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DDDV Ch 93 Part 1 – The Demon Capital (I)

In the resplendent and opulent hall, a pair of black boots stepped on the throne as their owner, a handsome man in pure black clothes, looked condescendingly at the person below. The spacious hall was full of blood, and a man in a gorgeous golden dragon robe fell onto the floor in humiliation as he sternly yelled at the man above, “Bastard son! Are you going to murder your father and mother?!”

Next to this person was a woman in a luxurious brocade dress lying on her stomach, unmoving, either dead or unconscious.

“This son’s Mother Queen is long gone, so how can I commit the act of murdering one’s mother?” Looking at the man he once admired, Shen Changyuan let out a soft chuckle. It was such a beautiful smile, but one that gave people a cold shiver down their spines.

“Where is my dear brother? Father King, you really don’t know?” This sentence had a double meaning — during the three years he was being imprisoned, did his father really know nothing?

He couldn’t forget his father’s expression when he was falsely accused of falling into the devil. Only then did he realize that the harmonious family he always believed in — the filial sons, loving parents, and affectionate brotherhood — were all illusions.

He was never a part of ‘their’ family.

“Father, tell me, did you know the truth behind my Mother Queen’s death?” At the time, maybe believing that Shen Changyuan was about to die, the woman revealed the secret she had been keeping for so many years. It turned out that his Mother Queen, whom he always believed to pass away from the old injuries she sustained on the battlefield, was actually killed by this woman. She also told him that she had been having an affair with his father in secret for a long time, and that she was actually his father’s only true love. In order for her to be his queen, the previous queen must be disposed of.

Shen Changyuan remembered. Not long after his mother’s death, his father told him that the queen’s seat could not be left vacant forever, and in order not to affect his status, his father married a woman with an ordinary family background. Shen Changyuan used to believe the story, so he respected his stepmother and loved his younger brother.

In the end, everything turned out to be a joke — a total joke at his expense. His entire life, up until that point, was a big lie. Even his ‘dear’ brother knew the truth, but he alone had been kept in the dark.

But heaven still loved him, it seemed, as even after falling into the mud, he was still able to crawl back.

Finished reminiscing, Shen Changyuan sighed, “What a good father you were.”

“Now, Father King, where is my brother? Having stolen something from another, he should return it now that the original owner is back. Don’t you think so?” His younger brother was indeed very promising, for it was not a small feat to escape from under his hands.

The Dragon King’s expression suddenly changed, and he said heavily, “I don’t know.”


Shen Changyuan’s face turned even colder, and murderous intent flashed in his eyes. But the next moment, his expression changed again, and he waved his hand dismissively, “The Dragon King’s body is ill and needs a good rest. Send him to the recuperation place and serve him well. From now on, I will be in charge of the Dragon Palace.”

“As your command.”

In no time, Shen Changyuan was left alone in the grand hall. With a flick of his spiritual sense, a bundle of papers appeared in his hand. As he unwrapped the paper, full of words of concern from the cub he missed so much, his gloomy face instantly cleared up—

Brother Yuanyuan, have you gone home?

Upon seeing the familiar writing, the violent surge inside Shen Changyuan instantly subsided.

When Lu Yaoyao saw her friends again, she was quickly buried under a mountain of fur. The loud collective cries from the cubs lasted for a long time until Lu Yaoyao finally managed to calm them down.

Lu Yaoyao felt sorry and guilty. Although it wasn’t her intention to disappear without saying a word twice, she had indeed made many people sad and worried.

The cubs were simple-minded and did not hold grudges. After many hugs and tears, they stopped crying and proceeded to drag Lu Yaoyao to play with them again, showing no grievances or sadness.

Seeing their innocent reaction, Lu Yaoyao felt even more guilty. After discovering her identity as a devil race, she knew that such a simple and happy life might never come again. Just this time — she thought — let her spend a few more days with her friends and properly say them goodbye.

Lu Qingyu was lying on his favorite recliner when he saw his daughter, who had been out almost all day, come home late with a bunch of fluffy cubs in tow.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Lu Yaoyao first took her friends into the house. Then she ran to Lu Qingyu, tugged at his sleeve, and looked up with sparkling eyes, “Daddy, I invited them to have a sleepover tonight. Can I?”

Lu Qingyu gritted his teeth, “‘Can I’? Who did it first before asking permission, huh?”

Lu Yaoyao smiled flatteringly, “We are already here, so why not stay a few more days? It’s been forever since I last spent a good time with these guys.”

Lu Qingyu saw the anticipation in Lu Yaoyao’s eyes. Unwilling to disappoint his daughter, he reluctantly agreed, “Just three days. We are going home in three days!”

Lu Yaoyao’s face instantly lit up, and she jumped up to give Lu Qingyu a big hug, “Thank you, Daddy! Daddy is the best! Yaoyao loves Daddy the most!”

Finished with flattery, Lu Yaoyao rushed back to the house. Bringing her friends today was not her initial intention. Probably traumatized by her second sudden disappearance, the cubs refused to go home when evening came. Facing their eager yet sad eyes, Lu Yaoyao was helpless and finally had no choice but to take them home with her.

There was no problem in preparing the sleeping place. Lu Yaoyao simply spread a layer of thick beast-skin blanket on the floor, then had herself and her playmates lay together for the night. It was the cubs’ first sleepover with the entire group. Everyone was so excited that they stayed up late, busy playing around and frolicking instead of going to bed.

In the end, it took Lu Yaoyao a great effort to finally calm the excited cubs and make them lie down obediently. Surrounded by a group of fluffy fur and a small snake coiled around her wrist, Lu Yaoyao began to carefully inform her friends that she would be gone again in three days. She was ready to comfort a group of crying cubs, but to her surprise, there were no tears upon her announcement.

Song Xiaoqi asked: “When will you come back?”


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