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DDDV Ch 96 – Am I Cute?

Chijia Lan chuckled in amusement. “Your Highness is truly adorable. Much more likable than your Daddy.” She reached out and pinched Lu Yaoyao’s tender and chubby cheek.

Lu Yaoyao quickly covered her face and took two steps back vigilantly.

Chijia Lan covered her mouth and chuckled again, “However, Your Highness, I’m not a big sister. If we have to count our relationship, I am your aunt.” Although this relationship was far away.

Lu Yaoyao was very vigilant at first, but when she heard this, her eyes widened in surprise. She had other relatives? But Daddy never told her!


“Your Highness has a good memory, but please don’t call me that.” Chijia Lan smiled meaningfully, “I’m just curious to see what your value is and why he values ​​you so much. You must know, he once personally killed everyone related to him by blood.”

Chijia Lan’s eyes fluttered, waiting expectantly to see a frightened look from the well-protected and innocent little girl. Would this child, who didn’t look like a devil in the slightest, run away in fear after learning that the father who pampered her so much was actually a tyrant who massacred even his own blood relatives?

Once that happened, what reaction would he make? Would he become angry or distressed? Would this little princess fall out of favor?

Chijia Lan couldn’t wait to see it.

However, contrary to her expectation, the little girl did not look afraid, nor did she yell in disbelief. Slightly tilting her head, she said coldly, “But you are still standing here.”

Chijia Lan: “?”

Lu Yaoyao remained expressionless, “You said that Daddy killed all his relatives? But aren’t you also Daddy’s relative?”

Chijia Lan was taken aback.

Lu Yaoyao turned around and strode away. How could she believe in such an obvious method of sowing discord? Even if Daddy really had done it, there must be a reason. What? She should not believe her own Daddy, but believe in a total stranger?

She actually quite liked this pretty lady at first sight, but she now no longer liked her! What did she mean by suddenly saying such strange stuff to her?!

Chijia Lan watched until the child’s angry figure disappeared in the distance and suddenly let out a burst of laughter.

This little princess is so cute!

Lu Yaoyao ran fast. Although she didn’t believe the Third Elder’s provocation, her mood was already disturbed, and she lost interest to continue exploring. Suddenly missing her Daddy, Lu Yaoyao ran back. There was no place in the Devil Palace that was off-limit to her. After asking for Lu Qingyu’s whereabouts from the passing guards, she rushed over with her short feet.

“Daddy, Daddy…!!”

Lu Qingyu was dealing with the affairs of the Devil Realm. Being in control over such a huge realm, some matters had to be handled by him personally.

When he was busy working, a red dumpling suddenly rushed into the hall like a gust of wind and crashed into his arms.

“What the fuss?” Lu Qingyu might be frowning, but in fact, he enjoyed his daughter’s closeness.

Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu and looked up from his arms, “Daddy, I miss you!”

The corners of Lu Qingyu’s lips curled up, “What do you want this time?” Since he was in a good mood, he was willing to fulfill this kid’s small request.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” In Daddy’s eyes, was she a kid who only sweet-talk her parents when wanting something in return?

But since Daddy had said it, she would not hold back.

“Daddy, do you remember the star sand? It’s the colorful sand you gave me before. Where did you get it?”

“You mean that box of sand?” Lu Qingyu thought for a moment and replied casually, “I found it in a secret realm under the sea.”

“Daddy, let’s go find star sand together! Bring Father and Brother Yuanyuan with us too! You know, we were able to leave the Abyss all thanks to this sand!” During their visit to the Demon Realm, Lu Yaoyao’s mind was full of her friends, and once they came back, Lu Qingyu was busy with various affairs, not to mention that his mood was quite sour because of her inattentiveness, so she refrained herself from mentioning about looking for the star sand. But now that the topic had come out, she couldn’t control her eagerness to go on an adventure again.

Lu Qingyu frowned, “You stay home obediently. We will talk again later.”

Lu Yaoyao blinked, “Daddy, Abyss has recognized Brother Yuanyuan and me as its masters, so we can’t ignore it. I have a hunch that with enough star sands, the Abyss will definitely grow into a realm of its own, and Daddy can go to visit it with us!”

“The star sand is really amazing. It can repair even the space! I almost thought I had to sacrifice myself to repair the cracks!” Lu Yaoyao sighed in melancholy. There was a time when she almost thought that it was her mission as a stone demon… no, she was never a demon from begin with, but a high-level devil cub.

Lu Qingyu flicked Lu Yaoyao’s temple, “So what if you are the only one who can repair the crack? Are you going to sacrifice yourself to save the world? Let me tell you. If you dare to be self-righteous, Daddy will go and destroy the world, so you have nothing to save.”

“Daddy!” Lu Yaoyao frowned. In the past, she already vaguely sensed how her Daddy’s moral compass seemed skewed, but she didn’t think too much about it and just thought that he was all talk and no action. Only now did she realize that Daddy was serious! He was the Devil Venerable, a genuine villain!

She was not a fool. Everyone she met in the Devil Palace was not only subservient to Lu Qingyu, but also feared him. It was not a normal kind of fear either, but more like a sense of terror that seemed to permeate from the depth of the heart. Seeing their fear was enough for her to know about his method of ruling.

But this revelation was not surprising. Here was the Devil Realm. Even if everything looked peaceful to her, there must be much blood in the places she couldn’t see.

Lu Yaoyao remembered her reaction when hearing the Third Elder’s words just now. Maybe, her moral compass was not quite right too, because her first reaction was not surprise or shock, but feeling sad for her Daddy, wondering what kind of despair he experienced to make him take such a drastic measure back then.

Did her devil race blood influence her thought? Or maybe the three years in the Abyss had changed her? In any case, Lu Yaoyao found herself not afraid of death and blood.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I am not so righteous.” Lu Yaoyao touched her forehead. Recently, Daddy seemed to take a liking to flicking her forehead!

“But I still have to find the star sands. This is the territory that Brother Yuanyuan and I built with our hands. I am also a master of a realm, just like Daddy!” Lu Yaoyao was very proud.

Lu Qingyu smiled, “My little princess is amazing!” At her age, he didn’t even have a piece of land of his own. “Okay, Daddy will help you find it.”

Lu Qingyu said to help, not go out to find it together. But Lu Yaoyao didn’t care. The amount of star sand needed was very large, so she never had the intention of sitting still and doing nothing.

“Okay!” Lu Yaoyao was very happy. The next moment, her eyes lit up suddenly, “Daddy! You haven’t seen my original form yet!” She had shown off in front of her friends, but Daddy hadn’t seen it yet.

With a poof, the little girl in Lu Qingyu’s arms disappeared, replaced by a small white furball bouncing on his thighs.

“Daddy, Daddy, am I cute?”

Lu Qingyu: “…”


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