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DDDV Ch 97 Part 1 – Beast Form (I)

The white furball jumped on the table and continued bouncing around, very lively. “Daddy, is your original form the same as mine? Are you also this cute?” Lu Yaoyao already knew that her original form was a devil beast. She thought all devil beasts were very ferocious and frightening and had never known such a cutie existed before!

“Daddy, I want to see your original form!” Lu Yaoyao blinked cutely. Her Daddy’s original form should also be a cute little pompom one size bigger than her. Imagining two white pompoms bouncing around together, she couldn’t help laughing in amusement.

“Daddy, I want to see it!” Lu Yaoyao said again. She looked around, confirming that they were alone in this huge hall. With no one else around, Daddy’s mighty and domineering image as the Devil Venerable wouldn’t be compromised!

“Daddy, it’s okay. No one is here!”

Lu Qingyu’s slender finger stretched out and poked the white furball. Lu Yaoyao’s grabbed his fingertip with her short paws, “Daddy, show me, okay?” Her voice was cute and sweet.

Lu Qingyu didn’t like his beast form and rarely showed it in front of others, but he couldn’t bear his daughter’s constant pestering, “Do you really want to see it?”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled, “Yeah!”

So, under Lu Yaoyao’s expectant eyes, Lu Qingyu’s figure disappeared in place, replaced by a huge form covered in thick fog. The fog gradually dissipated, revealing the beast inside. It looked like a fox, with silvery-white fur covering its entire body. Its pair of scarlet eyes were like rubies, sharp and dazzling. There were two horns on the top of its head, a layer of cloud-like red pattern on its limbs, and a long plush tail behind, shaking leisurely in the air.

It was a very majestic devil beast. Beautiful and graceful, every inch of its body oozed with raw power, fascinating the bystanders.

Lu Yaoyao was dumbfounded.

T-too beautiful!

The word flashed in Lu Yaoyao’s mind, but it was far from enough to describe her awe at this moment. The white figure had shrunk a little, but it was still hundreds of times the size of Lu Yaoyao’s small body. He lay on the wide chair — his bloody-red eyes looked at the white furball on the table — and flicked his tail.

Lu Yaoyao immediately pounced over. The soft, thick fur gave a bouncy yet light sensation, just like cotton candy. Her own white fur merged into Lu Qingyu’s, creating a perfect camouflage.

“Chi!!!!” Lu Yaoyao rolled in the soft fur and let out a happy chirp.

Daddy’s beast form’s so cool!

“Daddy, you are very handsome!!!” Lu Yaoyao rolled from the top of Lu Qingyu’s head to his back, again and again, full of joy.

Lu Qingyu wagged his tail leisurely and looked complacent, obviously satisfied with the cub’s reaction. His silvery-white fur seemed to shine under the light. Under the cub’s lavish praises, even the white color he initially disliked seemed to cease being as hateful.

“Of course, Daddy is the most handsome.” Lu Qingyu chuckled proudly. No matter how much he disliked his original form, it didn’t stop him from being proud of his look. From the moment he became the Devil Venerable, his aesthetics were the aesthetics of the entire devil race.

“Daddy is the most handsome!” Hidden under the blanket of white fur, Lu Yaoyao’s skin was flushed with excitement. Her little paws were clinging to Lu Qingyu’s fur. She was so overwhelmed with excitement that she found herself at a loss of words and thus could only repeat, “Daddy is the most handsome!” again and again.

Rather than a devil, Daddy is more like a divine beast!

Too beautiful! She also wants such a beautiful beast form!

Lu Yaoyao, who originally was very satisfied with her cute self, suddenly felt envious of her Daddy’s beautiful and majestic form.

No, wait, why is her beast form so small and so unlike Daddy’s? Could it be that she was picked up and not biological?!

Lu Yaoyao was suddenly struck hard. She couldn’t believe it. No wonder Daddy had never shown his original form to her! Was he afraid that she would find that their species were different?

This blow was too great. Unable to accept the tragic truth, she exploded with a cry, “Daddy!!!”

Lu Qingyu, who was originally enjoying his daughter’s reverence with a leisurely mood, was stunned when she suddenly broke into a cry.

What’s the matter?

His long tail curled around the cub, pulled her down from his back, and moved her to his front legs. Lu Yaoyao lay among Lu Qingyu’s claws, not daring to expose the truth, but kept shedding tears of grievance, “I also want such a beautiful beast form…”

Hearing this, Lu Qingyu laughed, “When you grow up, you will become just like Daddy.”

Uh? Lu Yaoyao was stunned and hiccupped twice before stopping her tears.

Lu Qingyu said again: “You are still young now. When you grow up and come of age, your beast form will change too.”

He stared down at the cub, who was no bigger than his paw. His daughter still looked the same as a newborn cub. If she hadn’t stopped growing, she wouldn’t be this small.

Lu Yaoyao was extremely embarrassed. It turned out that she misunderstood! She thought she was adopted! Fortunately, she didn’t say it out loud; otherwise, this would become an embarrassing past!

Now that the misunderstanding had been cleared, Lu Yaoyao became lively again in an instant. “In short, I am now a cute baby, and after growing up, I will become as beautiful and majestic as Daddy!” Lu Yaoyao couldn’t wait to grow up, but she quickly recalled how both demons and devils needed a hundred years to grow into adulthood. Thinking of this, her eyes dimmed in an instant. It took too long, ah!

Forget it; anyway, she will become an adult sooner or later, so she just has to wait patiently.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t think about it anymore, as her mind at this moment was full of her Daddy’s awesome beast form. Filled with curiosity, she nimbly climbed up and down, exploring everywhere.

“Daddy, what kind of devil beasts are we?” There was no mistake this time.


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