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DDDV Ch 9 Part 1 – She Seems to Know What is Happening Here (I)

Beautiful Father walked towards Lu Yaoyao with a big bowl full of strange liquid in his hand. The liquid was ominously purple-black and boiling with bubbles. A black gas permeated above the bowl, and a strange smell spread in the air.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened full of horror.

What kind of poisonous thing is this?

Beautiful Daddy smiled very proudly: “Our race really likes to eat this thing, but I am the only one who has a limitless supply.”

The mysterious ‘seasoning’ Lu Qingyu put into the broth was a devilish herb that only grew in the darkest and deepest abyss in the Devil Realm. Although the growing condition was harsh, this herb contained a lot of devilish aura on top of its superb taste. It was the supreme delicacy beloved by the devil race. Because of its scarcity, only the top-level devils were eligible to enjoy this herb. Even so, they could only occasionally taste it.

Of course, except for Lu Qingyu. He had a bunch of this herb stored in his grotto-space, and he was the only one who could eat it anytime he wanted. This kid was his only bloodline, and she had the honor to enjoy this herb as she liked.

Lu Yaoyao stared at the strange liquid in horror. Her whole body was full of resistance.

No! I’m not drinking this!

I, Lu Yaoyao, will never take a sip, even if I starved to death!

I, will, never, drink, this!

Glup glup glup….

Woohoo! She has only transmigrated for a few days. Is she going to die like this? She hasn’t lived enough yet…

Lu Yaoyao cried miserably.

Ah, Daddy, Father, goodbye!

Glup glup glup….

Huh? It tastes good?

Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes. Teardrops were still hanging on her long, curled eyelashes. After drinking, Lu Yaoyao slowly licked her small lips.

Why is it so delicious?

“Look, I said Zhu’er would like it.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was cold. His eyebrows twitched a few times, and he looked at his daughter with a complicated gaze.

It turned out this child liked this.

“Whaaaaa!” The next moment, Lu Yaoyao cried even more miserably.

Unexpectedly, after she became a demon, even her taste changed. When drinking such a horrendous concoction, she actually thought it was delicious!

So terrible!

Beautiful Daddy was puzzled, “Why are you crying? Is it because you like it so much and want to eat more?”

“Don’t worry. There are still many. All for you.”

“Whaaaaa!” Don’t say it. She is even sadder. Ah, ah aaah!!!

Lu Yaoyao suffered a huge blow both on her body and mind. She was lying down on the couch in a silent depression, and didn’t even want to drink spiritual milk, eating the delicious fruit, taking a bath, or going out to play.

She is no longer human…

Lu Qingyu propped his cheek and watching the little child on the couch, who was hiding her chubby face and cocking her small butt. His fingers became itchy to tease her again.

“Zhu’er, what’s the matter?”

“Are you bored?”

Lu Qingyu was ignored. With the child refused to play with him, Lu Qingyu felt bored. He lightly poked her fat little butt, “Zhu’er?”

Lu Yaoyao buried her entire face on the couch. Her butt wiggled, trying to avoid Beautiful Daddy’s harassment. But no matter where it moved, her little butt still couldn’t escape Beautiful Daddy’s persistent harassment.

Lu Yaoyao was angry and turned over with a fierce yell. She waved her hands and kicked her little feet furiously.

Lu Qingyu smiled playfully and turned Lu Yaoyao over with a move of his finger.

Lu Yaoyao lay flat on her stomach. After pulling her limbs a few times, she subconsciously propped up her body, and suddenly discovered that her soft hands and feet had become much stronger. She could crawl now!

With a loud babble, she crawled over to Beautiful Daddy and pounced on him.

Lu Qingyu was pounced by his daughter. He smiled dangerously: “Kid, you are too courageous.”

“The last person who dared to be disrespectful to This Venerable, even their grave had long been gone.”

“Dare to climb on This Venerable’s head…” Lu Qingyu narrowed his eyes and threatened the child menacingly.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and babbled. She didn’t feel scared at all and excitedly threw herself on Lu Qingyu, covering his face with her plump and soft belly.

“Yah!” Beautiful Daddy is just a paper tiger. Lu Yaoyao isn’t afraid of him!

Beautiful Daddy flopped twice and fell on the couch with a soft thump.

Lu Yaoyao smiled triumphantly.

It took a long time for Lu Qingyu to tear off the little child who was pasting herself on his face. His handsome face turned red with anger: “Little rascal, you are finished!”

Having succeeded in her revenge, Lu Yaoyao was so happy that she giggled and immediately crawled away excitedly.

“See how I will deal with you!”

“Kyaa, kyaa!”

Yao Jiuxiao, who was meditating on a corner of the couch, listened to the father and daughter frolicking around. His lips twitched slightly. It seemed that both the spiritual fruit and ten thousand devil’s herb were very useful for the child’s body. A few days ago, she could only lay on her back, but today, she could already crawl around vigorously.

After Lu Yaoyao realized that she could crawl, she began to crawl everywhere on the couch. In the beginning, she was not very proficient and her hands and feet were relatively weak, so she had to take frequent breaks after a short while.

Soon, the wide couch could no longer satisfy her ambition to conquer the world.

Lu Yaoyao moved excitedly, wanting to crawl out of the couch. Then she suddenly felt both of her hands stepped on nothing, and her head and upper body fell forward. When she was about to fell to the ground, a leg blocked her path, and then she was lifted up.

Lu Yaoyao gripped Beautiful Daddy’s leg and grinned innocently.

Lu Qingyu pushed the child back on the couch and then put his long leg in front of her.

“Ah, ah!” Even facing a great mountain, it couldn’t stop her from running towards the seven seas.

Lu Yaoyao grabbed the trousers in front of her eyes, tugged hard, and began to climb the great mountain.

Lu Qingyu suddenly felt amused. He raised his leg and pushed lightly. The little child fell back with her limbs dangled upright.

“Hahaha…” This kid is so funny.

Lu Yaoyao raised her head and looked up with a dazed face, wondering why she was suddenly like this.

When the realization finally sunk in, Lu Yaoyao bawled.

Lu Qingyu’s smile hadn’t yet faded when the loud cry reverberated. He immediately shouted: “Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter is crying, hurry up and coax her!”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao already got used to coaxing his daughter. He took Lu Yaoyao out, and she soon stopped crying.

Lu Yaoyao looked at the scenery outside and was extremely happy. She was going to explore the world from here!


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