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DDDV Ch 94 Part 2 – Reunion (II)

Lu Yaoyao and Qianniang were reuniting after a long separation. They hugged each other for a long time, talking about the past and present, until finally letting go of their embrace with great reluctance. Even Yin Hui couldn’t hide his excitement and came over to say a few words. Her little friend, however, was still turning his back to her and remaining motionless.

Lu Yaoyao walked around and stopped in front of the boy, “Xiaosi!” She raised her small face and looked more carefully, never expecting that the majestic wolf cub would turn out to be such a lovely boy after transforming. “Xiaosi, I’m back! I’ve been thinking of looking for you since I came back, why don’t you respond? Don’t you welcome me?” Thinking that her sudden appearance had frightened Xiaosi, Lu Yaoyao was not in a hurry to hear his response. She walked around the boy twice. Looking at the fluffy tail and ears, her heart stirred. She wanted to touch them!

Just when Lu Yaoyao contemplating whether to ask if she could touch them, she was suddenly hugged tightly—

“Yaoyao!” When Yin Si saw that he wasn’t hallucinating, he still couldn’t believe it at first, but as the realization came down, he immediately rushed forward with a loud cry, “I thought you were killed by me!”

The wolf boy’s indifferent expression was no longer there, and he cried while holding Lu Yaoyao. “I’m sorry…it’s all my fault…”

Ever since Yaoyao’s disappearance, Yin Si had never stopped blaming himself. If he hadn’t brought Yaoyao to the wasteland, they wouldn’t have met that group of spirit beasts and Yaoyao wouldn’t have fallen into the chasm. At first, he was about to jump down to chase after her, but was knocked out by his father. When he woke up again, the whole clan was already on the way back to the capital.

He tried to escape countless times but was caught back every time. He wanted to get Yaoyao back, but he was too weak, and his struggle was nothing. He was taken back to the capital, farther and farther away from Duanping.

Finally, his father said he would allow him to return to Duanping only after he was strong enough to beat him. For this reason, he had been cultivating desperately for the past three years.

“Yaoyao…!!!” Yin Si cried for a long time, causing Lu Yaoyao, who didn’t cry at first, to cry together.

From Xiaosi’s actions and demeanor, Lu Yaoyao realized that his condition was more serious than she initially thought. She had never expected the naughty and lively little wolf to change so much over the span of three years, becoming the taciturn little boy he now was. Fortunately, she insisted on seeing Xiaosi. Otherwise, who could say what would happen to him later?

While Lu Yaoyao was busy comforting their crying son, Yin Hui and Qianniang walked up to Lu Qingyu and gave him a deep bow. “Thank you for sending Yaoyao here.”

The husband and wife were very grateful. They both knew the root of their son’s depression, but they had no way of unraveling it. Only when Yaoyao returned safely and saw him again could Si’er resolve the knot in his heart. Fortunately, Yaoyao was safe and sound, and she returned before their son was destroyed by his heart demon.

Lu Qingyu didn’t care, “That kid insisted on coming.” It was never in his intention to return to the Demon Realm, let alone take such a long detour. All he wanted was to take his daughter back to the Devil Palace as soon as possible.

Still, Yin Hui and Qianniang were very grateful.

Lu Yaoyao had comforted many friends back in Cangshan and was an experienced girl. Now, she only had to comfort one friend, and it didn’t take her long to calm the crying Xiaosi. However, he still looked sad and melancholy, probably because he was the only one who knew the truth about her sudden departure, which made him more sensitive than other cubs in Cangshan.

This wouldn’t do. Lu Yaoyao preferred Yin Si’s previous lively temperament over his current melancholy one, so she took his hand and ran away quickly, “Daddy, Xiaosi’s Dad, Xiaosi’s Mom, please wait here. I have something to say to Xiaosi in private.”

Yin Si’s eyes sparkled, so happy that he practically grinned from ear to ear. His tail wagged nonstop behind, just like a happy dog, showing Yin Si’s extreme joy.

Lu Qingyu, who saw his daughter abandoning her poor Daddy for her friend again: “…”

Yin Hui smiled brightly, “When cubs are with their friends, they don’t like having grown-ups around. It’s been years since the two saw each other, surely they have much to catch up on, and we parents should not interfere. Why don’t we move to the tea room?”

Lu Qingyu was even more upset upon hearing this. His daughter obviously liked playing with him the most!

Yin Si held Lu Yaoyao’s hand and refused to let go. The two cubs ran to a remote and quiet place before stopping. All the way, Yin Si’s eyes never left Lu Yaoyao, as if afraid that she would disappear at any moment.

Now that they were alone, Lu Yaoyao finally had time to size up Yin Si’s new appearance: “Xiaosi, you ate transformation leaf!” She said in amazement. Although Xiaosi was not as handsome as her fathers or brother, he was very cute!

But why was he so tall? Wasn’t Xiaosi half a year younger than her? She wasn’t even as tall as his waist!

Lu Yaoyao stared at her short legs and puffed up her cheeks. So unfair. When would she grow up?

Yin Si nodded, “I did. Yaoyao, you won’t leave me again, will you?”

“I have to go home.” Lu Yaoyao shook her head, “I just came to see you.”

Yin Si’s ears drooped down, looking very pitiful. He suddenly raised his head again with a small hope in his eyes, “Is your home also in the Demon Capital?”

Lu Yaoyao shook her head again, “No.”

Yin Si’s eyes dimmed again.

Lu Yaoyao stood on tiptoe. She wanted to pat Yin Si’s head, but she was not tall enough, so she patted his waist, “Don’t be sad. We can still send letters, no? When we grow up, we can go training together!”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled. Just like with Brother Yuanyuan — even when separated, they could still keep in touch.

After thinking about it, Yin Si could barely accept it.

Lu Yaoyao said happily: “Xiao Si, let me tell you, I have had a very exciting three years!”

Yin Si’s attention was instantly attracted. Lu Yaoyao babbled a lot, telling Yin Si about all the exciting adventures she had in the Abyss. Yin Si listened attentively and exclaimed in excitement from time to time.

The three parents were hiding in the dark and watching over their children. Yin Hui and Qianniang’s eyes were wet, full of relief seeing their son regain his former self. In the past three years, they watched how Si’er changed from a lively cub into a taciturn boy whose only focus was on cultivation. It was as if he had grown up overnight, which caused their heart to ache tremendously.

Now their Si’er finally became lively again. How great!

In contrast to the husband and wife, Lu Qingyu was not in a good mood. Even after she came back, his daughter had been making trouble with him all day long and hadn’t told him her experience during those three years.

He was very upset!


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