told you.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know how to respond, so she said, “Then you can promise to do me a favor one day when I need your help. Just make sure that it’s within your ability.”

“Okay!” Qianqian solemnly promised.

When the sky turned dark, Qianqian warmly offered the two to spend the night here. Lu Yaoyao pondered for a while and received the invitation. Qianqian and the others were not the only residents of the settlement. Once the sun set, other mixed-blood people who had been out for the day came back one after another.

“Qianqian, are you better now?! That’s great!”

“Brother A’mu, look! I found a lot of fruit, very sweet!”

“I caught a mutant beast!”


Li Mu had totally put down his vigilance at this point. His eyes looking at the group of mixed-blood children were very gentle, and their lively voices made the mountain very lively.

Lu Yaoyao counted and found eleven people in total, all descendants of the human race, with mixed blood of either demon or devil. Except for the very old-looking half-demon granny, the others were very young, with the oldest only in his early twenties. This person had three red eyes, and Lu Yaoyao could tell his devil race heritage at a glance.

When the group of mixed races returned home and saw two unexpected guests, their initial reaction was to be on guard. All of them received harsh bullying throughout their lives and knew that humans looked down on mixed blood like them. Even though the two had saved Sister Qianqian, they didn’t dare to approach and only dared to watch from a distance.

Seeing the humbleness in those friendly eyes made Lu Yaoyao feel very uncomfortable, and she wanted to know more about these mixed-blood people. She tried to approach the two half-devils peeping from behind a tree trunk. The two half-devil children were very skinny and only half a head taller than her. They looked very alike, obviously twins.

To Lu Yaoyao’s surprise, her movement startled the twins, who disappeared in an instant, leaving her stunned for a while.

From how they ran, it was as if she was a man-eating beast…

After this episode, Lu Yaoyao no longer rashly tried to approach the kids and retired to a wooden house Li Mu prepared for them. The night was already deep, and it was Lu Yaoyao’s bedtime now, but she just lay on the bed without getting sleepy. After a while, she turned to look at Shen Changyuan, who was meditating cross-legged on a wooden bench.

Lu Yaoyao’s mind was full of countless thoughts, but she didn’t know how to express them. After a long toss and turn, she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Shen Changyuan opened his eyes and looked at Lu Yaoyao for a while before continuing to meditate.

Lu Yaoyao had another dream. This dream was full of devastation and destruction. The smoke of war, the color of blood, frosty winds upon countless corpses… and a man in a black robe, standing on the blood-stained ground, with a voice next to him, “…the plan has succeeded…”

From the hem of the black-robed man, the angle of view slowly moved upward until a face full of murderousness suddenly appeared in Lu Yaoyao’s eyes…


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