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DDDV Ch 94 Part 1 – Reunion (I)

The Silver Wolf Clan was once one of the most valued subordinates of the White Tiger Demon King. However, because they offended the king’s favorite concubine, they were exiled in disguise for thirteen years and were only recalled again three years ago. But even after they were recalled, they were not as trusted as before, and the head of the clan also kept a low profile after returning to the capital. As a result, the huge general mansion never regained its original liveliness.

Since the talk about establishing a Demon Emperor came forth, all demon kings began to show their ambitions. For countless reasons, everyone wanted to become the emperor, but there was only one supreme seat, which could only be obtained by the final winner. Obviously, one’s own strength was necessary, but the power a demon king could muster was also a very important factor. This was the reason why the Silver Wolf Clan was recalled by White Tiger King. The clan was famous for their prowess and bravery on the battlefield and had long served as the king’s right arm right until their exile.

As long as the Demon Emperor hadn’t been chosen, the turmoil in the Demon Realm wouldn’t calm down. Among the five Demon Kings, the Dragon King, White Tiger King, and Peacock King were the most ambitious. It took many back and forths, but in the end, the five kings reached a compromise and finally agreed to open a formal forum to elect the Demon Emperor.

This was a major event for the Demon Realm, and all demons with slightly high status couldn’t wait to get involved.

In the Silver Wolf General manor, General Yin Hui was currently discussing the upcoming election with his subordinates. The incident that year greatly diminished the Silver Wolf Clan’s loyalty toward the White Tiger King. Even after the king tried to appease the clan by killing the former favorite concubine who had slandered them, their loyalty did not return as a result. This action only chilled the Silver Wolf Clan and made them even warier of the king’s fickleness. Regardless of his previous excessive favor, the king could kill the concubine with his own hand. Once his ambition was realized and he no longer needed a sharp sword, who could say what he would do to his now useless generals?

Regardless, Yin Hui still maintained a superficial monarch-subject relationship with the White Tiger King. His entire clan was now still living under the king’s hands, so they couldn’t show their distrust too obviously. Everything seemed to be going on normally the surface, and today the king gave Yin Hui an order to accompany him to the appointed place where the Demon Emperor’s election was going to be held.

Yin Hui and his subordinates were currently discussing the arrangement for this mission. The main force of the general manor would certainly be ordered to go, which warranted a need to temporarily resettle the dependant they left behind in order to ensure their safety. The clan folks discussed for a long time before finalizing the plan. After others left, Yin Hui and Qianniang stayed behind.

“Husband, is it really okay to not send Si’er back to Duanping?”

“Yes. The manor is safe. The king still needs us now, so he won’t attack.”

Qianniang also thought the same, but with her and her husband absent, she felt uneasy about leaving their only child behind. If there was any one place in the Demon Realm that made them truly feel safe, it was only Duanping Mountain Range. With two mighty ones looking after it, the place was probably the safest in the Three Realms, and she felt even more at ease there than in the clan’s land.

“Everything will be fine. You don’t have to worry.” Yin Hui assured Qianniang, “Let’s check on Si’er.”

Thinking about the son who had been pushing himself too hard ever since they returned to the capital, a trace of worry appeared in Qianniang’s determined eyes, “Alright.”

Two days ago, because he was too eager for quick success, Si’er almost fell into qi deviation. Fortunately, they caught it in time, and the boy was currently being ordered to recuperate until he completely recovered.

The couple walked out of the meeting hall together and went to their son’s courtyard. Yin Hui summoned a maid to inquire about Yin Si’s condition, only to learn that the boy ran to the training ground as soon as he was able to get up.

Furious yet anxious, Yin Hui and Qianniang rushed to the practice field immediately.

That child! Did he want to ruin his body!

The practice field of the general manor was a huge open space. The racial talent of the Silver Wolf Clan was wind, and the clan specially set up a training place for cubs to train their talent.

On the practice field, a boy in a silver suit was practicing wind blade with a serious face. He looked about ten years old, and his handsome face still contained some baby face that hadn’t faded away. A pair of silver wolf ears stood up from his silver hair, with a fluffy tail of the same color could be seen hanging behind him.

When Yin Hui and Qianniang saw their son, their anger turned into heartache, “Si’er!”

Qianniang walked over and hugged her son, who was already as tall as her waist, “You have to recuperate your body well, or you will leave a hidden danger for yourself!”

“Mom.” The boy was Yin Si. Facing his mother’s concern, he replied seriously, “I have a sense of proportion.”

Yin Hui frowned and walked over, “What’s your sense of proportion? If you have a sense of proportion, you wouldn’t almost fall into qi deviation at your age.”

Qianniang also persuaded the boy: “Si’er, you are already very good. In just three years, your cultivation base has risen to several realms. When your Dad was your age, he still couldn’t reach your current cultivation base. In the future, you will definitely surpass Mom and Dad.”

Three years ago, Si’er was still a cub who didn’t like cultivating and only wanted to play all day long. However, the incident of that day stimulated him heavily and drastically changed his temperament, prompting him to train and cultivate crazily like there was no end.

“It’s not enough.” Yin Si clenched his fists, “I’m still too weak.” He wanted to be stronger. If he could be stronger, he would be able to protect the people he wanted to protect.

“It’s taboo to advance hastily in cultivation.” Yin Hui reprimanded with a serious expression.

“That’s right, cultivation can’t be accomplished overnight.” A little girl’s cute and tender voice echoed.

Qianniang said: “That’s right, Si’er, you…” Before she finished speaking, Qianniang suddenly startled — Where did the little girl’s voice come from? Why did it sound familiar?

Qianniang quickly raised her eyes and saw two figures, one big and one small, with familiar faces and familiar bright red colors, suddenly appearing on the training ground, putting her stunned on the spot.

“Yaoyao!” Qianniang immediately let go of her son and rushed toward the little girl.

Lu Yaoyao also smiled sweetly in response and ran over with her little hands open, “Xiaosi’s Mom!” The two embraced each other.

“Yaoyao! That’s great, you’re fine…” Fortunately, she’s okay. Tears flowed down Qianniang’s cheeks, still feeling unreal even as she enclosed the little dumpling’s warmth and soft body in her hands. She thought that even if she could see Yaoyao again, it would be after hundreds of years. She and her husband knew the horror of space-time crack. If not for their trust in the ability of the two Venerables, they wouldn’t even dare to have that much hope.

“Xiaosi’s Mom, I miss you so much!”

“I miss Yaoyao too!”

Yin Si, who suddenly lost his mother’s warm embrace, stood frozen in place, unable to respond for a long time. During these past three years, countless times he seemed to hear this familiar cute voice calling his name, yet he couldn’t find the sight of the familiar red dumpling even after searching for a long time, which made him realize that it was just his hallucination.

Was he hallucinating again?

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