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DDDV Ch 92 Part 3 – The Devil Realm’s Little Princess (III)

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on Lu Qingyu’s shoulders. Her short legs flailed around his neck as she shouted loudly, “I miss Father, I want Father. I want to go back to Cangshan!”

“I want to go back to Cangshan!!”

Lu Qingyu’s beautiful long hair was made messy by his daughter’s tantrum. He reached out, pulled her down, and hugged the screaming red dumpling in his hands. He then poked her forehead and said sternly, “If you keep making trouble, Daddy will get really angry.”

But don’t forget: neither Yao Jiuxiao nor Lu Qingyu had ever won against their daughter.

Lu Yaoyao lay in Lu Qingyu’s arms. Her eyes gradually turned misty, and tears began to overflow. She opened her small mouth and immediately burst into a crying fit.

The high-decibel cry seemed to shake the grand and majestic hall.

Once again, Lu Qingyu was overwhelmed by the horrible cry that numbed him to the scalp.

These past few days, the palace maids who served Lu Yaoyao were seeing from up close the way Her Highness and His Venerable got along. From the initial shock to subsequent disbelief which then turned into pure astonishment, they had gotten through so many emotions until they finally got used to it. The relationship between the two was unbelievably good, unlike the fragile familial tie common among the devil race, and even these maids did not have such a good relationship with their biological fathers.

Maybe in the whole world, the Princess was the only one who did not feel afraid of His Venerable and was allowed to act coquettishly and unscrupulously with him.

The maids’ hearts had long been captured by the soft, cute, and lively little princess. Seeing Her Highness crying so miserably, they were heartbroken and secretly gave His Venerable a condemning glance. Even though they didn’t dare to challenge His Venerable’s authority, they still harbored dissatisfaction in their hearts.

Ever since Her Highness’s arrival, the Devil Palace was full of life, very unlike the tension and gloominess before. Moreover, their initial worries had been proven unfounded. Her Highness was very different from the brutal Venerable, who killed at every turn. She had a very good temper. As a maid who served her close, they knew that Her Highness did not like to use her status to bully others.

Bandan was the most thankful for her right choice. She was the maid who accidentally dropped a pearl during the renovation of the side palace. Her Highness saved her life even before they met each other, which prompted Bandan’s decision to be loyal to her. And the facts proved that her choice was not wrong. Now that Bandan has become Her Highness’s most favored maid, she has the guts to secretly feel dissatisfied towards His Venerable.

Lu Yaoyao’s cries were unbeatable, and it didn’t take long for Lu Qingyu to finally compromise. “Okay, stop crying. Daddy will take you there.”

Lu Yaoyao stopped howling. She opened her eyes and stretched out her chubby little finger, “Really? Then let’s pull the hook. Daddy cannot go back on your word!”

“Childish!” Lu Qingyu said with disgust, “This Venerable never goes back on my word!” But at Lu Yaoyao’s insistence, Lu Qingyu reluctantly stretched out his little finger and hooked it with hers.

Lu Yaoyao stopped crying immediately. She smiled happily, “Daddy, let’s go now!”

Seeing the kid cheering happily, Lu Qingyu felt he had been tricked.

Lu Yaoyao did not care about her Daddy’s thoughts. She finally got the chance to return to Cangshan and couldn’t wait to depart right at this moment. Afraid that Lu Qingyu would go back on his word, she hurriedly urged him to go.

In the beginning, Lu Qingyu refused Lu Yaoyao’s request by claiming he had no method to take her back. But as a majestic Great Ascension Venerable, how could he not do this small thing? In less than a day, Lu Yaoyao and Lu Qingyu were already standing in front of the wooden house in Cangshan.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes quickly scanned around. After a few days of absence, the house remained the same, and he was very satisfied to find that both Yao Jiuxiao and the brat were gone.

Lu Yaoyao rushed in impatiently, “Brother Yuanyuan!” She looked everywhere but panicked after failing to see Shen Changyuan. “Where’s Brother Yuanyuan?” Where did he go?

Lu Qingyu said coldly: “He has long gone home.”

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she looked at Lu Qingyu aggrievedly. It was all Daddy’s fault! If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have missed saying goodbye to Brother Yuanyuan!

Lu Yaoyao was extremely reluctant. Brother Yuanyuan once said that he would always be by her side, so much so that she forgot that he also had a family of his own. Now that they had returned, the promise in Abyss naturally couldn’t be taken seriously. Lu Yaoyao was a little sad, but it was she who left first without saying goodbye…

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment, then turned around and ran back to her study in the wooden house. After she and Shen Changyuan managed to get out of the Abyss, they were recognized as its masters and could enter and leave at will. However, there were too few star sands, so the passageway connecting the Abyss with the outside world was unstable. Therefore, Lu Yaoyao did not dare to go in, fearing it would take another three years to come out again.

But that didn’t mean she couldn’t use the passage to contact Brother Yuanyuan.

Lu Yaoyao took out a blank piece of paper, wrote a letter on it, and then tried using her spiritual sense to send the letter via the Abyss. She thought silently in her heart: she must send it in successfully and contact Brother Yuanyuan!

Not long after, Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up. She succeeded!

Lu Qingyu walked in leisurely, “Kid, what are you doing?”

Lu Yaoyao jumped down from the chair and proudly said: “I won’t tell you.”

Lu Qingyu snorted. Thinking he wouldn’t know if she didn’t tell?

Lu Yaoyao quickly rushed out again, “Daddy, I’m going to find Xiao Qi and the others…”

In an instant, the figure of the red dumpling disappeared from sight.


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