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DDDV Ch 92 Part 1 – The Devil Realm’s Little Princess (I)

The little red dumpling ran across the corridor like a gust of wind, going through the courtyard and dashing through the archway. Outside, the sky was gray and dim. On both sides of the spacious winding road were two lines of stone pillars, standing at intervals in a parallel and symmetrical manner. On each pillar was a lamp carved into the shape of a beast’s head, illuminated by a luminous pearl in the mouth.

Lu Yaoyao abruptly paused, then looked left and right with a confused face, finally realizing the vastness of this place. Looking into the gray mist blowing by the wind, she suddenly became timid.

Where is Daddy?

Lu Yaoyao continued walking on the wide road made of blue stone slabs and kept looking around. Soon, she saw a few guards standing under the pillars not far ahead. She ran over quickly, raised her head, and asked them, “Excuse me, Brother Guard, do you know where my Daddy is?”

Bro-brother guard? When the addressed guard saw a little girl who looked exactly like their Venerable, he was startled and immediately knelt down in fright, “Re-replying to Your Highness. His Venerable is in the main hall.”

Lu Yaoyao took two steps back in surprise. She tilted her head and looked at the frightened guard and his partner, who also knelt down in tremble. Lu Yaoyao now realized that her Daddy was not merely full of majesty in front of his subordinates, and it seemed that they actually were more afraid of him than being respectful. Even when facing her, they knelt at every turn, as if believing that she would beat them to death if they dared make her unhappy.

The maids who had finally caught up also knelt down in panic. His Venerable had strictly announced that Her Highness was their second master; Her Highness’s orders were His Venerable’s, and whoever dared to disobey her would be sent to the Punishment Hall. For a member of the devil race, entering the Punishment Hall, where the worst torture happened, was much more terrifying than being killed by a single blow by His Venerable. Death came quick when it was the latter, but being sent to the Punishment Hall meant that they couldn’t even beg for death — all awaiting them were terrible tortures day in and day out.

Lu Yaoyao had just arrived and didn’t know much about the situation of the Devil Realm. Seeing that her friendliness only frightened others, she stopped saying much. She then asked for the direction to the main hall, intending to go there by herself.

“You don’t have to follow me…” Seeing the maids’ desperate looks, Lu Yaoyao thought for a while and pointed to the direction of her room, “Go back to the yard.”

Her Highness is not dissatisfied with them? The maids were overjoyed, “Yes!”

Lu Yaoyao rushed again and jumped into the gigantic door like a little cannonball, screaming: “Daddy!”

But when she saw the situation inside, she stopped abruptly. The small figure stood at the entrance of the grand and majestic hall, making her look even more petite and cute.

Inside the main hall, Lu Qingyu sat on a high throne above two rows of standing people. They all noticed Lu Yaoyao’s arrival and looked over at the same time.

Lu Yaoyao took back the foot that had just stepped into the hall.

“Yaoyao, come here.” Lu Qingyu naturally also saw Lu Yaoyao coming. He waved lazily, beckoning her to come over.

The devils standing in the hall withdrew their gazes and bowed their heads respectfully, seemingly no longer looking at Lu Yaoyao, but actually still paying attention from the corner of their eyes. His Venerable summoned them today with an order to prepare for a grand ceremony to formally announce the arrival of his daughter. The preciously renovated palace that drew so much attention finally welcomed its owner: Her Highness the Little Princess of the Devil Realm. No one expected that His Venerable, without a single warning, suddenly had an offspring out of nowhere. Everyone was naturally curious about the identity of the lucky woman, but His Venerable did not mention a word about the child’s mother.

Lu Yaoyao was caught off guard. But she refused to embarrass her Daddy, so she raised her face high, tried her best to look proper and serious, and walked in with her head held high.

A smile flashed in Lu Qingyu’s eyes.

The hall was very long. Halfway through, Lu Yaoyao felt that she was walking too slowly, so she rushed up and quickly arrived in front of the square-shaped and gorgeously-carved wide chair. Although it was not exactly a dragon chair1, the function seemed similar, and it looked very beautiful and spacious. Lu Yaoyao climbed onto it and sat next to Lu Qingyu. Leaning against her Daddy gave the little dumpling confidence. She straightened her waist and made a serious face, but her bright eyes couldn’t help wandering around curiously.

All the devils below had peculiar appearances. Some had black horn-like things on their heads, while some had dark patterns on their faces and necks… Lu Yaoyao shifted her eyes to the left and met a flamboyant beauty, a very charming woman with an enchanting figure that was exactly like her secret dream figure. The woman also seemed to notice Lu Yaoyao’s gaze. She looked over with a pair of beautiful eyes and cast a wink at Lu Yaoyao. This wink was charming, witty, beautiful… in short, it could make one’s bone soften in response.

Lu Yaoyao’s face was flushed red. She pulled Lu Qingyu’s sleeve to cover her little face, pretending that others couldn’t see her because she couldn’t see herself.

She was caught when peeking! How embarrassing!

Chijia Lan giggled. Their new Little Princess is really cute.

Those loyal to Lu Qingyu were naturally overjoyed to learn that their Venerable had offspring. Before seeing her in person, they adored the little princess because of her bloodline and were more concerned about seeing if she had the capacity to fit her noble status. But it turned out that Her Highness was very adorable and pleasing, not at all resembling His Venerable’s sinister temper.

Lu Qingyu glanced coldly at Chijia Lan, “You all may go.”

“Yes, Your Venerable.” The devils bowed respectfully before exiting the hall in an orderly manner.

Lu Yaoyao quietly rolled down the sleeve, revealing a pair of bright eyes. Seeing that she and her Daddy were the only ones left in the hall, she sighed in relief and immediately recovered her lively temperament. She stood up and threw herself on Lu Qingyu, babbling, “Daddy, Daddy, are you really the Devil Venerable?” Lu Yaoyao reached out and touched Lu Qingyu’s head, wanting to check if he had the same horns as some of the devils just now.

“Of course.” Lu Qingyu said proudly, “The entire Devil Realm belongs to us.”

Lu Yaoyao was full of doubts, “But Daddy, why did you lie to me that I was a demon? I always thought that our family was all stone demons.”


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  1. Dragon chair: A Chinese emperor’s throne. The things used by an emperor are usually called dragon <noun>, such as dragon chair, dragon bed, etc.

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