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DDDV Ch 88 Part 4 – Home (IV)

It was the first time that Lu Yaoyao entered a human city. The lively and prosperous scenery mesmerized her, and she couldn’t have had enough of looking around. Unfortunately, her short figure limited her view, and all she could see were the legs of people coming and going.

Lu Yaoyao tugged at the hem of Shen Changyuan’s clothes, who promptly leaned down and picked her up. Now sitting on Shen Changyuan’s shoulder, Lu Yaoyao’s point of view instantly became much wider and higher.

“Wow!” Lu Yaoyao sighed in amazement. Living in this world for so many years, this was the most prosperous city she had ever seen.

Shen Changyuan took Lu Yaoyao to the largest restaurant in the city and ordered a private room for them.

While waiting for the shop’s signature dishes to come up, Lu Yaoyao leaned on the windowsill and watched the bustling city below with relish.

“Brother Yuanyuan, how can we borrow the token?”

“I have a way. We can leave tomorrow.”

Lu Yaoyao’s curiosity was piqued, and she wanted to know more about Shen Changyuan’s plan. Unfortunately, the other party seemed to want to be mysterious and remained silent.

Well, Lu Yaoyao thought to herself — even if Brother Yuanyuan refused to tell her now, wouldn’t she know it later in the evening?

As a result, Lu Yaoyao played too excitedly and was already too tired once the sun was out, so she fell asleep directly after dark.

After Shen Changyuan put on a spell to make her sleep deeper, he set up a barrier around the room, then quickly disappeared.

The Lis was one of the three great clans in Ye City. Tonight, the head of the clan was sitting at the desk in the main study room of the Li family manor, looking at a piece of jade Ruyi glowing with green light. This Ruyi, said to be an auspicious symbol, was a top-quality jade ware gifted by a person who wanted to curry favor with the Li family. Granted, even as one of the leaders of the prosperous Ye City, the Li Clan Head rarely saw such a large piece of high-quality jade. In fact, it was precious enough to be made into a gift for a large sect.

The Li Clan Head studied the jade Ruyi for a while before returning it to the box. He then stood up, opened a secret compartment in the study, and put the box into his private safe.

After leaving the secret compartment, the Li Clan Head closed the door and turned to leave the study. He had just taken two steps when he suddenly paused: “Who?”

When he turned around, a mysterious man whose face he couldn’t see was already standing behind him. A person who could infiltrate so deep into the manor and appear in the clan head study without making a single sound was definitely not someone to trifle with. The pressure released by the cultivation level of the Soul Transformation stage directly pressed down, and the overwhelming power sent shivers down the Li Clan Head’s spine.

“Forgive me for not welcoming Your Excellency properly. I was rude just now.” The Li Clan Head lowered his head and apologized in a humble tone. His cultivation base was just the early stage of the Nascent Soul. Facing a powerhouse in the late stage of Soul Transformation stage, he was not even qualified to resist, as the absolute difference in power meant that the other party could crush him with just a flick of a finger. Moreover, there were only a handful of Soul Transformation cultivators in the Cultivation Realm, and none he could offend.

A hoarse, indescribable voice rang, “I need a token.”

“This…” The Li Clan Head hesitated, “Excuse me, Your Excellency, but may I ask why?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t know.” Otherwise, you won’t even know how you die.

The Li Clan Head heard the implied meaning, and he began to sweat profusely. Thinking that the matter might involve some secret of a great sect, he didn’t dare to inquire further.

“Your Excellency, please wait a moment.” The Li Clan Head quickly produced a black token and respectfully handed it with both hands.

The man moved his hand, and the token appeared in his palm in an instant.

“Keep today’s matter a secret, understand?”

“I understand. Your Excellency, please be assured. I will never leak what happened tonight.”

“Very good.”

The next second, the figure disappeared, leaving not a single trace of his visit just a moment ago.

The Li Clan Head maintained the bowing posture. His back was drenched in sweat, and it took him a while before he finally dared to raise his head. As he wiped the sweat from his forehead, his eyes gleamed in deep contemplation.

As the head of the Li clan, he might be standing at the top of the food chain in Ye City, but outside, he was nothing in front of the great sects. The Cultivation Realm respected the strong. If he accidentally angered a powerhouse, the other party could easily destroy the entire Li family in retaliation.

The Li Clan Head couldn’t afford to offend a Soul Transformation cultivator. However, the Li family had a backer, and he was determined to contact this backer to report tonight’s matter as soon as possible.

When Lu Yaoyao woke up again, she was lying on Shen Changyuan’s back. She rubbed her eyes sleepily as her dazed eyes slowly regained focus. She then looked around. Shen Changyuan was moving at a light speed, and the scenery around them passed by so fast that it was totally blurred.

“You’re awake?”

“Brother Yuanyuan?” Lu Yaoyao poked her little head and leaned on Shen Changyuan’s shoulder. “Where are we?”

“The Demon Realm.”

“Demon Realm?!” Lu Yaoyao jolted in shock.

“Yeah.” To save time, he took the sleeping little girl and passed through the boundary barrier the moment he got the token.

Lu Yaoyao was so surprised that she even forgot to ask how Shen Changyuan obtained the token. She babbled excitedly, “Are we going home now?”

“Yes.” Shen Changyuan once traveled around the Demon Realm to gain experience. Although he had never been to Duanping Mountain Range, he knew its rough location.

The Duanping Mountain Range was located within the territory of the White Tiger Demon King, and they were now in the Peacock Demon King’s territory. Shen Changyuan’s seemed to be walking unhurriedly, but each step he took moved them dozens of miles away. However, the Duanping Mountain Range was too remote, and even with the fast-travel technique, they were still far from the destination.

Lu Yaoyao’s excitement was beyond words, and her heart was pounding fast.

They are already in the Demon Realm. She is finally going home!!

The return journey was smooth and uneventful. After two days of running, the two finally crossed the wasteland and entered the Duanping territory. Lu Yaoyao saw the scenery she was so familiar with. Gazing into the towering mountains in the distance, she seemed to see herself being carried on Daddy’s shoulder, seeing Father walking silently on the side, seeing herself jumping around with her friends…

Tears streamed down Lu Yaoyao’s face. Unable to hold back anymore, she slipped off Shen Changyuan’s back and ran forward with a cry.


Yaoyao… is back…


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