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DDDV Ch 91 Part 1 – Devils, Not Demons (I)

“Where have you been, Daddy? I can’t find you…I miss you so much…” Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu tightly, crying so hard that her tears damped the entire front of his clothes.

“Daddy, ah!” Lu Yaoyao was extremely wronged. She cried so loudly as if to cry out all her grievance and fear. Heaven knew how scared she was when she didn’t see her fathers after she finally returned home!

Lu Qingyu hugged Lu Yaoyao with one hand, patted her back with the other, and coaxed softly, “Haven’t Daddy found Yaoyao now?”

Lu Yaoyao missed Lu Qingyu’s coaxing so much, which caused her tears to flow even more fiercely. She hiccuped from crying but still did not forget to retort, “It’s Yaoyao who found you.”

“Yes, yes, Yaoyao is awesome. She knows the way home.”

“I’m the smartest cub.” Lu Yaoyao’s tender voice was full of tears.

“Of course. Daddy’s little princess is the smartest.”

Lu Yaoyao was happy, but she still couldn’t stop crying. Half-crying and half-laughing, she was embarrassed enough to bury her chubby face into Lu Qingyu’s chest. Sometimes, she thought that she was already an adult, but being surrounded by a group of playmates who thought that grown-ups were at one hundred and above — themselves still cubs at the age of thirty or forty — she, who was the youngest at seventeen, was mostly treated like a baby. How could she stop seeing herself as a cub then? Especially in front of her Daddy and Father. With them, she was always their little cub, no matter how old she was. With this thought, Lu Yaoyao was even more clingy to Lu Qingyu, hanging on him like a little koala.

Lu Qingyu obviously welcomed his daughter’s stickiness, but the child seemed to be made of a water jar today. Her tears flooded nonstop, creating a large piece of watermark on the front of his clothes before seeping directly onto his skin, making it wet and sticky. Unable to bear it anymore, Lu Qingyu tore the little kid from his chest and held her in his arms instead. He then said in disgust, “Okay, stop it. If you keep crying, you will become an ugly little cub!”

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she immediately kicked around with her short legs and retorted loudly, “I’m not ugly! I’m the most beautiful cub!”

“Ugly. You almost become a little mushy face.” Lu Qingyu lifted her further from himself, expressing his dislike.

“I look like you. If I’m ugly, you’re ugly too!” Lu Yaoyao was grabbed by her back collar. She flailed her four limbs forward, trying to reach out and hug her Daddy again, but her arms and legs were both too short. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t touch Lu Qingyu.

Lu Qingyu was choked by his daughter’s sharp tongue, “Stinky kid!”

“Not stinky! I’m fragrant!” Lu Yaoyao stomped her little feed mid-air. There were still traces of tears on her chubby face. Her cheeks and nose were all red, and she suddenly widened her eyes in disbelief, “Why do you dislike me? Do you have another cub and no longer want me?”

Seeing the tears that had just stopped was about to flood again, the veins on Lu Qingyu’s forehead twitched, “Nonsense. Daddy only has one cub, you.”

“I don’t believe it! You must have other cubs!”

“Really not. Yaoyao trusts me.”

“Then am I the most beautiful cub?”


Lu Yaoyao stared at him, “Am I fragrant?”

“Fragrant. My daughter is very fragrant, like flowers.”

Only then did Lu Yaoyao smile in satisfaction. She held out her hands again, calling coquettishly, “Daddy, I want to hug you!”

Lu Qingyu finally accepted his fate and brought the little girl back into his arms.

Lu Yaoyao leaned onto Lu Qingyu’s body and hugged him in satisfaction. “Daddy!” Her tender voice was as sweet as honey.

Lu Yaoyao wanted to continue expressing her joy and longing, so she rubbed herself against Lu Qingyu’s chest twice. But her face immediately turned into a frown as she came into contact with the cold and damp clothes, “Why it’s so wet! Daddy, go and change your clothes first.”

“…” Lu Qingyu laughed angrily. Who made it wet, huh? How dare this kid despise him?

After making a lot of fuss, Lu Yaoyao was satisfied enough that she finally had time to pay attention to her surrounding. Looking at the completely unfamiliar environment, she asked puzzledly, “Daddy, where are we?”

“This is our home.” Lu Qingyu answered proudly, “From now on, you will live here with me.” Even if the kid did not see the message he left behind, she still came to the Devil Realm. See how Yao Jiuxiao could compete with him this time!

Lu Yaoyao blinked, “Where’s Father? Where’s brother Yuanyuan?”

She remembered that she fell asleep in their house in Cangshan last night, so why did she change places when she woke up?

But it didn’t matter — home is where the family is.

Lu Yaoyao looked around, “Where’s Father? Why isn’t he here?” Why wasn’t he in a hurry to see his daughter? And Brother Yuanyuan…

Lu Qingyu originally wanted to speak ill of Yao Jiuxiao, but when he met the girl’s clear eyes, he simply said, “From now on, you will be living with Daddy. You don’t have to think about your Father.”

“Why?” The way Daddy spoke, it was as if he was telling her that she could only be with one of them after the divorce.

Lu Yaoyao kicked around in anger, “Daddy, why? Do you no longer want Father?”

Lu Qingyu was stunned for a moment. Why did this sound so misleading?

“He and I are not the same kinds of people. You are already grown up; you should know that not everything can work according to your wish.”

“I haven’t grown up yet.” Lu Yaoyao wanted to cry again. What could be more tragic than her finding her way home after enduring many hardships, only to see that her family had actually broken up?

Wanting to divert Lu Yaoyao’s attention fast, Lu Qingyu clapped his hands. A group of maids — heads down in reverent — quickly entered the room. All of them were wearing similar dark purple gauze dresses, simple in style but very pleasing to the eye.

When Lu Yaoyao saw so many beautiful sisters, her tears instantly stopped. Then she saw in awe as they knelt down in unison, their beautiful voices greeted respectfully, “Greetings to Your Venerable, greetings to Your Highness the Little Princess.”

Your Majesty? Little Princess?


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  1. Wow it’s been so long. I thought she’d end up with Yao Jiuxiao first but Lu Qingyu bolted with her instead

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