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DDDV Ch 90 Part 2 – Daddy!! (II)

Two powerful spiritual pressures swept over him, yet Shen Changyuan didn’t move an inch. His posture was stable as he cupped his hands and gave the two a greeting, “Younger generation Shen Changyuan greets two seniors.”

That’s right. Shen Changyuan, who remembered every inch of the little cub’s appearance by heart, naturally did not fail to guess the identity of the two, as they both looked very similar to her… or rather, it should be said that the cub was very similar to them, so they must be the Father and Daddy she always spoke about.

Lu Qingyu narrowed his eyes slightly. His smile faded, and the pressure he unleashed suddenly turned into a murderous aura. Like invisible sharp blades, the aura rushed menacingly toward Shen Changyuan, bringing with them a loud gust of wind.

Shen Changyuan kept his eyes low and stayed in place, as if he did not notice the incoming danger.

The sharp blades stopped less than an inch away from his skin.

“Not a coward, it seems.” Lu Qingyu snorted and dissipated his murderous aura. “You have done well taking care of this kid.” At second glance, this brat turned out to be a divine beast that had fallen into half-devil. The latter part was nothing strange, but Yuanqi Continent had been without the blood of divine beasts for thousands of years, so where did he come from?

“This is the honor of this younger generation.” When the topic turned to Lu Yaoyao, Shen Changyuan’s expression softened subconsciously. He turned his gaze at the little cub who was sleeping so soundly in the man’s arm and said again, “It’s actually Yaoyao who has taken great care of me.”

If not for Lu Yaoyao, he probably would still be trapped in the depth of the Abyss, unable to intricate himself as the harsh environment slowly eroded his former self.

Hearing this, Lu Qingyu’s eyes turned cold. His little princess did what?

Lu Qingyu was no longer in a hurry to leave. He carried the little girl back into the house and sat on the chair.

Yao Jiuxiao also walked in, his cold eyes swept across Shen Changyuan.

“Come in and sit down. Tell This Venerable about the kid’s experience these past three years.” Lu Qingyu lightly patted Lu Yaoyao, making her sleep more comfortably.

Shen Changyuan’s back was already damp with cold sweat, but he politely nodded and followed into the house. Sitting on the farthest chair, he began to narrate their experience in the Abyss with a composed language. Because they were the cub’s parents, Shen Changyuan was more than willing to treat them with the respect of a younger generation, and he was careful to always maintain the utmost politeness.

The talk ran for the entire second half of the night. Shen Changyuan didn’t go into the smallest detail and only briefly spoke about the time they were looking for the exit, focusing on the days after they unified the Abyss. After he finished, he looked at Lu Qingyu, who had been holding the sleeping cub all this time, and asked, “Senior, are you going to take Yaoyao back to the Devil Realm?”

Lu Qingyu’s gaze suddenly turned sharp, “Do you know who I am?”

Shen Changyuan replied politely and calmly, “If this younger generation did not guess wrong, you are the lord of the Devil Realm, and the senior over here is the Dao Venerable of the human race.”

Shen Changyuan once met other demon kings, but none of them had even half of the pressuring feeling he got from the two in front of him. Despite his current cultivation base, facing them made him feel like an ant in front of a giant — weak and insignificant.

For this reason, the moment he saw them, two names arose in Shen Changyuan’s mind: the Devil Venerable Chijia Luo and the Dao Venerable Yao Hengwu.

It was rumored that Devil Venerable was fond of red clothes, and the only one who could stand in equal measure with the Devil Venerable was the Dao Venerable of the human race.

Shen Changyuan had never seen the only two Great Ascension cultivators in Yuanqi Continent, but he could guess their identity at a glance. He once was curious about Lu Yaoyao’s background, thinking that she was the descendant of someone close to Dao Venerable Hengwu, but never in his wildest dream did he expect her parents to be the Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable themselves.

After getting the confirmation of their identity, Shen Changyuan had a rare moment of stun. His mind was blank, unable to digest the sudden, shocking truth.

Wasn’t it said that Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable were deadly enemies? How come…

Lu Qingyu snorted, “Not too stupid.” He stood up, carefully made sure that the cub in his hand was lying comfortably, then turned coldly at Shen Changyuan, “This kid is This Venerable’s treasure, the little princess of the entire Devil Realm. She is not someone that anyone can covet.”

Shen Changyuan was surprised by the sudden warning, but he quickly made a vow, “I treat Yaoyao like a younger generation and have absolutely no intention of coveting her.”

Shen Changyuan once wanted to make Yaoyao his goddaughter and bring her up, but the girl refused vehemently. Since then, he had taken care of the cub as the only close person, almost like a father. A bit while back, learning that Yaoyao was dreaming about a man-made him jealous, so he especially understood Devil Venerable’s feelings at this moment.

But when reality hit Shen Changyuan and he realized that the cub had found her fathers and they would no longer rely solely on each other, his heart suddenly became astringent, and for a moment, he had an impulse to snatch her over.

“Very good.”

Lu Qingyu was about to leave with Lu Yaoyao when he noticed that Shen Changyuan was following silently. He turned back and said, “The kid is now under This Venerable’s care.” The implied meaning: you can scram now.

Shen Changyuan lowered his eyes, “This younger generation promised to always protect Yaoyao by her side.”

“You?” Lu Qingyu snorted. “With that little cultivation of yours, you want to protect my little princess? How funny.”

Shen Changyuan was silent for a moment, then firmly said: “In less than a hundred years, this younger generation will definitely reach the cultivation base of the Great Ascension stage.”

Lu Qingyu sneered. The next moment, his body flashed, and he and the child in his arms instantly disappeared.

Yao Jiuxiao remained silent. All this time, his eyes never left his daughter, and even after Lu Qingyu left with her, he still remained motionless. The Lu Qingyu in his current state was extremely dangerous — if he insisted on giving chase and trying to snatch the child, Lu Qingyu would not have any scruples in fighting back, putting everything around them in danger. Having understood this, Yao Jiuxiao’s pupils narrowed, but he finally gave up.

Shen Changyuan stood in a daze as the night wind blew upon him. Staring in the direction where the Devil Venerable took the cub and left, his hands clenched into fists subconsciously. He was not willing to be separated from Lu Yaoyao, but he understood very well that he had no qualifications to even protest.

The cub’s parents were the two most powerful people on Yuanqi Continent. With their protection, she would grow up the most carefree and happy child in the world.

Even if when she got lost and separated from her fathers, there were countless precious artifacts to protect her safety.

At this moment, an ambition surged in Shen Changyuan’s heart. He was nothing now, but he also wanted to become someone the cub could depend on…

Shen Changyuan’s gaze shifted and fell in a certain direction in the Demon Realm.

Lu Yaoyao reluctantly woke up from a sweet dream. In her dream, she found her Father and Daddy. With the addition of a new member Brother Yuanyuan, their family of four lived happily ever after together. The dream was so sweet that Lu Yaoyao giggled in her sleep. But when she opened her eyes and saw the unfamiliar bed curtain, the little dumpling was stunned for a moment.

Where is this? Did she fall into a strange place again?

“Brother Yuanyuan…” Just as Lu Yaoyao shouted, a displeased voice came to her, “Kid, who are you calling?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked. She turned her head and saw a familiar figure standing by the bed.

Lu Qingyu was waiting for his daughter to scream in surprise, then rushed to give him a hug. But after a while, the little girl still sat there with her mouth wide open, looking very silly.

Lu Qingyu reached out his hand, poked Lu Yaoyao’s chubby face with his finger, and said dissatisfiedly, “Is this how you react when seeing your Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly brightened, and she immediately pounced over, “Daddy!!”


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  2. I still think she has to do with the senior sister they’re talking about before. Maybe the memory of past self she had is of her since as far I remember, she never mentioned she was a normal human from our world or something.

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