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DDDV Ch 90 Part 1 – Daddy!! (I)

When Lu Yaoyao was deep in slumber, a gleaming black light suddenly emitted from her bed. As if having consciousness, the black light revolved a few times in mid-air before diving toward the sleeping little girl on the bed.

The black light was just about to enter Lu Yaoyao’s consciousness when a tall figure suddenly appeared. As the black mist surrounding the figure dissipated, he waved his hand, and the black light in the air disappeared instantly.

The man who suddenly appeared was dressed in bright red. His handsome features were flashy and flamboyant, looking very aggressive. But when his eyes met his sleeping daughter, his gaze softened, and the aggressiveness on his body seemed to melt away in an instant.

Lu Qingyu leaned over and picked up the cub. As if sensing the familiar touch that gave her a sense of safety, Lu Yaoyao’s frowning eyebrows smoothed out, and her little chubby hands moved to Lu Qingyu’s clothes, grabbing onto his front lapel as she rubbed her face on his chest, full of intimacy, “Daddy…”

Lu Qingyu’s heart softened.

My daughter…

As Lu Qingyu took his steps, the door opened without a sound, and he walked out of the house with his little girl in his arms. There stood Yao Jiuxiao in the yard, dressed in white, looking at Lu Qingyu with a frosty face.

Time turned back to a few hours ago. The moment Lu Yaoyao arrived in Duanping, both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao sensed it at the first moment. His little cub came home — Lu Qingyu’s bad mood instantly cleared up, and he was very proud when he thought of the message he had secretly left behind. He hid it so well so that Yao Jiuxiao would never find what he had done. Now, he only needed to wait until the kid saw the message and immediately came to the Devil Realm.

However, it didn’t take long for Lu Qingyu to grow impatient, and he finally couldn’t hold back the impulse to take a glance at his daughter. In any case — he made an excuse to himself — he had to make sure nothing went wrong on her side.

Thus Lu Qingyu took out a photo stone connected to the wooden house and saw his cub, crying so sadly as she frantically looked for him and Yao Jiuxiao. The figure of the heartbroken child made Lu Qingyu’s heart twitch. He almost couldn’t hold himself from rushing to her side in that instant, but it was at this moment that he saw a scene that made him about to explode on the spot: his cub running into an unfamiliar man who hugged her in comfort. From the way the cub hugged the man back, it was clear that they were very familiar with each other.

Lu Qingyu’s expression cracked.

Who is this bastard?

A terrifying momentum suddenly unleashed, blowing away the furniture inside the throne room where Lu Qingyu stood. All the guards and servants in the palace sensed the pressure and instantly fell to their knees, shivering in terror.

How could Lu Qingyu sit still and do nothing? All his previous calculations — the heart demon oath he made with Yao Jiuxiao, his scheme to make the cub come to the Devil Realm on her own initiative — were blown away from his mind in an instant, leaving only one remaining thought: why is his cub so close with an unknown man?

At this moment, Lu Qingyu had an unprecedented sense of crisis, feeling his little cub was about to be taken away. Unable to wait anymore, he flicked his sleeves and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Yao Jiuxiao equally couldn’t wait to see his daughter. Three years was not long for him, as his solitary retreat was usually counted in years or even decades. But when the same timeframe was applied to his own little girl, what used to be short suddenly felt extremely long. In the end, Yao Jiuxiao succumbed. Promising himself that he would only take a look in secret and wouldn’t interfere with Lu Yaoyao’s choice, he finally set off to see his daughter.

When he arrived, Yao Jiuxiao found that Lu Qingyu was already there, and, looking at his appearance, it was clear that he was about to take the child away. “What are you doing?” Yao Jiuxiao frowned, “You swore to let Yaoyao choose by herself. Are you going to break your oath?”

“Just a mere demon heart oath, what does it count?” Lu Qingyu said arrogantly, “When This Venerable stands at the top of the sky, such an oath will be nothing.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression sank.

Seeing this, Lu Qingyu sneered, “You think This Venerable cannot even protect one kid?”

He could let her grow up freely, but it must be under his eyes. As long as his little cub was happy, he didn’t care even if he was to destroy the entire Devil Realm.

Yao Jiuxiao had nothing to say. The moment he saw Lu Yaoyao crying, his heart was already softened. How could he be willing to make her so sad? When they made this oath in the beginning, it was because the situation no longer allowed him and Lu Qingyu to raise the child together.

The Three Realms fell into turbulence because of their disappearance. He needed to return to Guiyuan Sect to appease other sects, while Lu Qingyu also needed to deter the restless devil race. Moreover, staying in such a secluded environment and having contact only with simple-minded locals was not conducive to Lu Yaoyao’s long-term growth, and thus the child’s sudden disappearance into the time-space crack was simply the trigger for the inevitable.

However, neither Yao Jiuxiao nor Lu Qingyu was willing to compromise for the other, so in the end, they agreed to leave the choice to the child, letting her free to either go to the Devil Realm or the Cultivation Realm.

To ensure that they both abide by the agreement, they make a heart demon oath. But when the time really came, the two venerables were still caught off guard. Seeing the little cub crying so heartbrokenly because she couldn’t find them, their initial determination was greatly shaken.

If not for Lu Qingyu to arrive one step earlier, the one who was about to carry the cub away should be Yao Jiuxiao. But the reality was that he was one step late and had to admit defeat.

Yao Jiuxiao gave Lu Qingyu an icy stare.

Lu Qingyu sneered openly.

At this moment, Shen Changyuan, who was meditating in the room, sensed the abnormality outside and opened his eyes abruptly. Like a gust of wind, he rushed out of the house and found two people in the yard, staring at each other.

The two, one with a cold face and the other with a smile, turned their eyes over to Shen Changyuan. Both gazes were full of cold scrutiny and seemed to be penetrating into one’s soul, making Shen Changyuan inevitably break into a cold sweat.

Two powerful spiritual pressures swept over him, yet Shen Changyuan didn’t move an inch. His posture was stable as he cupped his hands and gave the two a greeting, “Younger generation Shen Changyuan greets two seniors.”


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