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DDDV Ch 95 – Chijia Lan

The two cubs who reunited after a long absence had endless topics to talk about. Just like the old days in Duanping, Yin Si took Lu Yaoyao to play around the general manor and made an appointment to play outside the next day.

The smile on Lu Yaoyao’s face never faded. She was so happy!

“Daddy…” When Lu Yaoyao turned her head and saw Lu Qingyu’s dark face, she finally remembered. Right, ah. She seemed to have neglected Daddy all day…

Lu Qingyu smiled coldly, “Finally remember you still have a Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao quickly hopped to Lu Qingyu’s side and hugged his calf. She then raised her head with a flattering smile and said sweetly, “Daddy, thank you! I’m so happy! Daddy is the best daddy in the world. I love you the most! Being your daughter is the biggest blessing in my life. I am so lucky!” Dozens of rainbow farts later, Lu Yaoyao looked up at Lu Qingyu with expectant eyes.

Lu Qingyu’s mood recovered a little, but he was still very upset. Was he so easy to fool?

Lu Yaoyao said coquettishly: “Daddy, hug!”

Lu Qingyu was still sullen, but he relented and took the little girl into his arms.

Lu Yaoyao continued blabbering, “Thank you for bringing me here, Daddy. Otherwise, I will always feel uneasy. Now that I have seen Xiaosi doing okay, I am very relieved…”

Lu Qingyu’s expression finally eased, “Can we go home now?”

Lu Yaoyao’s big eyes blinked cutely, “I promised Xiaosi to go play tomorrow… I don’t want to be a girl who breaks promises…”

Lu Qingyu’s face turned dark again, “Kid, don’t push your luck too far.” He backed down again and again, but this brat kept testing his patience!

“Just two days!” She lifted her two fingers, then asked sweetly again, “Yes, Daddy? I don’t know when I will see Xiaosi again after we go home!”

Lu Qingyu snorted coldly. In the end, he couldn’t win against his daughter’s request and agreed to stay in the Demon Capital for two more days.

Once the third day came, he immediately departed with the little dumpling in his arms.

There are too many people who want to snatch his cub!

Lu Yaoyao obediently nestled in Lu Qingyu’s arms, throwing no objection. She and Xiaosi had promised to go out to gain experience together after growing up, and they would keep in touch until then.


As soon as Lu Yaoyao opened her mouth, Lu Qingyu cut her off, “No can do. End of discussion.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She hasn’t said anything yet!

Lu Yaoyao looked at her Daddy’s handsome face and sighed in disappointment. The world was so wide and exciting, she still wanted to see more! Xiaosi had told her that there would be a big event in the Demon Realm soon. The competition to select a Demon Emperor was a grand occasion that the Demon Realm hadn’t seen in hundreds of years. It would be a pity not to see it!

And she also wanted to find more Star Sand and take a look at the Human Realm…

But they had indeed been gone for many days. After thinking about it, Lu Yaoyao gave up. Forget it. It was too difficult to make such a request to the already bad-mood Daddy. She should wait for a while and coax him well before asking again!

Yin Si watched as Lu Yaoyao’s figure disappeared. His bright expression gradually dimmed. Yaoyao has gone….

“It’s alright, Si’er. When you two grow up, you can meet again.” Qianniang patted her son’s head and gently comforted him.

Yin Si nodded, “I know. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad.” Yin Si knew that he had caused his parents so much worry these past three years and felt very guilty.

“Mom and Dad have no demands on you. We only hope that you will grow up safely and happy.”

Yin Si was touched. His missing friend appeared in front of him, safe and sound, removing the heavy boulder weighing over his heart. Thanks to Lu Yaoyao’s visit, Yin Si’s emotions greatly improved. But he was no longer that carefree little wolf cub from the past. He was still practicing and cultivating diligently every day, but he no longer disregarded his own safety.

He had to work hard. Once he was old enough to fulfill his promise to Yaoyao, he must be strong enough to protect her well!

This time, the father and daughter finally returned to the Devil Realm smoothly. Once they arrived at the Devil Palace, Lu Qingyu’s sullen mood immediately turned clear. He put the little girl down, leaned over, and tapped her forehead with his fingertips. “Be a good girl, okay? The whole Devil Palace is yours to play with.”

“Got it!” Lu Yaoyao waved her little hand. She was also very curious about the Devil Palace. She was full of pestering her Daddy before and hadn’t had time to pay much attention to her new environment, so she was now in the mood to explore.

The maids were very happy to see their little master returned and quickly competed to curry her favor. In the end, Bandan and Dan’er won, and they were allowed to accompany Her Highness around.

With two beautiful maids in tow, Lu Yaoyao began exploring the Devil Palace. It was such a huge complex, sprawling across a vast area, and comprised countless smaller buildings. Yet, the Devil Venerable and now his Little Princess were the only masters living in this palace, while his others subordinates all resided outside. Lu Yaoyao was naturally also very curious about the world outside, but she hadn’t even finished exploring the Devil Palace yet. No matter what, she should get familiar with her own home first.

The entire palace was very busy preparing for the upcoming grand ceremony. As Lu Yaoyao wandered around, she saw people busy doing their jobs everywhere.

Lu Yaoyao kept walking. After a while, she arrived in a relatively remote place and saw a gloomy building in the distance.

After she started living in the Devil Realm, Lu Yaoyao was no stranger to the gloomy atmosphere. There were even bloody smells in many parts of the palace, which she gradually had gotten used to. Still, that building was on a different level entirely, full of ominous, ferocious, and strong bloody smell.

Lu Yaoyao asked curiously: “What place is that?”

Bandan trembled subconsciously, “Your Highness, that is the Punishment Hall.” Her pupils dilated, showing an obvious fear.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “What is that for?”

Bandan pondered for a while, “When a devil makes a mistake, they will be taken there to receive punishment.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded understandingly. Without laws, there would be no society. It was natural for someone who made a mistake to be punished accordingly. Otherwise, the ruler wouldn’t be able to establish their prestige, and the rest of the subjects would not learn their lesson.

Her curiosity satisfied, Lu Yaoyao turned and left.

Bandan and Dan’er looked at each other and sighed in relief. Fortunately, Her Highness did not ask to go in. The Punishment Hall was such a place that they definitely did not want to take a single step in.

Lu Yaoyao continued her walk. She had just turned a corner when she bumped into something soft. At the same time, a rich but refreshing fragrance entered her nostrils. Lu Yaoyao took two steps back and looked up. Uh? Wasn’t this that beautiful sister she was secretly looking at in the hall that day?

Seeing the person, Bandan and Dan’er bowed in greetings, “Third Elder.”

Lu Yaoyao blinked. She tried her best to look solemn as she put her hands behind her back and asked, “Big Sister, do you have a business with me?”

Chijia Lan leaned over and gave Lu Yaoyao an enchanting smile. Lu Yaoyao was flustered. This big sister was wearing thin clothes, and the angle when she looked up was just right for her eyes to meet an exciting scenery. If she was a man, she would probably have a nosebleed right now!

“Of course. I miss Your Highness.” Chijia Lan’s voice was extremely charming. Like a soft feather, it directly tickled the listener’s heart.

Lu Yaoyao’s face flushed red, and she quickly drifted her eyes away. Wha-wha-what kind of witchery does this big sister use?! Can her charm even attract the same gender?

Lu Yaoyao quickly adjusted her expression and tried to maintain the solemnity befitting a devil princess, “Don’t think you can charm me with your nice voice and pretty face. I am still a kid. I won’t be tempted by you.”


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