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DDDV Ch 9 Part 2 – She Seems to Know What is Happening Here (II)

Lu Yaoyao looked at the scenery outside and was extremely happy. She was going to explore the world from here!

It took Yao Jiuxiao a long time to understand her gesture. But the ground was so hard and dirty. Yao Jiuxiao contemplated for a moment before taking out an intact monster beast skin from his grotto-space, spread it on the ground, and put Lu Yaoyao on it.

The little girl crawled around excitedly. Yao Jiuxiao always paid attention to his daughter’s movement. Whenever she was about to crawl out of the beast skin’s area, he turned her around with a spell.

Seeing that Lu Yaoyao stopped crying, Lu Qingyu also came out. He sat on the monster beast skin and said brashly: “Yao Jiuxiao, what other good things do you have? Quickly take all out.”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t know what was suitable for the child to play. He thought for a moment, and a bunch of things suddenly appeared on the ground. Each of them was a legendary and extremely rare treasure; there was a jade bone that could be used to make top-grade artifacts, legendary tear beads, a few artifact swords, and even spiritual herbs of the highest quality; all were taken out.

Lu Yaoyao crawled over curiously. She grabbed a handful of items, and thought that these things were odds. She saw one of the leafy plants had fruit, so she put it into her mouth. Immediately after, her chubby face wrinkled in surprise. Lu Yaoyao quickly threw the fruit aside. It was very sour!

She then moved her eyes and saw a long-shaped item inlaid with various jewels in a complex pattern. She reached out her hand and tried to pick it up. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she changed her target again.

This time, a round pearl attracted Lu Yaoyao’s attention. She crawled over and stretched her chubby hand. Before she could touch it, the pearl rolled away. Lu Yaoyao crawled forward and tried again, but every time she was about to touch the pearl, it immediately rolled away. Chasing the pearl, Lu Yaoyao crawled faster and faster.

Lu Qingyu rolled his eyes and took out a seven-colored pearl out of thin air. Even if it was daytime, the pearl excluded colorful light.

“Pearl (Zhu’er).1

As soon as Lu Yaoyao heard Beautiful Daddy’s voice, she turned her head and looked over.

Lu Yaoyao saw a beautiful seven-colored pearl in Beautiful Daddy’s hand. Children were instinctively attracted to brightly colored things. With the pearl as the contrast, the pile of items Beautiful Father took out seemed to be boring and ordinary.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t hesitate to abandon her old lover for a new fling, and quickly crawled towards Beautiful Daddy.

“Aaaaah!” Pretty pearl!

“Pearl (Zhu’er).”


“Pearl (Zhu’er).”

“Ah, ah!” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were glued on the pretty pearl, and her small body almost pounced on Beautiful Daddy.

Lu Qingyu called out ‘Pearl (Zhu’er)’ several times. After getting a response every time, he became satisfied and handed the pearl to Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao excitedly picked up the seven-colored pearl, her eyes sparkling.

Lu Qingyu proudly showed off to Yao Jiuxiao, “Look, Zhu’er likes this name so much. She answered every time I call!” In the future, his little princess would definitely follow his surname.

Yao Jiuxiao who perceived Lu Qingyu’s sinister intention: “…”

After Lu Yaoyao could crawl, she was even more unwilling to stay in the house. The first thing he did after she woke up every day was to point to the door, asking either Beautiful Father or Beautiful Daddy to take her outside so she could use her own hands and feet to explore the world.

Lu Qingyu felt bored sometimes. Although the child was fun to play with, but doing the same routine every day was boring. Except for meditating, their daily activities were just walked around with the child.

But now there was another thing: taking turns to go out and hunting.

There was no more spiritual milk to buy, so the child’s daily consumption was now limited, and every day he and Yao Jiuxiao had to hunt meat and cook it into a broth for her. Although she drank it with closed eyes and cried every time, the meat broth had become one of her staple food.

Later, they finally learned why the child always cried: it was because the broth’s appearance was repulsive to her.

This made Lu Qingyu very annoyed. The child’s aesthetics actually followed Yao Jiuxiao, this human race.

How could it be repulsive? The broth clearly looked delicious with the herb’s seasoning.

Today was Lu Qingyu’s turn to go hunting. Although Duanping Mountain Range had a sparse aura, it was still inhabited by a lot of monster beast, which was normal. After all, the demons living here had low cultivation levels, so they naturally needed food to live.

When Lu Qingyu was hunting on the periphery of Cangshan Mountain, there was always a group of young demons circling him. Unlike the cold and taciturn Yao Jiuxiao, Lu Qingyu was more talkative and got along better with Cangshan demons.

If it was Yao Jiuxiao’s turn to go out hunting, those demons only looked from far away, and no one dared to come close at all. But with Lu Qingyu, it was different. The neighbor demons dared to come and talk with him.

Lu Qingyu was not in a hurry to go back after hunting. Anyway, the two of them were bound with strict restrictions. As long as one of them stepped out of the designated boundary, the other party would definitely notice. Facing only the child and Yao Jiuxiao every day was quite boring, so Lu Qingyu was quite welcome with these weak demons striking up a conversation with him.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes seemed to emit a charm, which made young female demons blushed and their heartbeat hastened. They surrounded Lu Qingyu and talked shyly.

“Brother Yu, is the outside world really so wonderful?”

“Of course, there are countless wonderful things outside.”

“It’s a pity that we never left the Duanping Mountain Range since we were born. It would be great if we could take a look.”

“Right, right!”

“I really envy you and Brother Xiao. You can travel outside and see many things.”

“Brother Yu, tell us more!”

“Humans are so wicked. How did you defeat them and escape?”

“Yes. Tell us more about humans’ wickedness!”

“No hurry, let’s talk slowly.” Lu Qingyu said with a smile. He was surrounded by a group of young female demons, and he was in a good mood. As expected, This Venerable’s charm was unparalleled.

While Lu Qingyu was spending a lively time outside, Yao Jiuxiao was left to take care of the baby at home.

Yao Jiuxiao turned his head and looked into the distance to sense Lu Qingyu’s position—it seemed that he wouldn’t return so soon.

So he sat next to the playing Lu Yaoyao. With a cold face, he said in a small voice: “Shu’er, Shu’er.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…?”

She seemed to know what was happening here.


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  1. Yes, the ‘Zhu’ in Lu Manzhu name literally means ‘pearl.’

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  1. Thanks for the chapters. They made me smile.

    I love our cute family’s interactions. I wonder when our princess will be able to talk, and tell them her name. Though it is cute to see how the dads are trying to get her to accept their chosen name.

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