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DDDV Ch 88 Part 3 – Home (III)

When Lu Yaoyao woke up, she lay in a daze until Shen Changyuan, aware of the movement, came over. He picked her up, put her on the stool, and skillfully re-did her hair. Lu Yaoyao’s hair was thick, shiny, waist-length, and could be tied into various styles. Ever since she regained her human form, Shen Changyuan was always in charge of her hair maintenance.

The little girl’s chubby face made a frown, “Brother Yuanyuan, does human city sells cooling tea?”

“Huh?” What is that?

“I think I’ve gotten too much heat into my body recently, causing many strange dreams. I have to drink cooling tea to eliminate the internal heat.”

“…” Shen Changyuan silently checked, but he found no traces of a dream fiend on Lu Yaoyao. The dream that she said must be a normal dream.

“What did you dream about?” He asked.

Lu Yaoyao tried to recall and found that she could remember this dream, so she answered, “I dreamed of A’mu!”

“…” Shen Changyuan was silent. At this moment, he had the complicated feelings of a father who found the ‘daughter’ he had raised for so long actually dreamed of another man.

“There is nothing good about that kid, and you two have only met yesterday. He is so weak that I can pinch him to death with one finger.” There was sourness in Shen Changyuan’s tone.

Lu Yaoyao raised her face, surprised, “Brother Yuanyuan, you are like my Father and Daddy!” This is how Father and Daddy look when they are jealous!

“I feel like I have three fathers now…” Lu Yaoyao counted with her fingers. She finally understood why she felt cordial with Brother Yuanyuan at first sight. He was like the combination of her Father and Daddy! Of course they didn’t look alike at all, and it was all about personality. Just like Father, Brother Yuanyuan was cold on the outside and didn’t like to talk. On top of that, he was also very caring inside despite talking harshly at times, just like her Daddy.

Shen ‘Third Father’ Changyuan: “…”

Lu Yaoyao carefully stared into Shen Changyuan’s facial features, trying to find familiarity in his handsome face. Could it be that he was actually her long-lost big brother?

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s doubtful look, Shen Changyuan could see at a glance what her little brain was thinking about. In order to stop her imagination from running wild, he said to her, “We should depart now.”

Lu Yaoyao patted her newly-done hair, jumped off the wooden bench, and walked out of the wooden house with Shen Changyuan, intending to leave silently.

Just as they walked out, they saw a thin boy standing under the tree.

A day passed, and the wounds on Li Mu’s face had healed a lot. Yesterday, Lu Yaoyao wanted to gift him some ointment for the injuries, but Li Mu politely rejected it. Seeing the wounds had started to scab, it could be seen that the dark-colored paste Li Mu used was very effective.

Lu Yaoyao took a closer look at Li Mu’s face and was now 100% sure that the person she dreamed of was the grown-up version of this thin-looking youth. She didn’t quite understand the meaning of the dream, but she could sense that it was some kind of premonition. Li Mu should be growing up into a very powerful person in the future, but why was the scenery she saw so bloody…

When Lu Yaoyao was deep in thinking, a black figure suddenly blocked her view, and all she could see was Shen Changyuan’s thigh.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Li Mu limped forward and said, “I’ll send you off.”

“Thank you.”

Shen Changyuan turned around, scooped Lu Yaoyao, and put her on his shoulder. When he turned to Li Mu again, his eyes were very cold.

Li Mu suddenly felt a chill on his spine, and his ears instantly raised in vigilance.

Lu Yaoyao intercepted with a sweet voice, “Brother Yuanyuan, you are Yaoyao’s most important friend in the world! You are also my only big brother, and I love you so much!”

Shen Changyuan didn’t respond, but the corners of his lips twitched slightly, and the cold glacier in his eyes melted into a spring breeze. Whatever — he said to himself — he was already a few hundred years old and should be more tolerant of a mere brat.

The three of them proceeded through the misty forest. Thanks to Shen Changyuan’s speed, it didn’t take long until they saw a huge city ahead. Li Mu sent them to the edge of the forest and pointed, “We’re here. That is the Ye City.”

“Thank you, A’mu.” Lu Yaoyao waved her hand.

Shen Changyuan gave Li Mu another indifferent look for the last time. That short glance seemed to penetrate Li Mu’s soul, exposing all his hidden thoughts under the sun and making his blood frozen in fear.

“Only this time.” Shen Changyuan said, and took Lu Yaoyao away.

Lu Yaoyao turned to look at Li Mu, who was standing behind — alone and motionless. In the end, she finally said nothing.

The main gate of Ye City stood majestically ahead. Awash with people coming and going, it was a very lively city. Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan walked to the entrance of the city gate and lined up with the others for the entry procedure.

“The entrance fee is getting more and more expensive.” Someone in the crowd, apparently a cultivator, complained in a low voice.

“Shh, keep your voice down. Even if you are tired of living, don’t drag me to die with you!”

The first cultivator sullenly shut his mouth and stopped talking.

It was finally Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan’s turn. They handed over two mid-grade spirit stones and entered the Ye City smoothly. No wonder people complained about the entrance fee — one mid-grade spirit stone per person was not a number that everyone could afford. But Ye City was a border town, and people had no choice but to spend the night here, as staying outside the city wall was too dangerous.

It was the first time that Lu Yaoyao entered a human city. The lively and prosperous scenery mesmerized her, and she couldn’t have had enough of looking around. Unfortunately, her short figure limited her view, and all she could see were the legs of people coming and going.


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