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DDDV Ch 91 Part 2 – Devils, Not Demons (II)

Your Majesty? Little Princess?

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion and looked up at Lu Qingyu. Did they mean Daddy and her?

In front of outsiders, Lu Qingyu was full of majesty. He said to Lu Yaoyao, “From now on, they are yours. If you are not satisfied with their service, just change them.”

The maids were terrified, “We will serve Her Highness to the best of our ability.”

Lu Qingyu then put his daughter on the stool in front of the dressing table before ordering the maids, “Help the princess change.” Turning to Lu Yaoyao, his voice was gentle, “Daddy is going to take care of some business, but I will come to see you later.”

Lu Yaoyao gripped Lu Qingyu’s sleeve reluctantly. She had just seen her Daddy after a long separation and still wanted him to accompany her!

But if Daddy was busy, she had to be sensible, “Okay. Daddy, remember to return early!”

“Of course.” Lu Qingyu rubbed Lu Yaoyao’s fluffy head, then gave the still kneeling maids a cold, warning glance. The maids trembled, lowering their heads even more.

Lu Qingyu strode out of the chamber and disappeared in a blink of an eye. When she could no longer see her Daddy, Lu Yaoyao finally turned her gaze away in reluctance. Her eyes then fell on the group of beautiful women. Trying her best to keep her chubby face majestic, Lu Yaoyao said solemnly, “I don’t like you kneeling to me.”

“As you wish.” The maids answered in unison and stood up without delay.

Lu Yaoyao raised her head and finally had a clear view of the maids’ faces. Sure enough, they were all beautiful. Although none was as good-looking as her family members, each of them had an exotic charm.

The maid standing second to the front boldly raised her head to look at the princess. Gathering her courage, she spoke up, “Your Highness, may this servant help you to dress up?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded with a sweet smile, “Thank you, Sister.” She indeed didn’t know how to make her own hair and needed others to help.

The maid was so terrified that she almost knelt down again, “No, no. This is this servant’s honor.” Eyes brighter than ever, she immediately stepped forward and respectfully began to comb Lu Yaoyao’s hair.

Seeing someone was taking a step ahead, the rest of the maids were afraid of leaving a bad impression on their new princess, so they immediately came forward and quickly divided the tasks enthusiastically.

Lu Yaoyao enjoyed their service very much. Her hair was always cared for by either her Father, Daddy, or Brother Yuanyuan. But they were all strong men; no matter how careful they were, it was no match to a woman’s gentle and soft touch.

Feeling comfortable, Lu Yaoyao shook her short legs around. Her black eyes rolled lively as she chattered, “Sister, what’s your name?”

When the maid heard how the princess addressed her, her hands shook again, “Replying to the Your Highness, this servant’s name is Ban Dan.”

Lu Yaoyao then glanced at the maid beside Ban Dan, who immediately responded, “Your Highness, this servant’s name is Dan Er.”

The rest of the maids quickly introduced themselves one by one.

Hearing so many names at once, Lu Yaoyao felt a bit dizzy, “I can’t remember. Stop calling yourself ‘this servant’ and just use your name from now on, okay?”

“Yes, Ban Dan understands.”

“Sister Ban Dan…”

“Your Highness, please call Ban Dan by her name directly.” Ban Dan was afraid that being called ‘sister’ by His Venerable’s only little princess would make her die earlier. Seeing that Her Highness had a good temper, she summoned up her courage to speak, but was actually ready to be beaten to death for her rudeness.

Seeing the fear that could not be hidden in Ban Dan’s eyes, Lu Yaoyao didn’t force it, “Ban Dan, who is my Daddy? Which Demon King is he?”

As an educated demon cub, Lu Yaoyao knew about five Demon Kings who ruled separate territories in the Demon Realm, but she couldn’t tell which of them was actually her Daddy. Just looking at the new home Daddy took her to, Lu Yaoyao could see that his identity was actually very grand. Her new room was large, very large. She now had sixteen beautiful maids to take care of her alone, and even with them all standing here, her room was still spacious enough.

However, Lu Yaoyao actually didn’t care about status and identity. Now that she had found her Daddy, she finally felt at ease. It didn’t matter if she temporarily couldn’t see her Father; once she had more information, she would go find him.

“Your Highness, how can His Venerable be a mere Demon King?” Ban Dan was full of disdain when she spoke of the word ‘Demon King.’ But when it came to calling ‘His Venerable,’ there was fanatical admiration in her voice that couldn’t be covered by even the fear. “His Venerable is the Lord of the Devil Realm!”

Lord of the Devil Realm?

Lu Yaoyao blinked, “Devil Venerable?”

“That’s right! His Venerable is the strongest person in the Yuanqi Continent, the Lord of the Devil Realm!” Just as the human race believed that their Dao Venerable Hengwu was the strongest, the Devil Race naturally also believed that their Venerable was the number one.

Lu Yaoyao was dumbfounded. She didn’t find it hard to accept that her two fathers actually had other identities. Just by their outstanding appearance, she could tell that they were not ordinary demons, but the most she guessed was that her Father and Daddy might be some Demon Kings and that her identity was the little princess of the Demon Realm.

But it turned out that… Daddy’s identity was even grander.

Daddy was the Devil Venerable? Lu Yaoyao’s little brain seemed to stop functioning. Devil Venerable was the only lord of the Devil Realm, while there were five Demon Kings in the Demon Realm. The difference between the two statuses was indeed quite far, not to mention that the Devil Venerable was one of the only two Great Ascension cultivators in the Yuanqi Continent.

So she was actually not the little princess of the demon race, but the little princess of the devil race?

Lu Yaoyao felt that her world had collapsed.

Even her race changed again? She was not a demon, but a devil?

But she always thought she was a demon…

What about Father? What race was her Father?

“…His Venerable really pampers Your Highness. This Wuyou Palace was decorated under the personal supervision of His Venerable—… ah, Your Highness, where are you going?”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t even pay attention to Dan Er’s explanation. She jumped off the small stool, quickly washed her face, rinsed her mouth in a hurry, then turned around and rushed out.

The maids called out to her and hurriedly chased from behind, “Your Highness, please wait for us!”

“I’m going to find Daddy!”


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