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DDDV Ch 89 Part 1 – They Are Gone… (I)

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were hazy with tears. She couldn’t see the road ahead, but the way home was already engraved in her bones. Like a gust of wind, the red dumpling rushed towards the wooden house at the foot of Cangshan mountain.



Familiar scenery entered her field of view. The only tree in the yard was lush with green foliage, very lively with birds jumping and chirping on the branch. And then there was the blue lake on the other side, looking exactly the same as she remembered.

Lu Yaoyao stopped in front of the wooden house, wiping away her tears as she looked up at the closed door. The house, the tree, the lake… everything still looked the same, as if she had never left even a day. She then shouted several times, calling for her Father and Daddy, waiting for them to rush out and give her a big hug.

But no one came out.

Like an abandoned child, Lu Yaoyao stood alone in front of the door; her face was blank.

Where is Father? Where is Daddy?

Why don’t they show up? Where have they gone? Don’t they miss their cub?

Lu Yaoyao ran into the house, calling for her two fathers. She looked everywhere, even under the beds and table, but found no one.

“Father, Daddy, where are you?” Lu Yaoyao didn’t even realize that her voice was trembling with fear. She searched every inch of the house, but failed to see the figures she wanted to see the most.

Lu Yaoyao cried even more loudly.

Father, Daddy…

Lu Yaoyao ran out crying. Just as she passed the barrier, someone caught her and lifted her little body. “Father?” Lu Yaoyao looked up in surprise. From her hazy view, she saw Shen Changyuan’s face. She rubbed her tearful eyes several times. When her vision became clearer, she was immediately disappointed.

Seeing the girl crying so much that her eyes turned red, Shen Changyuan was very distressed. Aside from the time she had just fallen into the Abyss and was woken up by a nightmare, Shen Changyuan had never seen her crying so sadly.

When Lu Yaoyao dashed over, he immediately ran after her, but did not expect to be blocked by a barrier. Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao was so overwhelmed by emotions and didn’t notice that she had left him behind.

Shen Changyuan was a bit sour, but he reluctantly consoled himself — Yaoyao was anxious to be reunited with her family, so it was normal that she temporarily forgot about him.

However, it didn’t take long for the little dumpling to run out again and cry even louder, but not out of the joy of seeing the family she had been missing for so long.

“Father and Daddy are gone…” Seeing Shen Changyuan, Lu Yaoyao cried even more aggrievedly. Anyone who finally returned home after going through many hardships but only to find that the house was empty and their family was nowhere to be seen would certainly feel very sad, and Lu Yaoyao cried so hard that she could hardly breathe.

Shen Changyuan finally knew why the cub was crying, so he quickly comforted, “Yaoyao, don’t cry. Your Father and Daddy must have been out to find you.”

Anyone could see that this little girl must be very well-loved and pampered. Only a child who grew up with wholehearted love could be so sweet. Just like a little sun, those close to her would be invigorated by her warmth.

“Your Father and Daddy love you so much. You went missing, so they must be looking for you.”

The cry gradually subsided. Lu Yaoyao hiccupped and said, “Re-really?”

After the sadness and fear of being abandoned dissipated, Lu Yaoyao was no longer so sad. Right — she thought. Her Father and Daddy loved her so much. After she suddenly disappeared, they must be crazily looking for her everywhere. It was normal that they were not at home.

“What should we do now?” Having cried so hard just now, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t stop sobbing and hiccuping for a while. She was happy that her Father and Daddy didn’t abandon her, but she was also sad that they missed out on each other. The world was so big; where should she go to find them? However, this new sadness was no longer a grief-stricken one, and another hope grew in Lu Yaoyao’s heart.

“Let’s wait at home. Your fathers must have a way to contact you.”


“Yaoyao? Is it you, Yaoyao?” A voice suddenly sounded. Lu Yaoyo turned around and saw an old woman with peach blossom patterns on her face standing not far away, looking surprised and happy.

“Peach Blossom Granny!” When Lu Yaoyao saw the familiar face, her teary eyes immediately brightened, and she waved her chubby hand joyfully, “Peach Blossom Granny!”

“It’s really Yaoyao. You’re back!” The peach blossom demon’s voice trembled with excitement. When she heard the cub’s crying voice just now, she mistook herself to be hallucinating, yet she still came over to take a look.

After Lu Yaoyao’s family of three left Cangshan, the mountain seemed very deserted, and even the cubs seemed less lively. The residents had already regarded the family as one of their own, especially the little cub, who was born and grew up here, and they couldn’t get used to not seeing the figure of the little red dumpling, running and jumping with other cubs in the mountains and forests.

Lu Yaoyao slid down from Shen Changyuan’s arms and ran towards the peach blossom demon with her short legs. She opened her hands, asking for a huge hug, “Peach Blossom Granny, I really miss you!”

“Granny misses Yaoyao too!”

“…It’s good that you are back. By the way, where are your father and daddy? Didn’t you come back together? …You guys, ah. Why did you leave so suddenly? You didn’t even say anything in advance… we were all caught off guard.” The peach blossom demon hugged Lu Yaoyao tightly, reluctant to let go of the cub.

Hearing this, Lu Yaoyao blinked slightly. Granny thought that she had left with her family? After a bit of pondering, Lu Yaoyao got it. In order to not make everyone worry, Father and Daddy must have told a lie to the demons at Cangshan after finding out that she was missing.

Now Lu Yaoyao was one hundred percent certain that she was not abandoned.

“Yaoyao, who is this person?”

“This is my big brother. Brother Yuanyuan.”

“So you are Yaoyao’s brother,” the peach blossom demon smiled enthusiastically, “Are you bringing Yaoyao back to play? What a good brother.”

“Yaoyao, do you want to go to Granny’s house? Granny will make you the peach blossom soup that you like.”

“Okay! I miss your peach blossom soup!” Swallowing her saliva, Lu Yaoyao nodded happily.

Suddenly there was a tremor on the ground. Lu Yaoyao raised her eyes and saw a group of fluffy masses dashed down the mountain.




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